Top Java Engineers Attracted by DHL ESS, the first and only DHL Freight R&D team based in Sofia, Bulgaria

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What is even more interesting is that DHL Freight opted to base its first and only R&D team in Sofia, Bulgaria. " It is great to see our young and dynamic team in Bulgaria and their engagement. Ownership - Participate in the whole sprint process for product development.

Top Java Engineers Attracted by DHL ESS, the first and only DHL Freight R&D team based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Transformify - Recruiting

What is even more interesting is that DHL Freight opted to base its first and only R&D team in Sofia, Bulgaria. " It is great to see our young and dynamic team in Bulgaria and their engagement. Ownership - Participate in the whole sprint process for product development.


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Paul Herdsman Of NICE Global: The Benefits Of Utilizing Nearshore Outsourcing For Your Business


Usually, these offshore suppliers are in Asia, (India, Afghanistan, Malaysia, China, Vietnam and the Philippines), Eastern Europe (Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia), or Africa (Morocco, Kenya and South Africa).

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Which One Single Quality Helped Me To Become A Better Leader


Thankfully, I experienced a major turning point on 11th of March 2015 when the great leader and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, paid a visit to Sofia, Bulgaria in order to give a full day practical seminar on leadership. I learned that blaming external factors such as the government or the people around me was not productive. Danny writes more posts about productivity and efficiency on the AdaptRM blog.

What Do Diversity Hiring and Work From Home Jobs Have in Common?

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Many countries have imposed travel bans and an unprecedented country-wide quarantine has been announced in Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. So far, these include Italy, Spain, Bulgaria but it is likely the list to be expanded soon.

9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month

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The part of the movement that resonates the most with me (in my words) is that entrepreneurs should keep their capital expenditures really low while they’re experimenting with their product and determining whether there is a large market for what they do. In the initial phases of any new market you’re developing a product (hopefully with a minimal set of features), getting feedback from customers, refining your product based on user feedback and then re-launching your product.

Deal Hunting On The Move With Shooger


Instead Shooger is designed to be experienced on the mobile, and features hyper local deals, limited-time-only discounts, special promotions as well as product recommendations and tips such as which salesperson to talk to at the store. Co-founders Cary, Mishkovsky and Alex Stancioff – they previously started an animation company in Bulgaria – were wrapping up Lil’ Bush for Comedy Central when they realized they had a lot of great technical resources at their disposal.

How to Create Work From Home and Part-time Jobs Amid Coronavirus Outbreak?

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Initially, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and France declared a state of emergency and country-wide quarantine. The good news is that there are companies hiring at scale as the demand for their products has increased.

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From Israel to Pakistan, Community is Key When Building a Startup (Google I/O)

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In Bulgaria, where I’m involved in a new fund, it’s a desert. So in the next 3 years, we’re going to fund 200 teams to take forward their ideas of products. Google I/O: It’s a startup world. In my previous post, I covered the funding aspect of entrepreneurship, but there’s more to innovation than money. To achieve the trifecta of startup success (money, talent, ideas), a vibrant startup community can make the difference between success and failure.

Disrupting Finance From Above: Wealthfront

Shouldn’t our access to technology and scale lead to lower rates than say Bulgaria? If you want to truly disrupt the financial services industry, perhaps you need to stop attacking the transactional experience and launch a competitive product on the asset gathering side. Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley believe that the financial services industry in the United States is “ripe for disruption. ” The basis of this argument is really two fold.

Generate and Transformify: Umbrella Solutions to Help Businesses Hire Top Talent Worldwide

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All data privacy, time management, productivity and project management requirements of the clients are discussed, and custom solutions are provided on an individual basis. Due to the constantly changing nature of the contracting industry, Generate strives to be one step ahead, continuously developing products to ensure contractors are kept tax efficient while benefiting from a fully compliant service. London, 18.08.2018.

Give Your Advertising ROI a Serious Boost by Maintaining Scent (11 examples)


5 is overkill, 3 could work – but since the product is complicated (and probably not cheap), collecting emails would be a better idea than asking to read more. Ad copy says “Lowest taxation in EU” – but the landing page talks about tax optimization and Bulgaria. The only thing that matches here is that it’s the same type of product on the photo, but it’s not the same photo (should be). Landing page has no copy except for the product name.

Demo day arrives for Springboard’s Internet of Things accelerator

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The eight teams hail from all over the world – including entrants from Montreal, Toronto, Portugal and Bulgaria – and have spent the last three months tirelessly working away on their hardware-based startup ideas for the Internet of Things in preparation for today. Its first product will be aimed at mixed martial arts (currently the seventh largest sport in the world, Cains says) and talks are already underway for getting products onto shelves.

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Twitter Link Roundup #111 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

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crowdSPRING’s 12 Questions Interview: Meet Svetlana (Sofia, Bulgaria) – [link]. Awesomeness business community crowdsourcing design How To inspiration Interviews marketing Reviews social media start-up tips Strategy Technology writing ads advertising copywriting entrepreneur entrepreneurship facebook industrial design leadership package design pr product design public relations small biz small business startups twitter

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The Startup Toolkit

You’ll enjoy a lot of freedom once you truly, deeply, sincerely believe that you are testing your value proposition and not your product features[3]. Features are expensive to test because you need to build product to do so. 2] As another example, I talked to a team (in Bulgaria, of all places) considering paying big money to get some certification which would allow them to charge for workshops. 3] Yes, you need to build product and test features eventually.

Janvest Wants to Fill the Seed Investment Gap in Israel (Interview)

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Secondly, we are selling a fixed investment product – a fixed number of investors, a fixed buy-in and a fixed number of portfolio companies. In fact, Israel is about to pass this new Angel’s Law, which is going to incentivize local investors in Israel to put money into early stage start-ups rather than dumping cash into shopping centers in Romania or Bulgaria.

Two years of remote working – hiring, scaling, culture, and the lifestyle trade-off

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Tech businesses theoretically get this for free once the product is built, since most websites can do their thing without you being on call. “Just come to Bulgaria for a few weeks” isn’t as compelling as I had hoped. This is just a story, not advice, but maybe there’s something relevant. At year’s end I’ll be trading away my location independence for something better. It’s been a fun stretch.

The Power of “In Person” – Why Distributed Teams are Less Effective

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The CEO weighs in with his perspectives, the head of product management disputes his conclusions and the marketing VP has a different take. The sales rep that brings back news from the front line that is shared with the office adds to our collective knowledge about customer needs, product design flaws or partnership opportunities. CEO, VP Products and CTO must all be in the physical location.

Create High-Impact Data Visualizations: Nine Effective Strategies

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UK, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. How about displaying countries and products purchased? I believe deeply in the value of making data accessible. In service of that belief, there are few things that bring me as much joy as visualizing data (smart segmentation comes close). There is something magical about taking the tons and tons of complexity that lurks in our data, being able to find the core essence, and then illustrate that simply.

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