Raising Money Using Customer Development

Steve Blank

Chasing funding versus chasing customers and a repeatable and scalable business model, is one reason startups fail. Are there customers for what you are building? No amount of learning how to get a VC meeting or improving your VC demo skills will fix the lack of concrete customer data.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development

Startup Lessons Learned

I believe it is the best introduction to Customer Development you can buy. As all of you know, Steve Blank is the progenitor of Customer Development and author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany. Here’s hoping they soon tackle Customer Validation.

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B2B Customer Development

Market by Numbers

Market By Numbers on Twitter | Entries RSS | Comments RSS Market By Numbers High-Tech Marketing and Customer Development Home What is Customer Development? Most everyone recognizes that the B2C sales process requires appealing to consumer’s emotions.

Be Selective in Early Beta Programs to Find the Ideal Customers and Use Cases

Instigator Blog

But finding the perfect people or customers in that list is another story. This is where it’s so important to have a hypothesis and assumptions around the ideal customer. This is true whether you’re B2B or B2C (but more relevant for B2B companies.) Without a strong definition of your supposed ideal customer, it becomes too tempting and too easy to hand out beta accounts like candy. Screen your beta customers.

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out – The Startup Genome Project

Steve Blank

B2C vs. B2B is not a meaningful segmentation of Internet startups anymore because the Internet has changed the rules of business. We found 4 different major groups of startups that all have very different behavior regarding customer acquisition, time, product, market and team. Filed under: Customer Development , Teaching , Venture Capital. Customer Development Teaching Venture Capital

The high road to building an enterprise SaaS company

The Next Web

Developing an enterprise-grade SaaS product is not easy. The keys are maintaining capital efficiency, launching early versions to the SMB market and constantly applying customer development methods. Yoav Leitersdorf and Ofer Schreiber of are partners at YL Ventures.

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Pricing determines your business

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

It’s often said that you shouldn’t talk about price during customer development interviews. This is often B2C because the value is in quantity of customers, and there’s 100x more consumers than businesses.

Startup Tools


interactions, widgets, effects Django – high-level Python framework Cappuccino – open source framework for app development Kodingen – cloud development environment, code editor, hosting service, collaboration platform. Known for their great customer service.

Is Being “Lean” Different for B2B Startups?

Launching Tech Ventures

The success stories for this model are typically B2C startups like IMVU and Dropbox. Meanwhile, B2B startups like Rentjuice appearing to make fewer pivots than their B2C peers and in many cases require large amounts of capital. I wonder if the chasm is different in B2B vs. B2C as well.

Can B2B Companies Use Lean Startup Techniques?

Launching Tech Ventures

In many B2B markets, the number of potential customers is generally far fewer and companies are often challenged with customer concentration. losing that potential customer forever as it would be much more difficult to get in the door again, or 2.)

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How to Identify Your Online Target Audience and Sell More


The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. It’s all about relevancy – if what you offer and how you present it matches their state of mind, you have gained a customer. Survey your customers.

A Postmortem Analysis of Standout Jobs

Instigator Blog

I absolutely believe that taking a more analytical approach – driven by Customer Development and Lean Startup principles – can bolster your sagging ego and help you make rational, honest and difficult decisions. Product Development. We didn’t get product into customers’ hands fast enough. Of course that’s easy to say, but I think a lot of developers aren’t as comfortable as they need to be with this strategy.

Scaling Sales: From Craft to Machine

Seeing Both Sides

Before this occurs, the sales process is a craft or an art - custom-made by the founder or evangelist sales VP. B2C sales and customer acquisition efforts are a different matter (and one I''ll perhaps address in a future blog), but for B2B, those three models are the most common pattern.

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Why a SaaS Pricing Consultancy Gives Away Free Software | Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell | BoS USA 2016

Business of Software Blog

It was spun out of Price Intelligently, the Boston-based pricing company that collects customer data to help companies understand how to set the right price for the right product targeted at the right customer. Using the ProfitWell story as a case study, Patrick walks through how to develop a pricing strategy that’s right for you and relies on making sure you understand your ideal customer. Good customer driven product is becoming more important.

Bashing the Competition

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He writes: “Your company is defined by its own strengths, values, customers, and products, not by how it compares with other companies. Try framing and validating weaknesses through your own customer development. I don’t see this unfair advantage often, and I think it’s because many people are building B2C applications to scratch their own itch or “for fun.&# When pitching investors, don’t bash the competition.

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Case Study: Using an LOI to get customer feedback on a minimum.

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, October 23, 2009 Case Study: Using an LOI to get customer feedback on a minimum viable product How much work should you do on a new product before involving customers? But other times, the right way to learn is actually to show a product prototype to customers one-on-one. This is especially useful in situations, like most B2B businesses, where the total number of customers is likely to be small. Lesson learned: I am not my customer.

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Lean Startup Machine – NYC

Market by Numbers

Market By Numbers on Twitter | Entries RSS | Comments RSS Market By Numbers High-Tech Marketing and Customer Development Home What is Customer Development? 2) Customer Development is a great conflict resolution tool. 6) Customer Development is hard.

How Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors Are Eating Their Own Dogfood

David Teten

produced this analysis of engineering representation within VC firms: Selected VCs with Highest Representation of Developers in Workforce. A number of analysts have particular focus on serving the customers of technology companies, e.g., Gartner and 451 Research. HOF Capital is currently developing a proprietary sourcing tool to automatically filter for potential deal prospects that fit our criteria.

Marketing Metrics 101 for B2B Startups


I’ve seen online B2C startups use Dave McClure’s Startup Metrics for Pirates as a starting point for measuring what marketing is doing.

The Lean Startup Workshop - now an O'Reilly Master Class

Startup Lessons Learned

Take a look: This full-day Master Class focuses on how to build a startup from the ground up to focus on customers, markets, and speed of iteration. The response so far has been nothing short of overwhelming, and I want to especially thank those of you who participated in the survey and customer validation exercise that helped shape this event. We attempted to use Waterfall and market ourselves as B2C.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Startups

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OK, here it is: effective customer development… By figuring out who needs your product/service, why they need it, what constitutes a gratifying experience with the product/service and getting more of the right type of people to this gratifying experience (highlighting the right benefits and reducing barriers) social media can become a powerful driver for your business too. But many of these (former) customers are now furious and let their network know about it.