This year the internet arrives in Australia

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We don’t really have the internet in Australia. I mean, sure we are connected to it, but we aren’t even in the top 50 countries for internet speeds. Some of the countries with faster internet include Kenya, Lithuania, Slovenia, Moldova and many developing economies. Continue reading → The post This year the internet arrives in Australia appeared first on Steve Sammartino. technology amazon business internet Retail strategy the future

Reasons Why You Need The Best Internet For eCommerce Startups


It might seem obvious that you need to have good internet in order to run an online business. However, with Australia’s new NBN internet plan, you need to make sure that wherever you are running your business from has great NBN coverage. There are more than just a couple of reasons as to why you need to have the best internet around if you plan on running a successful ecommerce platform. That server needs to be located in an area where the internet is fast.


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Kiwi lean startup + Australia next

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, February 28, 2010 Kiwi lean startup + Australia next Wrapping up a fabulous few weeks in New Zealand, where I had the privilege of attending some great events, like Kiwi Foo and Webstock ; met some amazing entrepreneurs and inventors (yes, including a jet pack ); and generally enjoyed a supportive and enthusiastic reception. Up next is an extremely brief stop in Australia. Up next is an extremely brief stop in Australia.

The NBN is bigger than the internet as we know it

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The number of people who want slower internet in Australia is exactly zero. Continue reading → The post The NBN is bigger than the internet as we know it appeared first on Steve Sammartino. Uncategorized 5G future infrastructure Internet Access NBN technologyThe speed we need data transfers to occur at is much fast than our politicians think.

Opportunities For Wealth Building In Newcastle


Newcastle, a major port city and prime residential area in the Hunter region of New South Wales, is known to be one of the economic and business centres in Australia. It was in 1791 when coal was discovered in Australia in the Hunter Region by William Bryant, a Cornish fisherman and convict.

The global content playbook & how the internet actually works

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Which, in an unconnected web world I wouldn’t even know about as it has never been shown in Australia. I’d eagerly await to watch it here on Monday night in Australia through the Last Week Tonight Youtube channel. For some reason, most likely the HBO launch in Australia or some other licensing arrangement in Australia with Stan, Presto or Netflix, I now get the classic picture above: Sorry, This content is not available in your region.

Facebook Consulting Australia: hire my services

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

Skip to content Follow: RSS Email Twitter Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli On building profitable web applications Home Contact me Creations Blog Books Entrepreneurship & Startups General Online experiments Programming tips and tricks Startup tips and tricks Tags facebook , facebook consulting Facebook Consulting Australia: hire my services by Aymeric on August 6th, 2010 Note: I tailored this message around ‘Facebook Consulting Australia’ to help people find me in Google.

Sarah Timmerman: How Fashion Website ‘Beginning Boutique’ Grew To $4 Million A Year In Sales And Became Australia’s Top Ranked Social Media Brand With Over 1 Million Followers by Yaro Starak

The post Sarah Timmerman: How Fashion Website ‘Beginning Boutique’ Grew To $4 Million A Year In Sales And Became Australia’s Top Ranked Social Media Brand With Over 1 Million Followers appeared first on The Number One Social Media Brand In Australia Sarah’s company, Beginning Boutique, was recently crowned the top social media brand in Australia.

Facebook Consulting Australia: hire my services | Aymeric Gaurat.

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

Skip to content Follow: RSS Email Twitter Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli On building profitable web applications Home Contact me Creations Blog Books Entrepreneurship & Startups General Online experiments Programming tips and tricks Startup tips and tricks Tags facebook , facebook consulting Facebook Consulting Australia: hire my services by Aymeric on August 6th, 2010 Note: I tailored this message around ‘Facebook Consulting Australia’ to help people find me in Google.

My Notes From The Ed Dale Internet Marketing Seminar by Yaro Starak

Ed Dale, if you don’t know him, is one of Australia’s most well known and likable Internet marketers, who adds a uniquely Australian flavour to the industry. The Third Tribe is supposedly somewhere in between on the spectrum, using money making ideas from Internet marketing, but not in quite so evil ways (this is very subjective of course) and leveraging social media as well. The Cutting Edge Of Internet Marketing.

