The Danger of Crocodile Sales

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I love working with Aussies because their outlook on life seems very similar to what I grew up with in California. I’d like to talk about Crocodile Salesmen in 3 scenarios: 1) when YOU are selling (or someone on your team), 2) when you are trying to recruit a sales person.

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Everyone Loves Tesla. Except California Car Dealers

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A California trade association complains, saying Tesla''s ads understate the price of the new Model S. CNCDA represents 1,100 new car and truck dealers in California. Generally, each state sets franchise laws for automobile sales, Omotoso says.

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What eCommerce Startups Need to Know About Online Sales Tax

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Sales tax. Estimated taxes are separate from sales tax and employment taxes. Unlike estimated taxes and employment taxes, sales tax for online business does not work the same way as brick-and-mortar stores. What is sales tax? You must tax consumers at the point of sale.

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Why Taking Some Risks in the Sales Process Can Improve Results

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Many people are too cautious in sales processes and as a result when they present their solutions they end up sounding milquetoast and undifferentiated from anybody else in the market. I recently wrote about the three rules of sales. That’s why anybody with real sales experience will tell you the three cardinal rules of sales, “qualify, qualify and qualify” your leads.

5 Effective Sales Tax Tips For Your Growing Business


But for most small business owners, getting there means experiencing a few growing pains, especially when it comes to sales tax compliance. Keep reading to learn five sales tax tips that will help you avoid audits and stay fully compliant with small business tax laws: 1.

A Win for California's Chef Entrepreneurs

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California's new Homemade Food Act went into effect this month, making it legal for entrepreneurs to sell food made at home. Looks like "foodpreneurs" in California got a huge boost from the state government.

How to Protect Your Small Business When Advertising Sales and Discounts [Part 2]

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Managing a Business Advertising discounts ecommerce privacy protect your business sales small business

California Legalizes Recreational Marijuana, Opening Door to Commercial Sales

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Proposition 64 takes effect immediately, and is seen by the industry as a tipping point for other states

CasaSiegel: NorCal and SoCal - A Tale of Two States


I fully expect that anyone who reads it and has lived in either Northern California (NorCal) or Southern California (SoCal) will both relate to what I write and also be a little uncomfortable with it. People look healthier in Southern California than people in Northern California.

How to value your company for sale (Part 2)

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Or what if we have another stock market collapse or if they shoot down a plane over California? ME: Sure, but maybe that competitor would further validate and grow the market, which could increase your sales and make you even more attractive to a buyer!

This Startup Turns Phone Sales Into One Big Drinking Game

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Competition is everything at Santa Rosa, California-based VinoPro, where the company's 60 employees gamify everything from sales tactics to seating arrangements

3 Ways to Keep Sales Gamification Healthy

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You''ve run what you might call the typical sales contest, with spreadsheets to track points earned and cash offered to winners. This evolution makes you wonder: Is "sales gamification" unhealthy for sales teams? Don''t just run sales competitions.

Startups & VCs: Learn How to Design, Market, & Eat Your Own.

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guess i've been doing a lot of travel lately, but now that i'm back in California for awhile, there's something i've been meaning to bring up that bothers me.  To win at UX you need people that can think about end-to-end user experience: marketing, copy, sales, visual design, ui design, product design, and customer service. This is done using these techniques and the use of affiliates to help drive sales.

Improve Sales by Boosting Collaboration

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At Autodesk , an international company headquartered in Mill Valley, California, that makes 3D design software, it''s common sense that two weeks off a year just isn''t enough.

Qwilt Raises $24M to Reduce Data Load of Video by Up to 80%

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They will be increasing their engineering and sales team with their new funding and hope to hit the market in the first 6 months of 2012. Qwilt has offices in Hod Hasharon, Israel and Redwood City, California. Crescendo Networks Qwilt video accel partners B2B Cisco content crescendo networks Crescent Point hod hasharon israel juniper landline networks Load Redpoint Ventures redwood city california rob glaser Startup stealth mode traffic

SuperMac War Story 9: Sales, Not Awards « Steve Blank

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SuperMac sold our graphic boards for the Macintosh through multiple distribution channels: direct sales to major accounts, national chains, independent rep firms, etc. But the computer retail channel was a large part of our sales. Worry about the sales results.

The Secret to Getting More Repeat Customers

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So you’ve made a sale. One of the most critical post-sale mistakes is to assume that your job is done once you make the sale. What if I told you that you can turn that one sale into repeat sales to grow your business? Customer Service Sales Rachel Daley

Emotional Stories That Sell: Techniques For Deeply Moving Buyers’ Decisions  


by Paul Smith, author of “ Sell with a Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale “ As brain science now proves, emotions play a critical role in decision making. Professionalisms marketing Paul Smith sales strategy selling storytelling

From Brick to Click: Optimizing Your Customer’s Experience

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For many small businesses, building lasting relationships with customers has become more important than simply ringing up a single sale. Black N Bianco , a formal wear shop for children based in El Monte, California, has established their website as their entry point.

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift: Why a Free Start Can be Better for Business

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While that might sound like an impossible business model, it’s the exact model of “League of Legends,” the competitive battle arena game from California based studio Riot Games.

LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements

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Tom Nora has recommended your work as Silicon Valley Sales and Sales Management at Mentor Graphics. Angel Investor Business Development photography Revenue Growth Scalability startup CEO Tom Nora business California Cash Flow leadership LinkedIn Mentor Graphics revenue growth scalability Silicon Valley Social media Social network startup The Next Level tom nora United StatesYesterday I was checking my LinkedIn and ran across an old colleague/friends bio – Teo Yatman.

Betts Recruiting Opens Austin Office


In yet another sign that Austin’s tech industry continues to boom, California companies are opening up offices here. The latest is Betts Recruiting, a firm which specializes in placing sales and marketing tech talent that generate revenue with local tech companies. The company’s local customers include Dropbox, MongoDB, StitcherAds and Main Street Hub. Betts Recruiting’s […] The post Betts Recruiting Opens Austin Office appeared first on SiliconHills. Austi

Right Entrepreneurs In The Right Place Get Funded


California (Silicon Valley), New York (NYC), and Massachusetts (Boston) are the places to be in the US for venture capital attention. Asian teams in California raised median funding rounds of $4.4M, significantly higher than the $3M raised by mixed or all-white founding teams.

Businesses That Ban Bad Reviews, Congress is Coming for You

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California''s recently passed law forbidding anti-disparagement clauses in a business'' terms of sale, could soon get a national review, as Congress looks to take up a similar measure

Why the U.S. Needs a National Sales Tax (Instead of a State-by-State System)

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But let's ease the administrative burden of filing in 50 different states, and end the debate over how to tax online sales. It's getting one of those "request for information" sales tax forms from the state of Michigan. State sales taxes place a heavy burden on small businesses.

Right Entrepreneurs In The Right Place Get Funded

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California (Silicon Valley), New York (NYC), and Massachusetts (Boston) are the places to be in the US for venture capital attention. Asian teams in California raised median funding rounds of $4.4M, significantly higher than the $3M raised by mixed or all-white founding teams.

Why Your Next Startup Should Be In Insurance


Which means that making insurance coverage accessible to consumers – read, sales – is going to be a key break-in point for anyone up for the challenge. And then there’s New York-based Lemonade, the most recent insurtech startup to make its way into California.

The Greatest Sales Job of All Time

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Now, in Southern California by late June most little leaguers have been playing and practicing baseball for more than five months. Then, can "Sales Jobs" like this actually work to overcome vexing business challenges? Like making more sales?

Why This New Chatbot Is More Likely To Get You Promoted Than Fired


It's a chatbot for marketing and sales people -- and anyone looking to grow a company (like startup folks). Things like "show me companies in california that use HubSpot" and "who are the top influencers about landing pages".

If You Can’t Find An Angel Investor, Look Again, Here

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They probably won’t respond well to high pressure sales tactics, information overload, or bribes. The Founding Chapter is in Silicon Valley, California, (naturally).

How To Make Your Product Story Successful


Or simply be convinced to buy if you’re offering a product for direct sales. Most of the times the step from conviction to conversion is a big leap in the sales funnel. Dear California wine brand- #handwrittennote #design on a #winebottle – WIN.

What Does Tijuana and Minneapolis Have In Common?

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When we started Foundry Group, we hypothesized that 33% of our investments would be in Colorado, 33% would be in California, 33% would be “everywhere else”, and 1% would be on Mars. Need split-test landing pages, launch pages, sales pages, and other conversion pages? We believe great companies can be created anywhere.

Customer Development Manifesto: Market Type (part 4) « Steve Blank

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With that implicit assumption, startups hire a VP of Sales with a great rolodex and call on established mainstream companies while marketing creates a brand and buzz to create demand and drive it into the sales channel (web, direct salesforce, etc.) Depending on the type of market it enters, a startup can have very different rates of customer adoption and acceptance and their sales and marketing strategies would be dramatically different.

Revionics Moves to Austin, Plans to Quadruple in Size


plans to expand its marketing, sales and training operations and plans to hire hundreds of new employees. Austin California Revionics SaaS software technology Texas Revionics, which sells retail software as a service, known as SaaS, online, plans to move its headquarters to Austin.

11 Billion-Dollar Startups You've Never Heard of

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Palantir: Valued at $9 Billion Location: Palo Alto, California Founded: 2004 What is it: Founded by Alexander Karp, Palantir is a software company used by government agencies and financial firms like banks and hedge funds to help sort through large amounts of information.

Is Passion Enough to Make Your Business Succeed?

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BlueVine, which is based in Redwood City, California, offers online working capital financing to small- and medium-sized businesses in many industries. Our Chief Revenue Officer Eric Sager, who joined the company in 2016, was head of sales at Square, the successful mobile payments company.

3 Outright Strategies to Improve SaaS Customer Success

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Having a new Totango home in California is great and allows me to meet many cutting edge businesses with free trial or freemium business models while here. The sales model for Outright is entirely customer driven: the sales process is self-service (zero-touch selling). Totango is now (also) located in Mountain View, CA! Today I caught up with Laura Messerschmitt , VP Marketing at Outright. Outright helps small businesses to organize their finances.

How To Find The Best City For Your Type Of Startup

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billion dollar sale to Oracle from Bozeman, Montana. Since 2006, the number of startups founded and funded outside of California, Massachusetts, and New York, has grown by almost 65%.

Seven Questions Startups Should Ask To Get On Store Shelves


I joined immediately and became the Zevia go-to-girl for Southern California. They were in need of someone in California to close deals and quickly manage this Southern California territory.

Bizshark Helps You Search For Business Contacts (Or Sales Leads)