Resources for Entrepreneurs Writing a Business Plan

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Writing a business plan can seem intimidating. You’re committing your great idea to paper and fleshing out the details of how you’re actually going to start and grow your business. A one-page pitch is a simple overview of your business.

How to Write the Competition Section of Your Business Plan

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No matter how new your business, you do have competition. That happened with television, fax, cell phones, web streaming, and many other disruptive technologies. What if I don’t think my business has any competition? Every good business has competition.

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What Makes a Successful Business Plan?

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Every year, I spend a lot of time reading and judging business plans for business plan competitions. I have read some great plans and some not-so-great plans, but that is how it always turns out in any business plan competition.

How and Where to Write About Technology in Your Business Plan

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Often, a business plan introduces a new technology that requires some explaining. On one hand, as a reader of business plans for investors, I see way too many business plans that ask a reader to wade neck-deep through technology to get to the business.

How to use your business plan

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Bill Payne had a nice post on late last month titled Using your business plan , in which he lists the different forms or outputs people confuse with a business plan and sets each one into the proper use context.

Pull Investors to Your Business Plan With a Summary

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Modern investors love to first read a two-page summary of your business plan, formatted like a glossy marketing collateral sheet, with text well laid out in columns and sidebars, and a couple of relevant graphics. Business model.

How to Create an Enchanting Business Plan #OfficeandGuyK

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Here is the second post in my series about planning, pitching, and launching a new business venture. In partnership with Microsoft and Office Web Apps, I’ve created a Word document that outlines a good business plan. The plan should not take on a life of its own.

Business Model vs. Business Plan vs. Business Planning

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Tweet What’s a business model? How does it relate to a business plan? Or, better yet, business planning? Your business planning makes your business model happen. And your business plan is a regular step in your business planning.

10 Things That Make a Business Plan NOT Fundable


I really like Martin Zwilling’s post here yesterday, 10 things that make a business plan fundable. That made me think about this list, the opposite, things that make a plan not fundable. The only businesses that have no competition are businesses that nobody wants.

How To Build a Web Startup – Lean LaunchPad Edition

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As part of our Lean LaunchPad classes at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and for the National Science Foundation, students build a startup in 8 weeks using Business Model Design + Customer Development. One of the problems they run into is building a web site. and Balsamiq and throwing together a web site. But for the rest of us mortals whose eyes glaze over at the buzzwords, the questions are, “How do I get my great idea on the web?

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Are Business Plans Still Necessary?

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I remember going to an Under the Radar conference in 2006 in the heat of the Web 2.0 There were tons of young entrepreneurs showing their latest Web 2.0 Unfortunately this was reinforced by the many conferences that rushed to espouse the benefits of Web 2.0

Don't write a business plan

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

"You need a business plan" is the mantra of MBA types. As they say , businesses don't plan to fail, they fail to plan! Let's do some quotes: "Without a business plan, how will you know whether you can make a profit?" ( source ). "A The term "Web 2.0"

3 Types of Export Business Plans

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Now you’re ready to get organized and create your own plan. To keep the process manageable, let’s look at three different types of sample template plans, each with distinct advantages for business people with different needs. The traditional-export business plan.

Do I need a website? Web presence planning for new companies

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When starting a new company it is surprising the number of people who still don’t consider a plan for how they will be perceived online. A web-presence is the digital representation of your company and is a key factor for attracting new business.

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How To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Business Plan

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Online buzz about social media for business owners seems to be moving from “Should I” to “How do I?” I’ve been working on this a lot lately as part of my work on planning, and I’ve developed this process for a specific social media plan for small business: Start with strategy. Define how your social media serves your business. Twitter has the advantages of public searches, and business searches, so you can see how much a given topic matters.

“The business plans of the next 10,000 startups are easy to forecast: Take X and add AI.”

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Kevin Kelly thinks artificial intelligence is finally ready deliver on its promise: The AI on the horizon looks more like Amazon Web Services—cheap, reliable, industrial-grade digital smartness running behind everything, and almost invisible except when it blinks off. In fact, the business plans of the next 10,000 startups are easy to forecast: Take X and add AI.

Tips for Writing a Successful Business Plan for a Daycare Center

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Working out a business plan for your daycare center can be a challenge. As someone who owns eight successful daycares in the Chicago area, I know the strategies and approaches that work when it comes to developing a sound business plan for a daycare center.

Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

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Not all start ups want to go in that direction – some will opt instead to become a small business. There’s nothing wrong with a business that supports you and perhaps an extended family. For example, many of the Australian sports tech business models shared common elements.

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Plan A Web Development Business – Part #1

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I didn’t start with a plan. In 2006, I began accepting new web development clients. I hadn’t planned for it, they just came to me asking for work and I said yes. Business boomed. But I didn’t have a plan. Planning is important.”

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Submitting a Request for Proposal to a Web Developer

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Entrepreneurs usually have grand visions for the ultimate web/mobile project they are committed to launching. Business name. Business address. web development, mobile development, branding,etc). Additional documentation such as a business plan , wire-framing, etc.

