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How To Run a Business Model Hackathon

Instigator Blog

In my recent post on lessons learned launching a lean startup accelerator I made reference to another kind of hackathon — the Business Model Hackathon — as a tool we’ve used to vet entrepreneurs, find interesting people and learn. Can you switch from B2C to B2B? Start with an idea. This should take ~15 minutes.

Which Is The Best Business Model For Your Startup – B2B Or B2C? by Yaro Starak

Choosing the right business to start is something that nobody can tell you except yourself. The ten answers that I can guarantee you’re not going to get are of the businesses that those entrepreneurs are currently in. What may be a cost-effective business now could be a nightmare waiting to happen. What Is “B2C&# ?

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Strong B2C biz models – moats, bars, alerts, and habits

The Startup Toolkit

Strong B2C business models have moats, bars, alerts, and habits. Here’s how it fits together: The most dramatic moats are in winner-take-all markets and are built from user activity, which means they grow stronger as your business scales. Business models Moats keep your competitors out.

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6 ways to monetize a user-based business model

The Next Web

How do you monetize a unique business model based on users rather than selling an actual product? We have a very simple business model.

What Is B2B And Why Choose This Business Model For Your Startup? by Yaro Starak

Last week, in part one of the B2B versus B2C series, I explained there are several reasons as to why entrepreneurs should venture into “B2B” (“Business to Business”) service based companies as opposed to any form of “B2C” (“Business to Consumer”) company, “B2B” product-oriented company or strictly a web-based B2B firm.

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Does free/freemium work in the enterprise?

Version One Ventures

When developing a business model, every software and app start-up eventually faces the same core question: Should we focus on monetizing customers or driving usage? As Fred Wilson put it : “When scale matters, when network effects matter, when your users are creating the content and the value, free is the business model of choice.”.

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Pricing determines your business

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Rather, it fundamentally determines the nature of the product and the structure of the business that produces it. But I disagree. How-To

2 Kinds of Start-ups That Get More Valuable Post-IPO

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A new analysis by a Silicon Valley venture capital firm identifies two tech business models that tend to stay strong. The conclusion?

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AARRR is from the Pirate’s Point of View

Market by Numbers

The order (and truly, the metrics themselves) are dependent upon your business model. For B2C Free, Say RRAAR. Time to monetize.

4 Things You Won’t Regret Spending Money on When Starting Your Business

Up and Running

When starting a business, the costs add up so fast that entrepreneurs are usually looking for ways to save money rather than increase costs.

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Marketing Your Startup: A Billion-Dollar Company’s First Marketer Reflects Back

View from Seed

Even identifying as a demand-gen marketer or branding or B2B or B2C leaves a lot of decisions still on the table to actually execute.

Be Selective in Early Beta Programs to Find the Ideal Customers and Use Cases

Instigator Blog

The goal of a startup is to find a sustainable, repeatable and scalable business model. This is true whether you’re B2B or B2C (but more relevant for B2B companies.) If the beta period is a complete flop (no one uses the product, feedback is poor, etc.) I’d bet that most beta periods end up somewhere in the middle.

Scaling is Hard, Case Study: TripAdvisor

Seeing Both Sides

TripAdvisor may be one of the most fascinating companies I know and so I was excited to dig into their business model as part of my series on scaling.

Software Eating Industries

Mucker Lab

A little more than one year ago, Marc Andreessen wrote a seminal piece which has defined venture investing and entrepreneurship since.

2013 Outlook: 7 Bold Prediction From the World's Top VCs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Nonetheless, for venture capitalists, their business entails banking on a vision of the future. their predictions for the coming year. So Inc.

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Welcome to the 'Company as a Service' Paradigm

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Despite its hippie underpinnings, sharing is big business. The collaborative economy is valued at an estimated $26 billion. Think Zipcar.

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Danish ebook platform Riidr acquired by publisher JP/Politikens Hus


Today the company announces it has been acquired by JP/Politikens Hus , the owners of popular media houses Jyllands-Posten and POLITIKEN. and

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8 strategic hacks for building marketplace liquidity

The Next Web

Many investors love “disruptive” businesses. This is really an extension of Crossing the Chasm for network effects businesses.).

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Startup Killer: the Cost of Customer Acquisition | For Entrepreneurs

However there is a lot of value in looking at these same metrics for all other businesses. have multiples that are more like 5 x CAC.) Thanks!

Scaling is Hard, Case Study: TripAdvisor

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

TripAdvisor may be one of the most fascinating companies I know, and so I was excited to dig into their business model as part of my series on scaling.

