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With all the talk of massive amounts of cash sloshing around the web/mobile startup ecosystem (including things I've said recently), you would think that nobody bootstraps anymore. Behance was bootstrapped for its first five years. As Scott Belsky , Behance's founder and CEO, wrote on the Behance blog : For the past five years, Behance has been a bootstrapped enterprise. Wattpad launched in 2006 and bootstrapped for five years before we invested.

Bootstrapping Organic Growth Makes Startup Sense


When someone asks me for the best way to fund a startup, I always say bootstrap it, meaning fund it yourself and grow organically. Bootstrapping avoids all the cost, pain, and distractions of finding angels or VCs, and allows you to keep control and all your hard-earned equity for yourself.

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The Smartest Entrepreneurs Bootstrap Their Startup


There is so much written these days about how to attract investors that most entrepreneurs “assume” they need funding, and don’t even consider a plan for “bootstrapping,” or self-financing their startup. Maybe that’s why bootstrapped startups are the norm, rather than externally funded ones.

Bootstrapping Organic Growth Makes Startup Sense

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When someone asks me for the best way to fund a startup, I always say bootstrap it, meaning fund it yourself and grow organically. Bootstrapping avoids all the cost, pain, and distractions of finding angels or VCs, and allows you to keep control and all your hard-earned equity for yourself.

The end of bootstrapping


I was talking with the founder of a very successful startup this week. For years, the folks at 37 Signals have run a blog called Bootstrapped , profiling startups that are “profitable and proud”. They were bootstrapped for almost 4 years, but then they went all in.

10 Incentives For Entrepreneurs To Bootstrap Their Startup


Based on the Startup Environment Index from the Kauffman Foundation and LegalZoom a while back, personal money, or bootstrapping, continues to be the primary startup funding source. Investors like to replace Founders who don’t seem to be moving fast enough. Image via Pixabay.

Should I Borrow Money, Seek Investment, or Bootstrap My Business?

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Bootstrapping. Many entrepreneurs use bootstrapping, which means financing your company by scraping together funds in unconventional ways. Here are some popular ways of bootstrapping your business.

The Smartest Entrepreneurs Bootstrap Their Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

There is so much written these days about how to attract investors that most entrepreneurs “assume” they need funding, and don’t even consider a plan for “bootstrapping,” or self-financing their startup. Maybe that’s why bootstrapped startups are the norm, rather than externally funded ones.

Bootstrapped CPC rule of thumb: MRR/25

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

” Easy for them to say, but what about a bootstrapped, profit-driven business? Profit-seeking bootstrapped companies cannot afford those delusions. But a bootstrapped company’s cash-flow won’t allow it, even if the math would work in the long run.

Dragons, Bootstrapping and Women in Tech

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” For Lindsay Nelson, CEO and co-founder of Theme Dragon, Inc that opportunity was founding a tech company. What about bootstrapping? ” The post Dragons, Bootstrapping and Women in Tech appeared first on Bplans Blog. Lindsay Nelson, CEO of Theme Dragon, Inc.

10 Extreme Bootstrapping Ideas

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But bootstrapping is tough, especially if it means putting every dollar you make back into the company instead of into your pocket. Jerry Jao, co-founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Retention Science , has some ideas.

Bootstrap Marketing

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A quick Google search for "bootstrap marketing" brings up a bunch of useless nonsense. The results are either in the form of "Top 10 Bootstrap Marketing Tips" or "Bootstrap Marketing 101" guides. Building Your Founder Reputation.

Is Bootstrapping Hindering Your Business Competency?


by Anand Srinivasan, founder of These are the little known bootstrapped start-ups that continue to operate through debt and personal savings. The truth with bootstrapping is that business owners always tend to operate on extremely tight budgets.

How To Bootstrap your Startup with Your Paycheck

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Paycheck Financing: A Great Way To Bootstrap Your Startup by Sramana Mitra. Vasu is one of the many entrepreneurs who have bootstrapped a startup venture while holding on to a full-time day job. Vasu and his co-founders had originally toyed with several different ideas.

I think bootstrapping might be impossible for non-programmers

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Now you can bootstrap. Founders Product(Note: In this post I’m talking specifically about tech startups, and especially non-sales-driven tech startups). Clever landing page tests and interviews can tell you whether an idea is bad , but not whether it will work. There’s still a big leap from “problem exists” to a product that delights while fitting into someones life and being able to attract new users.

“Bootstrapping is sexy! You own your entire company.” Five Questions with Founder Emily LaFave Olson

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In addition to being a strong founder, Emily is thoughtful and intention, as evidenced in her recent essay about taking back her maiden name. HW: Having been through multiple fundraising periods, what advice would you give a new founder in raising their seed round?

Can Too Much Bootstrapping Be Bad For Business?


Image credit: Bootstrapping from Shutterstock. by Anand Srinivasan, founder of A major chunk of businesses are built the traditional way – either through capital infused by the founders or through bank loans.

The Stairstep Approach to Bootstrapping

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I decided it was time to put pen to paper and lay out what I see as a repeatable path with a higher-than-normal success rate, to bootstrapping yourself to the point of quitting your job. That kind of growth is the promise that drives a lot of new founders to dive headfirst into SaaS projects.

