Business Model Analysis, Part 6: LTV and CAC

Platforms and Networks

This post is part of a series on business model analysis for entrepreneurs. The first post in the series presents a comprehensive list of issues entrepreneurs should consider when designing a business model. LTV CAC business models

Why (and How) Optimizers Should Take Advantage of User State Models


” Yet, we continue to see businesses pushing leads through doors, pushing customers through funnels… just hoping that they’ll create a high quality, engaged audience by accident. What Are User State Models? Testing Your User State Model. William A.

Who's Who of Angels - Startups and angels: Along the way to success

Tim Keane

Download of_angel_investors_npv_and_irr.pdf. Download of_angel_investors_npv_and_irr.pdf. Greg Gianforte: Bootstrapping Your Business: Start And Grow a Successful Company With Almost No Money. John Mullins: Getting to Plan B: Breaking Through to a Better Business Model. John Mullins: The New Business Road Test: What entrepreneurs and executives should do before writing a business plan (Financial Times Series).

NPV 40

The product-market fit obsession

Launching Tech Ventures

If we learned anything from RC Fin, it's that for-profit businesses are as valuable as the NPV of their expected cash-flows. You start getting entrepreneur of the year awards from Harvard Business School.

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An Angel Investor’s Thoughts on Valuation

Ask the Angels

Two other statistics that also come up are Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Sure there’ll be adjustments, course corrections and outright changes to the business model, but my end goal is still a high ROI and I need to know the company understands that perspective. operating profit – can sales cover the cost of doing business too. NPV @ 10% $828,000.