New study: Britain leads the world in mobile data consumption, m-commerce and internet TV

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New research from Ofcom has found that Britain leads the world in usage of several key technologies: Most likely to access TV content over the internet: 23% of us do so every week (USA is second with 17%). Spend more money online: Average per head spending on ecommerce in 2011 was £1,082 (Australia was second with £842).

Would You Sell Everything You Own, Quit Your Job & Travel To Australia Just After Having Your First Baby? Adam Baker Did. This Is His Story… by Yaro Starak

Adam … Read the rest of this entry » is a blog (weblog) website aimed at those interested in Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Selling Information Online, Blogging and Personal Development. Press play to begin streaming the audio or right click the text link and choose save as or save link. Download the MP3 [ 57 Minutes - 27 MB ]. Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes. Adam Baker is a well known personal finance blogger.

Brand voices are now a collective

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Just ask anyone about their opinion of banks in Australia. This article was written for the Eye on Australia research program. Tags: entrepreneurship Advertising creativity employees entrepreneurs eye on Australia Grey group grey advertising Ideas internet media media landscape solcial media startups web 2.0 You Can’t Control Social Media. Marketers and advertisers alike are largely aligned when it comes to their views on social media.

Scribbles from Startup Grind

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Think beyond Australia (or your home). Sydney has the 10th biggest Google engineering team in the world, yet it is the only the 28th biggest internet population. . entrepreneurship Alan Noble Depo8 entrepreneurs Google Australia Startup Grind startups I was recently at the Melbourne Startup Grind event down at Depo8. Another great example of people who are prepared to get off the couch in the evening to learn something and meet like minds.

Grandparents circa 2010

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Here’s some surprising statistics about those over 65 in Australia. stats provided by Eye of Australia 2010). entrepreneurship aged care demographics entrepreneurs grandparents on the web Ideas internet Internet marketing marketing media startups web web 2.075% are online. 70% use search engines. 63% shop online. 30% instant message. 56% share photo’s online. 46% bank online. 45% are on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo! Groups.

Why labour is becoming more expensive for your business?

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What you may be surprised to learn is that labor costs in Australia have actually grown at twice the pace of other OECD countries. Yet the rate of unemployment in Australia is still growing potentially leaving you to wonder how the cost of labor is continuing to increase. A further issue that many businesses have to deal with is the availability of products over the internet. Take one look at the economic climate and you’ll note that the price of labor appears to be rising.

Bill vs Gerry

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One from Australia and one from the USA. Billionaire 2 from Australia: Gerry Harvey. entrepreneurship bill gates billionaires entrepreneurs Gerry harvey internet Internet marketing leadership legacy on-line retail on-line shopping philanthropy Retail startups wealthWith great wealth comes great responsibility.

2 minutes of Screen Culture

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Many of the statistics to support the concept were garnered through ‘ Eye on Australia ‘ which is an annual Grey Advertising study on consumer sentiment. entrepreneurship 3G cell phone facebook foursquare geolocating geotagging gowala internet ipad ipod Mark Zuckerberg mobile screen culture screens technology videos web web 2.0 Our lives are increasingly being influenced by what I like to call ‘Screen Culture’ Which I posted a piece on here.

41% Of Attack Traffic Originates From China – Akamai


According to data in the latest State of the Internet Report provided by Akamai Technologies , 56% of all malignant traffic observed by its customers – such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks – originate from the Asia Pacific/Oceania region, with China contributing a full 41%. Akamai maintains a distributed set of unadvertised agents deployed across the Internet that log connection attempts, which the company classifies as attack traffic.

China 133

Disability: An Upside for Everyone in Unifying Smart City Design

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Sydney, Australia is currently rolling out a network of Braille street signs accompanied by information pylons and digital technology — making it simpler for residents who are vision-impaired to navigate the city streets. smart-cities policy accessibility internet-of-things urban-planningHow designing with accessibility and disability inclusion from day one benefits everyone.