9 Things You Should Know About Social Login & CRO


Forward-looking businesses are using social login, also known as social sign-on, to do just that. Even at checkout stage. Source: Imagescape.

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Is Offline the New Online?

Leveraging Ideas

Social dynamics often lag the models themselves ( think Mercata ). Now they wouldn’t think twice about it. Times change. People change.

Rapid Prototyping for Product Managers

The Product Guy

He translates complex business problems into solutions that are easily consumed by engineering, marketing and sales. View the live stream….

Is Being “Lean” Different for B2B Startups?

Launching Tech Ventures

The success stories for this model are typically B2C startups like IMVU and Dropbox. The Science of Business and the Business of Scienc.

Scaling Sales: From Craft to Machine

Seeing Both Sides

The enterprise sales model is a pretty simple one and was the predominant model ten to twenty years ago in the IT industry. to $1.3M

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Is Your Business Name Web Friendly?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A company name with a none matching domain name may spell disaster for your business. Those were the days! So what should be the priority?

The 37 Greatest Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Mike Michalowicz

A kid can run a business. And here’s something that may be a shocker for you – you kid can probably run a business too. Uh huh. Bonus! #18

Should Your SaaS Startup Be Free…Forever?

Launch Any

I had a quick conversation today with a new startup targeting businesses with a Service-as-a-Service product offering. Their startup solves a big need for my business. As a business owner and former founder of two SaaS-based startups, I was shocked. Misguided about how businesses work. Selling Confidence In Your Business.

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Should Your SaaS Startup Never Charge Customers?

Launch Any

I had a quick conversation today with a new startup targeting businesses with a Service-as-a-Service product offering. Their startup solves a big need for my business. As a business owner and former founder of two SaaS-based startups, I was shocked. Misguided about how businesses work. Selling Confidence In Your Business.

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Can B2B Companies Use Lean Startup Techniques?

Launching Tech Ventures

B2B companies generally solve an existing market need whereas B2C companies often create a market need (ex. Early vs. Late Adopters.

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Startup Tools

My name is Crystal Williams, and I maintain a small business blog called Jeff skinner Faculty, London Business School.

Subscriptions are the New BLACK. (+ why Facebook, Google, & Apple.

500 Hats

Startonomics SF 2008) Startup Metrics: Sample User Conversion Dashboard Startup Metrics: Example Marketing Channels Startup Metrics: The 1-Page Business Model Successful Developer Platforms Have 3 Things: Features, Users, Money. What's the point of a business without a business model. Part II! Nope, CPM Sucks.

Raising Money Using Customer Development

Steve Blank

Chasing funding versus chasing customers and a repeatable and scalable business model, is one reason startups fail. How many are there?

Jussi Raisanen Shares What HeiaHeia Has Learned About Online Marketing


It's a tricky situation to be in. But blogs or other kids of media can be very useful to them. But the basic princliples of AdWords are simple.

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Digital Marketplaces Becoming a Viable Small Business Channel

Duct Tape Marketing

Around the time people started trading inside and outside of their village two models developed. Marketplaces have been with us for centuries.

How to Come Up with More Winning Tests Using Data


Add average sample size and impact per successful experiment, and you get an idea of total business impact. B2B and B2C. – W.

50 Lessons Signing 100 Global Brands

Startup Remarkable

It’s been a good month at Adludio Since launching this mobile advertising company three years ago, not only have we just celebrated signing our 100 th global brand , but we also lifted the crown for ‘ Best Advertising/Marketing business at the TechCrunch Europas awards ’. It just won’t get read by brand / agency folk who are super busy.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

Loading… Business. Business. Small Business. SMALL BUSINESS. more in Small Business. dont return investors capital, according to recent research by Shikhar Ghosh, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School. Languishing businesses were counted as survivors. Businesses For Sale |. India.

How we can improve the odds of finding unicorns

Version One Ventures

We can whittle down those 30,000 companies to a more manageable number by filtering for business models, regions, state, co-investors, Twitter mentions, Facebook likes, LinkedIn connections, iTunes downloads, unique website visitors, and/or other criteria that align with our investment thesis. Data helps filter through the noise.


Launching Tech Ventures

Nymi - Ecosystem Mapping & Business Development Okalo Ikhena Himani Jain What Is Nymi? Our Business Objective Theoretically, it sounds like an interesting concept but getting another company to invest and buy into it and put a sensor in there, is an extremely hard sell. Develop potential business models (B2B vs B2C vs B2B2C).