6 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Restaurant Business Plan

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If you’re serious about opening a restaurant, you’ll have to draft up a formal and accurate business plan to pitch to banks, investors, and even potential employees. I won’t lie—writing a formal business plan isn’t exactly a breeze. See Also: Business Planning Guide.

How to Write a Business Plan

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You’ve reviewed what a business plan is , and why you need one to start and grow your business. It’s time to dig into the process of actually writing a business plan. First, a few must-follow rules for writing a business plan. > Financial Plan.

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How to Write a Nonprofit Business Plan

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Starting and running a nonprofit is an exhilarating experience, but it also requires thoughtful planning and execution to be successful. Nonprofit organizations share many overlapping needs with traditional for-profit ventures, including the need for a good business plan.

Blowing up the Business Plan at U.C. Berkeley Haas Business School

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Berkeley Haas Business School is a leader in entrepreneurship education. It has replaced how to write a business plan with hands-on Lean Startup methods. Berkeley in 2010 to run the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship in the Haas School of Business we were teaching entrepreneurship the same way as when I was a student back in 1995. The final deliverable for that class was a 30-page business plan. We had multiple business plan competitions.

How to Write the Competition Section of Your Business Plan

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No matter how new your business, you do have competition. What if I don’t think my business has any competition? Never suggest to an investor that you don’t have competition—not in your formal plan, not in your pitch, and not in any summary. Every good business has competition.

Qualcomm’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Program – Lessons Learned (Part 2)

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From that day on, when I got asked about which corporate innovation program had the best process for idea selection, I started my list with Qualcomm. This is part 2 of Ricardo’s “post mortem” of the life and death of Qualcomm’s corporate entrepreneurship program.

Designing a Corporate Entrepreneurship Program – A Qualcomm Case Study (part 1 of 2)

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From that day on, when I got asked about which corporate innovation program had the best process for idea selection, I started my list with Qualcomm. This is Ricardo’s “post mortem” account of the life and death of a corporate entrepreneurship program.

Top 7 Unrestricted Cash Awards in Business Plan Competitions

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Business plan competitions are booming. What business services do you want or need? Rice Business Plan Competition. Rice’s website notes this competition is, “The world’s richest and largest graduate-level business plan competition.”

How To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Business Plan

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Online buzz about social media for business owners seems to be moving from “Should I” to “How do I?” I’ve been working on this a lot lately as part of my work on planning, and I’ve developed this process for a specific social media plan for small business: Start with strategy. Define how your social media serves your business. Twitter has the advantages of public searches, and business searches, so you can see how much a given topic matters.

Does Every Business Plan Include a Marketing Plan? What’s the Difference?

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What’s the difference between a marketing plan and a business plan? Doesn’t a business plan include a marketing plan? Cash flow is vital for a business plan, but not usually included in a marketing plan.

Writing Your Business Plan

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Business Plan Benefits. You can be sure that writing your business plan will be a time consuming process. Familiarize Yourself with the Business Plan Table of Contents. If you need any help writing your business plan, contact us for a free consultation

Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship MBA Programs

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Over the past 10 years, advanced education has been advocated as the best way to achieve success in a highly competitive business environment. The Evolution of the MBA Program. So, more students began entering business schools to get that coveted Masters.

Dr. Seuss and Business Planning: He knew a thing or two

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But after a few days, you lost motivation because the idea of creating and planning and establishing a product or service is daunting, or at the very least, overwhelming. Starting your own business can be scary, and with good reason. You need the right software for your busy lifestyle.

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Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

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Not all start ups want to go in that direction – some will opt instead to become a small business. There’s nothing wrong with a business that supports you and perhaps an extended family. For example, many of the Australian sports tech business models shared common elements.

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Use Milestones and Metrics to Turn Planning into Business GPS

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I often use steering as a metaphor for business planning. So too with running your own business, or starting a new one. That’s what turns planning into management, with a cycle I call P-R-R-R, for plan-run-review-revise.

Corporate Acquisitions of Startups: Why Do They Fail?

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Corporate business development and strategic partner executives are flocking to Silicon Valley to find these five types of innovation. For acquirers this math makes sense since they can factor in the potential impact the startup has when combined with their existing business.

The Lean LaunchPad Online

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I wondered if business plans and 5-year forecasts were the right way to plan a startup. Experienced entrepreneurs kept finding that no business plan survived first contact with customers. We were putting the plan before the planning.

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10,000 Startups – Startup Weekend Next

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Today we are announcing the biggest entrepreneurial program ever launched – Startup Weekend Next. I’m partnered with four great organizations to deliver the program. Your team arrives with an initial Business Model Canvas. You’ll learn about the business model canvas.

Search versus Execute

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One of the confusing things to entrepreneurs, investors and educators is the relationship between customer development and business model design and business planning and execution. When does a new venture focus on customer development and business models ?

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Can’t Decide What Business to Start? No Problem, We’ll Tell You

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Most of those people are at the very early stages of starting a business and as such, are looking to see what others have done. Some have already decided and are in the process of writing a business plan. How do you write an executive summary for a car washing business?