8 Secrets to Creating Successful Web Apps

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Creating a great app streamlines consumers to your business but you’ll need to be creative and put your customers first before your primary intention of marketing your brand. Of course you’ll still need to focus on the marketing aspect of your web app. Rigid Plans Fail.

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How and Why to Develop a Competitive Matrix for Your Plan or Pitch

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The competitive matrix is important in a business plan for several reasons. Third, it is one of the most obvious, strategic visuals that business plan readers expect. See Also: Highlighting Risks in Your Business Plan Will Help You Get Funding.

Should You Stick to the Plan or Change It?

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Is it time for Plan B? The monthly review meeting is absolutely essential to real business planning. And the toughest part of the review meeting is this crucial question: Do we stick to the plan, or do we change it? See Also How to Write a Business Plan.

Killing Your Startup By Listening to Customers

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As we walked up the valley Satish kept up a running dialog catching me up on six years of family, classmates and how he started his consumer web company. Then I asked, “Satish, what’s your business model? What’s your business model? Business model?

How to Forecast Sales

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First, allow me to deal with a very common problem: Business owners are often afraid to forecast sales. And that also means you should not back off from forecasting because you have a new product, or new business, without past data. Not all businesses have direct costs.

Two Giant Steps Forward For Entrepreneurs

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Integrates Alexander Osterwalders “Business Model Canvas” as the front-end and “scorecard” for the customer discovery process. Provides separate paths and advice for web/mobile products versus physical products. Offers a ton of detail and great tips on how to get, keep, and grow customers, recognizing that this happens very differently between web and physical channels. Startups search for business models, exisitng companies execute them.

10 Preparation Steps to Win an Angel Investment

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Here is my list of top ten action items to best prepare you for success in achieving a funding event with angels: Incorporate the business now. If the founders are not experienced, find a couple of advisors from the business sector to fill the gap.

Business Plan Review: Share the Air

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Tweet A few weeks ago a co-worker sent me an instant message: “You’ve got to watch this business plan pitch. While that might be true, or you might really believe it’s true, it’s generally not wise to say so in your plan or pitch.

A New Way to Teach Entrepreneurship – The Lean LaunchPad at Stanford: Class 1

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It was designed to bring together many of the new approaches to building a successful startup – customer development, agile development, business model generation and pivots. We were positing that 20 years of teaching “how to write a business plan” might be obsolete.

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Write Down these 10 “Musts” Before You Open Your Business Door

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Studies show that at least 50% of all businesses go “belly up” within five years of their start-ups. Is there really a need for what you plan to offer? Develop Your Business Plan : You will have to have it for your investors anyway, but it is important for you to get everything down on paper for yourself as well. You need to “see” your plan and to determine if there are important aspects you have overlooked or contingencies for which you have not planned.

What I Wish I’d Known Before I Started My Business

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If you’re about to start a business, you’ve probably read several how-to books looking for advice on how to be successful. You need to hear from business owners who have been in your position, who started a business with a great idea, a lot of enthusiasm, and a shoestring budget.

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5 Tips For Developing A Successful Market Intelligence Campaign


A successful market intelligence campaign can be the extra ingredient which pushes your business to new levels of success. Identify where your business or your brand fits into your market. Others business planning market intelligence marketing

The Business Plan is Dead; Long Live the Business Plan.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar 10 August 2009 The Business Plan is Dead; Long Live the Business Plan! Recently, there has been some heated debate in the web startup world about whether developing a business plan is really necessary.

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How to Forecast Sales

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You measure the value of a sales forecast like you do anything in business, by its measurable business results. If you know your business, then your educated guess is better than any sophisticated forecasting model. A new business, for which you have no past data?

Introducing Lean Planning: How to plan less and grow faster

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Today, I want to introduce you to a new concept for starting and growing successful companies: Lean Planning™. Before I dive too deeply into the Lean Planning methodology, it makes sense to talk about its history and where it comes from. Lean Planning is born. Business Planning

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10 Things Every Small Business Needs To Do

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Most of the challenges in starting a business relate back to doing the little things right. If you are thinking of starting a small business, make sure you follow these ten important rules for small businesses: 1. You need to engage in Lean Planning.

The 7 key components of a perfect elevator pitch

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Whether you are trying to raise money for your business or just want to perfect your business strategy, a solid elevator pitch is an essential tool for achieving your goals. That’s great if you are tackling such a problem, but for most businesses, that’s not the reality.

Why Every Business Needs To Become A Platform, And How To Do It


What’s the hottest trend in business right now? Platforms’ speed of growth and economies of scale enable them to out -compete traditional businesses. To stay competitive, businesses have to learn to leverage the power of platforms.

Why Governments Don’t Get Startups

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There are six distinct organizational paths for entrepreneurs: lifestyle business , small business, scalable startup, buyable startup, large company, and social entrepreneur. Small Business Startups: Work to Feed the Family. million small businesses in the U.S.

Is My Company’s Web Site Guarded Against Hackers?

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With the New Year under way, word comes from Israeli officials that the country’s stock exchange and its national airline had their Web sites paralyzed on Jan. Business Planning PR and Communications UncategorizedIn 2011 it was Sony, Epsilon, and U.S.