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The 7 Key Metrics Every Business Owner Should Monitor

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If you don’t understand your key financial metrics, you have no way of monitoring your business’s health—and you risk mingling assets, incurring penalties for filing taxes late, overlooking expenses, and running into difficulties paying bills and employees, just to mention a few!

How to Run Your Company Based on Metrics: What, Why, How, Who, and When

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I review a lot of board decks with a beautifully hand-crafted page with metrics for the company. The reason is that the real value of the board deck is not (ironically) for the board; it’s for management to track their own performance. Identify the metrics that matter.

The Ideal Financial Reporting Tempo For A VC-Backed Company

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This approach was originally stimulated by Steve Blank’s posts Why Board Meetings Suck and Reinventing the Board Meeting – Part 2 of 2 but modified to fit the more varied and flexible reality that I operate in. On the other hand, with a few exceptions (hyper-growth cases or ones where you are focusing on specific metrics), daily financing reporting is not helpful either, as is it overly burdensome on the company. It includes P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements.

5 Critical Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Managing Their Company's Finances.

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In early stage companies (and even some later stage or mature ones), there is no one area where most entrepreneurs and small business owners are lacking in just basic fundamentals, than in dealing with their company's finances and financial management.

18 Ways to Make Your Financial Model Stand Out to Investors

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To ensure this, the official Standards recommend that assumptions sheets use a light grey fill color, and white/no fill for output sheets. This is especially important for companies that carry inventory on their balance sheet.

Visualizing the Interactions Between CAC, Churn and LTV

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If you like this, go see his Shockwave Innovations blog ) Anyone that has taken an accounting class or learned basic business financials knows the interaction between key elements of a P&L (revenue, cost, expense) and a balance sheet (assets, liabilities, equity).

The Woodstock of K-12 Education

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Learning how to keep track of inventory and cash flow and creating an income statement and a balance sheet are great skills to learn for managing existing businesses. Describing something as the “ Woodstock of…” has taken to mean a one-of-a-kind historic gathering.

Top 3 Priorities of the Best CFOs

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In our experience, the best CFOs have expanded well beyond traditional accounting and balance sheet management and taken on new roles. Doing so will enable the CFO to spend more time and energy being a partner to the management team and driving value in the business

NBA, NHL and your company’s Key Performance Indicators

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As in sports, companies and internal departments need to identify key performance metrics which translate to success in their industry. I like these metrics because Joe the worker at Company X probably does not care anything about IT metrics.

Becoming an Entrepreneur You Get Risk, But No New Skills!

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Did you really understand how much you needed to know about marketing, sales, operations, finance and customer support, just to name a few. And you need to understand and manage to the three or four key metrics that drive your business.

Five Ways to Automate Your Small Business

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As you might be reveling in self-doubt or taking a personal inventory of your life balance, you might be thinking about the payoff. Before you jump ship and sink your business for the life you once disdained, there’s hope in managing the mundane tasks that weigh you down.

Begin with the End in Mind: Include Your Business Exit in Your Business Plan

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The disciplined process of business planning helps owners and managers foresee both opportunities and problems before they arise. A complete and accurate current and historical view of both the company’s income statement and balance sheet will be necessary.

5 Unexpected Benefits of Opening Your Books

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In the early 1980’s , when Jack Stack led a management buyout of his Springfield, Missouri, factory, he faced steep odds: the economy was in the tank, profits were uncertain, and the 116-employee engine remanufacturer had 89 times more debt than equity.

How To Ace Your Most Important Hire

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Data Management Your investors want information. And they want that information reported consistently in a format that helps them monitor their investment and indirectly manage the company.

How to Build a Great E-Commerce Company

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They also have the balance sheets to spend money understanding their customers and to drive large marketing expenditures and brand loyalty. But they have developed extremely efficient operations, powerful analytics engines and incentive-based programs to drive customer purchases.

How to Write a Business Plan

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Milestones and Metrics. Management Team. Milestones and Metrics. While the Milestones and Metrics chapter of your business plan may not be long, it’s critical that you take the time to look forward and schedule the next critical steps for your business. Management Team.

4 Smart Financial Moves for Businesses

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Know Your Net Net profit margin is the single most important financial metric. Consider this metric to be an insurance hedge: it shows the ability of a company to still be profitable if dollars of profit decrease.

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Why Companies Stop Innovating

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They measure their success on metrics that reflect success in execution, and they reward execution. 20th century Management Tools for Execution In the 20th century, business schools and consulting firms developed an amazing management stack to assist companies to execute.

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How to Start a Brewery

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In addition to Dan Hughes heading up operations, his brother Stephen is head brewer, and they have a director of finance and a brand director. The more complex the operating structure of a business, the more information and time required.”. Managing your own distribution is ideal.


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I often notice post Series A close a sense of chaos amidst the hope and a need to quickly triangulate on key metrics to manage to and to report against. Data-driven start-up management appears to be an oxymoron - there is by definition little data and hardly any trending possible. Despite the rapid changes, founders should move to quickly put in place templates, reports, and best-practices to manage with in order to reduce risk in the plan and unwise capital consumption.

9 Deadliest Start-up Sins

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Neither management nor investors tolerate “wrong turns” that result in delays. ” Even worse, a start-up’s investors are managing their financial expectations by this date as well. Common assumptions that are toxic to the success of any new venture.

Steve Blank on the Next 50 Years of Business Innovation

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In fact, it was only seven years ago that Apple shipped its first iPhone and Google introduced its Android operating system. Efficiency over innovation Yet in the face of all this change, traditional firms continue to embrace a management ethos that values efficiency over innovation.

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Hard Lessons in Modern Lending

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He says he never missed a payment or, as far as he knew, violated any of the covenants--the financial metrics--that banks mandate to ensure the health of their borrowers. Jaeger managed to get credit from TD Bank. She understood that the bank had to shore up its balance sheet.

Don't Run Out of Cash: 3 Growth-Company Case Studies

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Managers were traveling around the country putting out fires, which cost the company as much as $10,000 a month for airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars. He should also consider establishing an incentive plan for each city''s manager. Nice growth company you got there.

Some Things Great Software Companies Do That You Don’t Have To | Rob Castaneda, ServiceRocket | BoS USA 2016

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Rob spoke about the three mistakes he made that almost killed his company as he grew it from a bedroom in Sydney, Australia, to an operation in four countries employing over 200 people. Every time a support case came in, I had to find the boxes with the disks, find the operating systems, do the install to answer a question. As of today, 20-15 years later our paid-up capital, I stole this from our balance sheet, we put $191.59 Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket.

Rise & Fall (& Rise) of David Steinberg

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In November 2007, InPhonic filed for Chapter 11, and its assets were sold to Versa Capital Management, which relaunched it as Simplexity. Simplexity still operates Wirefly, the popular wireless-services retailer that Steinberg built inside InPhonic.) He rose to the top of the Inc.

Bill Janeway Warburg Pincus | Productive Bubbles | Video Slides Transcript | BoS Europe 2015

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And as Shin puts it “in the eyes of a bank’s management a bank with surplus capital is like a manufacturing plant with idle capacity. As people are managing, as professionals manage other people’s money, not their own they can afford to be wrong for a shorter and shorter period of time. And this, this mechanism, this mechanism as you can see is functionally exactly similar to what Shin was talking about with a bank balance sheet.