Top 10 Benefits Of Lean


Lean is a methodology that can be applied to all disciplines of knowledge work to increase business efficiency, agility, and visibility. The Lean Business Report surveyed more than 3,000 knowledge workers practicing Lean and found these to be the top 10 benefits of Lean. #1

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The Helsinki Spring

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—— I was invited to Finland as part of Stanford’s Engineering Technology Venture Program partnership with Aalto University. Business Angels: FiBAn , Sitra. It’s hard enough to pick which existing companies with known business models to aid.

Episode 2: Business Planning, Content Marketing, and 3D Printing – The Bcast

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Each week we discuss the latest news, resources, and advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In this week’s episode, we use the Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand to show you how to write a business plan in under an hour. Content Marketing for Small Businesses.

Tim Berry on the Business Model and Business Plan | Video

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Tim Berry offers a video investigating business models and plans. He uses Osterwalder as his business model representative. From Tim Berry: What I really don’t like is people saying “don’t do a business plan; do a business model instead.” My favorite definition of the business model is the excellent book Business Model Generation, by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. And that’s very compatible with business planning.

I’m on the Air – On Sirius XM Channel 111

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Starting this Monday, March 9 th 4-6pm Pacific Time I’ll be on the radio hosting the Bay Area Ventures program on Sirius XM radio Channel 111 – the Wharton Business Radio Channel. Alex Osterwalder – Business Models.

Webinar: How to Write a Winning business Plan

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If you missed the webinar on “ How to Write a Winning Business Plan ,” you can still watch it below. You get to see how quick and easy it is to create both a dynamic business pitch and a business plan that supports your brilliant business idea.

London Business School | Luxury Business Plan Competition

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The new luxury business plan competition at London Business School is an innovative new take on the classic bplan competition. From the Financial : Applicants from London Business School are being invited to submit business plans that demonstrate pioneering thinking and innovative approaches in the luxury sector. The final judging will be conducted by an expert panel of luxury executives, investors and London Business School professors.

Business Plan Contests Evolving | Entrepreneurship Education

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My research and many of the schools, entrepreneurs, and issues covered on this blog have pointed to the evolution of entrepreneurship away from business planning. Schools such as Stanford, Babson, University of Maryland, and others have pushed well beyond that for years and now we see how business plan contests are giving way to action oriented contests. From Melissa Korn in the Wall Street Journal : Less planning, more legwork.

2012 Wharton Venture Award Winners | Entrepreneurship Programs

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The WVA Program provides selected student entrepreneurs with $10,000 in funding to pursue the development of their ventures during the summer between their first and second years. Thomas Baldwin at the Wharton Journal has brief interviews with the 5 recipients of the Wharton Venture Award.

Stanford 2012 Lean LaunchPad Presentations – part 1 of 2

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The premise of the class is that startups, are not about executing a plan where the product, customers, channel are known. Startups are in fact only temporary organizations, organized to search –not execute–for a scalable and repeatable business model.

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Creative Fundraising for Startups

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Whether you need money for an educational, scientific, philanthropic, creative, or business-related cause, comprehensive knowledge of how and where to solicit funds is essential. Business Plan Competitions. Business Accelerator/Incubator Programs. Business Plannin

10 Things Every Small Business Needs To Do

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Most of the challenges in starting a business relate back to doing the little things right. If you are thinking of starting a small business, make sure you follow these ten important rules for small businesses: 1. You need to engage in Lean Planning.

The Business Plan is Dead; Long Live the Business Plan.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar 10 August 2009 The Business Plan is Dead; Long Live the Business Plan! Recently, there has been some heated debate in the web startup world about whether developing a business plan is really necessary.

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Keys To A Successful Business Development Plan


About 60% of the business development plans fail to achieve their goals, and what is worse, many fail to materialize within the first year. Sales, marketing and Presales teams are areas where plans begin to forge, and business develops with responsibility for implementation.

Why Governments Don’t Get Startups

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There are six distinct organizational paths for entrepreneurs: lifestyle business , small business, scalable startup, buyable startup, large company, and social entrepreneur. Small Business Startups: Work to Feed the Family. million small businesses in the U.S.

What’s One Thing Startups Can Teach Big Companies?

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In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab , a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses via live video chats, an expert content library and email lessons.

How can Twitter chat help your business?

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One of the best ways for small businesses to build their networks and increase their influence is by participating in Twitter Chats. It is also an excellent way to introduce yourself and your business to key influencers with whom you want to connect.

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How the Accelerator Experience Improved My Startup

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Starting a business is a new and exciting venture. Last summer, when my business partner and I started Credential Cabinet , I was sure that we had all of these traits. This program is an 8-week accelerator program that jumpstarts new businesses in the tech sector.

Venture Capital Access Program launches to aid women and diverse entrepreneurs

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We are in the midst of two great disruptions to American business: the internet’s ongoing disruption of most traditional industries: finance, healthcare, retail, finance, fashion, etc. HBSAANY’s investment in VCAP© was inspired in part by the Harvard Business School U.S.

From “Good Idea” to Funded Tech Startup: Building Hallspot

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So how does a business-minded person with limited computer programming abilities launch a social network? Did you know anything about programming before you got started with this? Business Planning Success Stories hallspot programming sean thorne social networking