CrankyAds Founders Chat About Closing Their Startup, TED Talks, Planning Your Week Ahead And More by Yaro Starak

The plan is to talk about what we are working on in our businesses, what we are studying and learning, what events we attend and people we meet, as well as what is current in technology, social media, internet marketing and entrepreneurship. We have it in our calendar to record one every Monday Australia time. News, Technology & The Web Podcasts Podcasts & Podcasting crankyads internet marketing podcast kickspy monday planning walter haas

Disrupting Finance From Above: Wealthfront

those in Australia, and are clearly larger than the rest of the world. Banking may be naturally prone to this calcification, and it is worth noting that the low credit card fees in Australia/France, as well as the FPS in the UK were the result of government intervention. This past spring, Benchmark spent a week in China meeting with the leading Chinese Internet companies.

Can I Trademark My Product Overseas?


With many companies taking advantage of the access to global reach that the Internet has afforded them, or are now trading online in other countries, protecting their brand overseas has come into focus. These companies need to ensure their brand’s rights extend beyond Australia. You will automatically get some protection when you lodge a mark in Australia, but it’s not sufficient to prevent another entity using your intellectual property in another country.

How To Segment Your Subscribers When You Run A Blog Business by Yaro Starak

I’ve emailed my Australian subscribers details about events in Australia, which excluded everyone else for obvious reasons. Yaro Starak Segmented Get your bonus copy of my book "How To Start An Internet Business & Make Your First $1,000 Online" Download Here. Blogs & Blogging Email Marketing Internet Marketing Fundamentals blog marketing customer segmentation email newsletters list segmentation Online Marketing & Internet Business Guides sales funnel

Welcome to the Splinternet

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A few years from now, every country will have a very different, national internet. Assisted by the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of communism in Eastern Europe and a burgeoning new communications technology called the internet , borders and knowledge opened up.

China 99

A story from Sir Tim

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He is currently touring Australia and after he gave a public lecture at Melbourne University, I was lucky enough to attend a private session thanks to the AUDA and meet him personally. — entrepreneurship entrepreneurs internet respect Sir Tim Berners Lee startups technologyI had the good fortune this week to meet the inventor of the world wide web Sir Tim Berners Lee.

Why I Am Changing How I Outsource by Yaro Starak

Before that I interviewed John Jonas , one of the top internet marketers when it comes to outsourcing to the Philippines and recommended his ReplaceMySelf program. Just this week, John Reese , an internet marketer I’ve always admired, but feel is a bit of an enigma in terms of exactly how he does what he does (I’m curious to know exactly which businesses he runs make the big money), has gone into launch phase for a new course on outsourcing.

7 Must Have Features If You Sell Products Online by Yaro Starak

I didn’t buy from Zappos last year, but I did go a little crazy at Australian stores like , which has been doing an advertising blitz locally in Australia to spread awareness via billboards and bus ads. Many of the items I purchased are impossible to buy anywhere in Australia from physical stores, while others I just prefer to buy online because it’s cheaper. Tweet Last year I did a lot of online shopping, more shopping than I have ever done before.

Former Head of Microsoft Israel Dreams of Billion Dollar Israeli Startups

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He worked his way up the corporate ladder; in 1998 he became VP of the Digital TV platform strategy, which did not pan out, and in 1999 he found an opportunity in Microsoft Internet (MSN) international. He led the department to 400% growth : MSN became the number one portal in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and numerous Asian countries. By Ben Bakhshi.

Pete Williams Shares How He Started A Phone Company, Bought A Finger Foods Business, Became Incredibly Good At Getting Customers Online And Came Up With A Truly Effective Outsourcing System by Yaro Starak

As you can know doubt guess, Pete is fantastic at using the internet to attract customers, whether it's for online or offline products and services. Pete actually flew from Australia to see Rich at his Strategic Profits offices to teach Rich's staff how to use Pete's Profit Hacks techniques. Entrepreneur Profiles Podcasts Podcasts & Podcasting Podcasts Pillar internet marketing online lead generation outsourcing pete williams profit hacks Rich Schefren

Audio 66

The truth about digital offshoring

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The internet has made it possible to have a global work force from launch date, and the same cost advantages that multinationals have had since they started exporting labour to China and other parts of Asia since the 1960’s. In the USA and Australia it’s more like $7000 a month. We live in a global age, an internet economy. BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are the buzz word in business for good reason.