Recipe for Bootstrapping Success

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Bootstrapping your business? But those entrepreneurs have to account to investors for their every move, while bootstrapping entrepreneurs need only account to themselves and their customers. Bootstrapping your business commonly comes with the assumption that you don''t need a big plan.

Ten Highly Successful Bootstrapped Startups

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Who says a bootstrapped startup can’t succeed? Here are 10 bootstrapped companies that did it on their own with no outside funding. By generating a steady revenue from consulting projects and sales, the founders were able to spend time growing their business slowly.

10 Crazy Bootstrapping Stories

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But it''s tough, as well, especially if you''re bootstrapping. Bike Thousands of Miles The route to founding Hoboken Coffee Roasters in Guthrie, Oklahoma, was a literally a long one for founder Trey Woods and his wife, Mallory. Want to read more about bootstrapping?

The ultimate guide to bootstrapping hardware startups

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Together with my co-founder, we kicked off a 20 months adventure with two major aspirations: develop smarter charging technology that increases energy efficiency by 30 percent ahead of existing products, as well as research embedded solar technology for energy replenishment.

The Hidden World of Bootstrapping Only Entrepreneurs Understand

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Zinepak founders Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe on the practical -- and emotional -- realities of bootstrapping a startup

Bootstrapping into Space

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The founders were able to build a high growth company that launched their own satellite into space using only self-funding of $250K from the founders. An amazing story of what bootstrapping and building the right team can accomplish. Most of the founders are still with the company helping to take the core technologies they developed in Deimos into other markets and other applications. Bootstrapping Global Entrepreneurship bootstrapping deimos

Reflecting on ways to bootstrap a startup

If you are a first time startup founder, or have done a few projects but are still working either full-time or freelancing part-time, you are likely to struggle to find investment for your startup idea. For this reason, you will probably to need to bootstrap your idea.

Advice For Bootstrapping Your Business From Startup Founders Who’ve Been There


Some startup founders turn to accelerators or angel investors for guidance and financial backing, but with this comes the sacrifice of independence and equity. Bootstrapping, as it has been dubbed, isn’t easy and more often than not, startups do not succeed. by Philip Acuña.

Why One Unicorn Says You Should Bootstrap for 10 Years Before Pitching VCs

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Early funding can lead to early death, says Qualtrics founder Ryan Smith

Investors Look First At The Founder, Then The Idea

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They evaluate you like you should assess a possible co-founder or first employee. Another common approach is to bootstrap your first startup to success, possibly with some help from friends and family. entrepreneur startup idea investor funding founder business

The Biggest Bootstrapping Mistakes

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NewME accelerator founder Angela Benton explains how you can avoid common mistakes made when bootstrapping

Picking Yourself Up By The Bootstraps: What to Do After Your Startup Fails

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Failure for startups is an all too common fate for founders, so it's good to be mentally prepared for when that day might come.

3 Ways to Grow a Bootstrapped Company. Fast

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Here are the three most important lessons my co-founder wife and I learned about how to grow fast while bootstapping: 1. You can''t grow without cash and yet, in the beginning, a bootstrapped company doesn''t have any. You can expand quickly without outside investors.

How bootstrapping helped my business cheat death

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Poornima Vijayashanker is the founder of Femgineer, helping entrepreneurs and tech professionals (especially women) level up their careers. This post is based on the author’s new guide, How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products. At the end of 2012, I was in a really tight spot.

How One Founder Bootstrapped His Startup to $30 Million in Just 2 Years

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Without venture capital, you have to make sure that your products are exceptionally profitable. Startup

How I Knew That I Could Bootstrap My Company


by Aytekin Tank, founder & CEO of JotForm. Determining if your product can be bootstrapped. Business decisions must be made carefully at a bootstrapped company. Aytekin Tank is the founder & CEO of JotForm , a SaaS online form building company based in San Francisco.

8 Great Reasons to Bootstrap Your Startup

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That’s the big question that many founders ask themselves as they try to get their product and service to market. You can find successful entrepreneurs on both sides of the bootstrap debate: there are definitely advantages—and disadvantages—to both bootstrapping and raising venture capital. Originally published in SoCalTech. To self-fund or to raise funds?

The Top 4 Wrong Reasons to Seek Investors

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Yet many entrepreneurs rely on expensive outside services and outside money, rather than do the networking for a co-founder or two who have the right skills to work for equity. Bootstrapping not only reduces cash needs, but increases commitment.

7 Tips for Bootstrapping to Success in a Niche Market

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Get the scoop on how to go niche on a budget by Kristy Ouwerkerk, Founder & CEO of Veilability

5 Ways to Know Bootstrapping Will Work for You

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Bootstrapping isn''t right for every business. I''m bootstrapping a new venture." Don''t get me wrong: I love bootstrapping. When it succeeds, it can be very rewarding for founders, especially in terms of the amount of equity they can retain.

Does Being The First Full-Time Paid Employee Affect That Founder’s Equity In The Company?

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Question: I am one of three founders of a company. Up until now we have been bootstrapping the company from our own funds and working part time on the company while having full time jobs. The question is, does being the first full-time paid employee affect that founder’s equity in the company? I can see two sides to this issue. This is a stronger argument if the founder working for the company isn’t drawing a salary.

Bootstrapping Your Business? Here’s What Every Founder Should Know

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Finance Grow bootstrapping money raising capital starting a businessFinancing is a widely discussed topic in the startup community and it seems like everybody has a different opinion.