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“Traction is the new IP ” sums up perfectly how the technology space has evolved over the past decade due to the nature of the web. In today’s web landscape, word of mouth drives adoption and can lead to “winner takes all” (or almost all) in both B2C and B2B markets. It’s also important to realize how little value investors therefore put on IP when investing in a company.

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The high road to building an enterprise SaaS company

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B2B companies, often due to the higher barriers to develop a working product, have historically been less popular with early-stage investors – such barriers sometimes involve tough requirements for core IP and deep technology. Yoav Leitersdorf and Ofer Schreiber of are partners at YL Ventures.

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Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

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Allot is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenuegeneration solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Allot Service Gateway solutions for mobile broadband are compliant with 3G.4G/LTE and WiMax networks and provide full cell awareness.

Introducing NextView III and Our Focus on the Everyday Economy

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The physical office hasn’t been rendered obsolete by any means, but IP video conferencing has fundamentally changed how and with whom many people work on a daily basis. While our lens on the Everyday Economy is focused on our actions as individuals, it’s not constrained to B2C companies.

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out – The Startup Genome Project

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Founders overestimate the value of IP before product market fit by 255%. . B2C vs. B2B is not a meaningful segmentation of Internet startups anymore because the Internet has changed the rules of business. In April 2010 I received an email that said, “I’m an incoming Stanford student in the fall and working on a project that a number of people suggested I get in touch with you about.&#. Ok, I get a lot of these.

Tech Events in China you Shouldn’t Miss This Year

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only available to studios developing licensed or original mobile games IP. There are also special halls for B2B and B2C exhibitions. This year will be the first year I’d need to miss GMIC (global mobile internet conference) in Beijing.

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CXL Live 2017 Recap: Optimization & Growth Insights from 20+ Experts


Bill Leake: Optimizing for the “Considered Purchase”: What Changes if You’re B2B or Expensive / Long Sales Cycle B2C? IP lookup. Score B2B marketing campaigns in minutes by joining IP detection and company scoring.

7 Incredible Web Design, Branding, Digital Marketing Experiences

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There is a lot any business — B2C, B2B, A2Z — can learn from Songza. They use geo/ip to work out where I am. We are surrounded by incredible digital experiences. Masterful design, branding and marketing.

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Selling a Line of Business


one is B2B, the other is B2C). If you are selling assets, you need to clearly define what they are, and what they aren’t, and you need to make sure all legal details (contracts, IP, etc.) Selling a Line of Business. It’s been a couple of years since Return Path decided to focus on our deliverability business by divesting and spinning out our other legacy businesses.

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Getting Funded: Step 4, Due Diligence

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a list of 3-4 customer/user references (even if it’s a B2C business, have a few “fans” ready to talk).

How to Improve Profit by an Average of 11.1%

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That goes for any industry, location or product; from enterprise SaaS in my home town of Austin, to live music ticket sales in Virginia, to B2C services in Seattle. Do you have patents or IP wedges that create defensible moats around your differentiation? Climb the Value Pyramid.

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And there is IP-based locationing offered by Quova and others. It almost does not make sense to include monetization in this post since there are lots of different revenue models, some B2B, some B2C and most of them not having anything specifically to do with location. NextWala.

Getting Funded: Step 4, Due Diligence

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a list of 3-4 customer/user references (even if it’s a B2C business, have a few “fans” ready to talk). Did the VC try to pull any clever financing tricks when the company was up against the wall? (“I will give you more money at 5x preference” — actually happened, “I will give you a loan that you can not repay secured by your IP that I will move over to another company if you don’t” — actually happened).