Soundbites from the future

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There are 5 senses, and we still can’t experience 3 of them on the internet – so we must complete the connection / transaction off line…. The internet is trying to mimic the real world. Australia has the highest usage and penetration of social media at an average of 7 hours a month. Smart phone penetration is now 45% of handsets in Australia. The internet is in every second pocket. People born after 1995 have never know life without the internet.

Don’t Be Evil? – COVID-19 series

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This code says that Google and Facebook, who collectively control almost 60% of digital advertising revenue in Australia, will have to negotiate and pay news content creators for their contribution. This reached 95% of Australian internet users. Don’t be evil…?

My Top 10 Methods To Make Money Online by Yaro Starak

The following article details my personal top 10 methods to make money from the Internet. In Brisbane where I live, before the Internet there was a newspaper called the Trading Post that was published every two weeks. Eventually the Internet came along and the Trading Post no longer commanded the secondhand market like it once did (though it did successfully transition online). My income at the time always suffered a downturn around Christmas/Summer in Australia.

7 Tips To Help You Become A Millionaire by Yaro Starak

How much money you earn is considered one of the most private things you don’t tell even your friends or family, let alone the entire planet through the Internet. In Australia the tax year runs from July to June, and in the 2008-2009 tax year I made over half a million dollars in revenue doing what I do online. Get your bonus copy of my book "How To Start An Internet Business & Make Your First $1,000 Online" Download Here.

Can You Master The 3 Levels Of Business Success? by Yaro Starak

James invited over 30 talented marketers and business owners from around Australia and some big name overseas guests like Brian Johnson from Strategic Profits and well known copywriter John Carlton …and this was just the speakers! Yaro Starak Get your bonus copy of my book "How To Start An Internet Business & Make Your First $1,000 Online" Download Here. I just returned from Sydney were I attended James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula 2 seminar.

Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Good Migrations

crowdSPRING Blog

Adam Vagley and his wife had to move their family from New York City to Sydney, Australia, which as the crow flies, is a cool 9,946 miles (16,005 km). One of the more surprising things my wife and I discovered when planning our move from New York City to Sydney, Australia was the lack of information on international movers. Awesomeness community Interviews Small biz spotlight Small business Start ups international internet help moving abroad small biz

Technology, Innovation, and Great Power Competition  – Wrap Up

Steve Blank

employ its cyber capabilities to provide the populace of China with unrestricted Internet access to bolster civil society against CCP crackdowns, in order to pressure the PRC, spread American liberal values, and uphold U.S. This article first appeared in West Point’s Modern War Institute.

How To Develop A Crystal Clear Understanding Of Your Customer by Yaro Starak

Group members who had English as a second language struggled with academic writing and I knew how important it was that they maintain a high grade point average, or risk losing their visa to study in Australia. When developing a niche most internet marketing teachers will explain how to do research online, which pretty amounts to developing an assessment of the supply and demand relationship for certain keywords.

Towards a new entrepreneurship

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, January 2, 2010 Towards a new entrepreneurship When I started writing about the lean startup , my aspiration was to do more than just share a handful of tips and tricks that work for consumer internet startups. The cost of creating new companies is falling rapidly, and access to markets, distribution, and information is within the reach of anyone with an internet connection.

How Betancourt Lopez Used Viral, Influencer Marketing to Grow Hawkers Brand

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He works closely with European banks and institutional investors and is O’Hara’s largest shareholder for private equity investments, principally held in banking, internet and oil and gas companies. He invested heavily in Internet marketing, especially on Facebook.

Viral 127

My Big Plans For 2011 (Plus What You Need To Focus On Next Year) by Yaro Starak

Like most of my articles that I’ve written in the past six years, this one is being constructed in a coffee shop in downtown Brisbane Australia as I sip a lemon-lychee iced tea. Oh, and one last thing, the course is going to be very affordable, not the typical $1,000 or $2,000 price points that most Internet marketing products are nowadays. This will be the final blog post I publish on in 2010.

McLaren Strategic Ventures Sajan Pillai Discusses the Top Five Trends for Advancing Global Technology in 2022 

The Startup Magazine

Fast forward to 2021, six in 10 people around the world now use the internet, 332 million people came online for the first time in 2021, and 4.66 billion actively use the internet worldwide – 59.5% Sajan also holds patents in Internet Computing and Data Systems. ?Sajan’s

Global 114