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Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. The time will come in every entrepreneur’s company existence when a critical decision must be made about direction of the business.

Financing Acquisitions: Keys to Structuring the Deal And Obtaining The Funding


Think of financing an acquisition as an exercise with two parts that work in concert: 1) structuring a desired deal with a suitable target and 2) obtaining the funding. Structuring the Desired Deal. Value the target acquisition as a standalone business first.

in search of.the ideal term sheet

Seed Stage Capital

For any large deal, they will convert and be treated like the founders and employees. VCs really need to move to a deal structure that doesn’t burn up so much lawyer time negotiating provisions that are almost never used.

Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting.

Seed Stage Capital

skip to main | skip to sidebar 24 January 2010 Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting Together Stellar Deals Business development is fun. A few tips for startups doing deals: 1. Introduce competition into every deal.

Finding Investors is highly dependent on your ability to network

Taffy Williams

The hedge funds, traditional funds, and VCs are filled with professionals with extensive experience in the investment business. The deal structures will vary significantly dependent on their experience investing in early stage companies. Grow your network far and wide.