7 Business Model Personalities

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Business models are like instruction manuals for your business. A well-defined business model should clearly articulate your function in the market, including how you make money, what inputs you depend upon, who your target customers are, and what value you are creating for them.

Business models for ecommerce 2.0

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This is a good framework to think about whether a startup will be able to compete with Amazon. Andy Dunn from Bonobos wrote yesterday about the dominance of Amazon in what he calls ecommerce 1.0

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Why Build, Measure, Learn – isn’t just throwing things against the wall to see if they work

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While it sounds simple , the Build Measure Learn approach to product development is a radical improvement over the traditional Waterfall model used throughout the 20 th century to build and ship products. activities necessary to implement the business model.

When Hell Froze Over – in the Harvard Business Review

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In my 21 years as an entrepreneur, I would come up for air once a month to religiously read the Harvard Business Review. As much as I loved the magazine, there was little in it for startups (or new divisions in established companies) searching for a business model.

Search versus Execute

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One of the confusing things to entrepreneurs, investors and educators is the relationship between customer development and business model design and business planning and execution. When does a new venture focus on customer development and business models ?

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A new model for understanding the stages of a startup

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So here’s another way of thinking about the stages of a startup in visual terms using the business model canvas[2]. Important Business Question #1: does anybody care at all and will they pay us? Some businesses have basically zero risk around their revenue model.

A New Way to Teach Entrepreneurship – The Lean LaunchPad at Stanford: Class 1

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It was designed to bring together many of the new approaches to building a successful startup – customer development, agile development, business model generation and pivots. We were positing that 20 years of teaching “how to write a business plan” might be obsolete.

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How To Build a Web Startup – Lean LaunchPad Edition

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As part of our Lean LaunchPad classes at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and for the National Science Foundation, students build a startup in 8 weeks using Business Model Design + Customer Development. ” And the most important question is, “How do I use the business model canvas and Customer Development to test whether this is a real business?” Read Business Model Generation pages 1-72, and The Four Steps to the Epiphany Chapter 3.

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Dave Balter’s framework for being a great leader

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Dave learned a framework called OGSM (Objectives / Goals / Strategies / Measures) after his company Bzzagent was acquired by market research firm dunnhumby. The OGSM framework can be use to manage change at each of these levels. Simple framework : the top 5 list.

Tim Berry on the Business Model and Business Plan | Video

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Tim Berry offers a video investigating business models and plans. He uses Osterwalder as his business model representative. From Tim Berry: What I really don’t like is people saying “don’t do a business plan; do a business model instead.” My favorite definition of the business model is the excellent book Business Model Generation, by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.

The History of Lean Planning

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Lean Planning is a concept that we introduced back in 2012 as an evolution in business planning. The traditional business plan just wasn’t fitting the needs of modern, fast-moving companies and it was time to bring more of a scientific approach to business planning.

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How a 1-Page Business Model Will – and Won’t – Help Your Lean Startup

Kevin Dewalt

During my Startup Help sessions with entrepreneurs worldwide I am frequently asked to review a 1-page summary of their business assumptions. Usually the team has filled out Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas or Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas.

Why You Should Shift To An Agile Marketing Framework

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Today''s savvy marketers are moving away from a fixed or linear approach to executing marketing strategy and embracing an agile philosophy and framework. Regardless of size, businesses must embrace agile marketing strategies to best serve the needs of their current and future customers.

When is a Failed Concept a Success?

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A student come up to me before class the week before their business plans were due this past semester looking very dejected. "My The more she tried to pivot the business model, the more she uncovered evidence that convinced her that she had reached a dead end. Aspiring entrepreneurs go through an arduous process between the initial spark of an idea to the eventual launch of a business. You have spent countless hours talking about the business with friends and family.

6 Steps To Choosing A Pricing Model For Your Startup


If you are in the very beginning of a journey to your first million or just considering various business ideas, this is the crucial question you’d have to answer one day. A few months ago we’ve started working on our product – Chanty business messenger.

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A visual guide to pitching

Version One Ventures

Below, I’ve drawn how I map a typical checklist into a framework to help you better understand what we are listening for in a pitch. I like knowing why a founder is building his or her business. News Business model distribution pitching scale storytelling vision

Good Start, But This App Needs a Few Pivots

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The stars all seemed to be converging for me as a fan of the Business Model Canvas. version of my syllabus for my planning class that has become largely centered around the Business Model Generation framework. My class no longer looks like a traditional old business planning class. Instead, students learn to develop a business model and pivot until the cows come home. Now I can finally get the Business Model Toolbox App.

How to Structure Your Optimization and Experimentation Teams


Here’s a rundown of the frameworks, their functions, and the benefits and challenges of each. There are three types of optimization team models: centralized, decentralized, and center of excellence. Benefits of the centralized model. Challenges of a centralized model.

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Is ?Data? a Business Model? ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

Is “Data” a Business Model? Several years ago I wrote a post about the three business models of the consumer web : commerce, advertising, and user-paid premium services. But I still firmly believe the overall framework holds true.

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How Investors Make Better Decisions: The Investment Readiness Level

Steve Blank

a language corporate innovation groups can use to communicate to business units and finance. Teams can prove their competence and validate their ideas by showing investors evidence that there’s a repeatable and scalable business model.

Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work

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The first, the notion of the “ ambidextrous organization ” from O’Reilly and Tushman , posits that companies that want to do continuous innovation need to execute their core business model while innovating in parallel. Horizon 1 are mature businesses.

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Happy New Year! Product Management in 2012

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Decreasing use of the free service / product business model. You can actually create a viable, sustainable business by charging customers money. With all of the frameworks that have been developed to extract, transform, and transport XML, there will be great entrepreneurial opportunities in 2012 tooling-up JSON. modular innovation product management user experience business model innovation offline process product manager roadmapping skills tablet xml

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A visual guide to pitching

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Below, I’ve drawn how I map a typical checklist into a framework to help you better understand what we are listening for in a pitch. I like knowing why a founder is building his or her business. News Business model distribution pitching scale storytelling vision

A Business Rebound is Not All Positive for Startups

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As the business economy rebounds, many entrepreneurs are thinking that life will soon get easier, and their opportunity can only grow. In reality, the business world gets tougher every day, with new entrants, new technology, and competitors more easily entering the fray from around the globe.

Interview with Sramana Mitra on 1M/1M Program

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And finally, we have defined 1M/1M as a framework for capitalism 2.0, a distributed, democratic model of capitalism. We want every entrepreneur to have access to our curriculum and incubation services, and give them an opportunity to build their businesses, irrespective of the scale of their entrepreneurial aspirations. Consequently, they are able to make decisions about their businesses in more astute and sophisticated ways. 1M/1M Program has a bold mission.

No One Wins In Business Plan Competitions

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Last week one of the schools I teach at invited me to judge a business plan contest. I suggested that they first might want to read my post on why business plans are a poor planning and execution tool for startups. At best I think business plan competitions are a waste of time.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: Why are you Still Making.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Development and Business Lessons By Michael Woloszynowicz By Michael Woloszynowicz Sunday, January 23, 2011 Why are you Still Making Crap? Open Source to the Rescue The more I delve into the bevy of open source tools and frameworks the more Im stunned when I see poorly executed applications.

It’s Time to Play Moneyball: The Investment Readiness Level

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Teams can prove their competence and validate their ideas by showing investors evidence that there’s a repeatable and scalable business model. A Lean Startup methodology offers entrepreneurs a framework to focus on what’s important: Business Model Discovery.

The Lean LaunchPad at Stanford – The Final Presentations

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The Stanford Lean LaunchPad class was an experiment in a new model of teaching startup entrepreneurship. What really matters are the business model canvas diagrams in the body and appendix of each presentation. is just another engineering process, not building a business.

Learning Through Reflection

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To be honest I built the class out of frustration watching schools teach aspiring entrepreneurs that all they need to know is how to write a business plan or how to sit in an incubator building a product. using the business model canvas as the framework.

Reinventing the Board Meeting – Part 2 of 2 – Virtual Valley Ventures

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Reinventing the board meeting may allow venture-backed startups a more efficient, productive way to direct and measure their search for a profitable business model. Startups now understand what they should be doing in their early formative days is search for a business model.

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Goes Lean

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Navy adopted the OSRD model and set up the Office of Naval Research – ONR. Prioritization : Once a list of innovation ideas has been refined by curation, it needs to be prioritized using the McKinsey Three Horizons Model.

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Business Model Exercise: The “Personalized Case” Method

Launching Tech Ventures

The LTV business model exercise introduces a third learning method – akin to a “Personalized Case” – by applying the discipline of the case study method to tactical but crucial decisions startup founders make daily.

Is Your Company Ready To Deliver Value As A Service?


by Rob Bernshteyn, author of “ Value as a Service: Embracing the Coming Disruption “ Traditional product companies are fast converting the delivery of their offerings to the as-a-service model. We are now approaching the final frontier of that model: Value as a Service (VaaS).

Why Real Learning is Outside the Building, Not Demo Day

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Over the last three years our Lean LaunchPad / NSF Innovation Corps classes have been teaching hundreds of entrepreneurial teams a year how to build their startups by getting out of the building and testing their hypotheses behind their business model.

Get a Grip on Innovation — 10 Questions, 20 Minutes

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

So New Product, New Service, Improved Process, New Business, New Business Model — and any others. Has your innovation team been trained in some kind of framework? Get a Grip on Innovation — 10 Questions, 20 Minutes.

Innovation – something both parties can agree on

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I-Corps uses Lean Startup methods to teach scientists how to turn their discoveries into entrepreneurial, job-producing businesses. It’s a model for a government program that’s gotten the balance between public/private partnerships just right.

4 Startup Survival Lessons Lead To Business Success

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In this context, it’s time for every business, not only startups, to take a fresh look at the basics of business success. This means building a revenue stream, and tuning your business model to produce margins in the 50 percent range or above.

Thinking About Buying a Franchise? Consider These Pros and Cons

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Is buying a franchise smarter than starting your own business? Like any other business, there’s a lot to consider when purchasing a franchise. Does starting your own business yield more long-term rewards, or is buying a franchise a better choice?

How to build your growth machine: Part 1

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Every organization is unique; each with different customers, markets, products, and business models. What is universal, however, is the opportunity for any business to build effective and personalized 3 P’s using a highly scientific approach.