How Long Does It Take to Get British Citizenship After Applying?

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Belize, Canada, Dominica. The recent government announcements regarding the U.K. Startup Visas have come as welcome news for the U.K. economy. The new visa seeks to entice non-European entrepreneurs, especially women, to stimulate innovation and growth in the U.K.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Look At Offshore Banking

The Startup Magazine

The clear winners for this will be Belize and other Latin American countries. Global diversification is a great move for your investment portfolio, but you might want to start with a savings account in your home country before venturing offshore for greater investment or lending. However, entrepreneurs should consider establishing an offshore savings account instead. It is important that you know what the benefits of an offshore savings account will be before you make any decisions.

The Series A crunch is hitting now. Have we even noticed?

Who wants to go to Belize with me? Pando Daily. PandoMonthly. Video. PandoDigest. About. Search. Share on Twitter. Share on Facebook. Share on LinkedIn. The Series A crunch is hitting now. Have we even noticed? By Sarah Lacy. On November 28, 2012.