Using Negative Keywords To Attract Highly Qualified Customers


In this article I’ll refresh you on the basics, and take a look at two cases for negative keyword use you may have overlooked, and discuss how to research for keywords during Ad Group or Campaign setup. Negatives can be set at either the Campaign level, or the Ad Group level.

6 Sales Lessons From the Election

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All elections are sales and marketing campaigns, from their big spends on airtime to their word-of-mouth networking on the ground. Mitt Romney and Linda McMahon (in the Senate race in Connecticut) both tried to use their CVs as CEOs as their major "product feature."

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The road to healing from heartbreak

Escape From Cubicle Nation

As soon as I heard about what happened in Connecticut last Friday, I was sickened and shaking. Some years are marked by tremendous challenge and heartbreak. This year, some people very close to me experienced unthinkable losses.

Global Spending on Mobile Advertising To Reach $18 Billion in 2014

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Gartner, which is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, predicts global mobile ad spending will increase to $41.9 Improving market conditions will cause spending to increase to $41.9 by 2017, a Gartner report predicts.

Raising Funds to Help People Raise Funds

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Seth Bannon always loved politics, and in 2010, the 26-year-old Harvard junior spent the summer working on the Connecticut gubernatorial campaign of Ned Lamont. million Amicus has 14 employees, an office in SoHo, and clients such as Human Rights Campaign and the AFL-CIO.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

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Paid Sick Leave Laws? No Problem, Say Small-Business Owners

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and Connecticut already had sick leave laws. Research in Connecticut, whose sick leave law went into effect in 2012, shows a minimal financial effect. The laws have been enacted in seven cities and the state of Connecticut. May 13, 2008 Connecticut: Jan.

'Made in the USA' Gets a Makeover

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In November, Made Movement created a campaign for ScentSicles, an Atlanta company that makes pine-scented Christmas ornaments. American manufacturing has a new artisanal image--and a new ad agency from the creative team of Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Small Agencies Cash In On Obamacare Ad Blitz

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But from Connecticut to Hawaii, other states are going full-steam ahead to promote their exchanges with slick marketing campaigns that would make a Madison Avenue proud. million contract to run Kentucky’s educational campaign; GMMB, a D.C-.based

Smaller Companies Seek Super Bowl Ad Boost

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In 2011, one Chicago zoo even mounted a campaign against the company to remove the ad, fearing that the commercial would inspire people to buy the chimps as pets (remember: they're an endangered species). Is $3.5 million for 30 seconds of fame worth it?

The Forecast for the Weather Prediction Business: Hot and Crowded

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Right at this very moment, Adam Grossman is working on one of them from his home in rustic Willington, Connecticut. For its part, Dark Sky held a Kickstarter campaign in 2011 and raised $40,000 to create the app; Grossman says it has been bootstrapped--and profitable--ever since. The tech industry has warmed up to weather apps, but predicting the forecast is not an easy business. If I could go the rest of my life without getting caught in the rain, I would.

7 Things You Need to Know Today

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Food for Thought Sheryl Sandberg makes a darn good point in an interview about her campaign against "bossy": "Next time you''re about to call a little girl bossy, say instead that she has executive leadership skills. A roundup of the day''s news curated by the Inc.

How to Make a Ton of Money in Politics

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The Romney campaign says it's raised $10 million in the week since the announcement of U.S. That's a good chunk of change, and it got me thinking: When campaigns spend money, who gets rich? I spent a little time digging for more data on how much the campaigns have spent in total.

Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools

It will allow us to track conversations about our brands and campaigns, spot trends in core content areas and identify key influencers that are connected to our brands.” Connecticut. Connecticut. ); E-Mail Alert Sign-Up. --> Subscribe Now. --> Media Kit. --> About FOLIO. RSS Feeds. --> --> Bookmark folio. MediaPRO Community. Job Board. SEARCH FOLIO: Search. Careers. Careers Home. Search Jobs. Add Your Resume. Featured Jobs. Newest Jobs. Job Seeker Login.

Dynamic strategy and the end of competitive advantage. Rita McGrath, Business of Software 2014

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So, one from your industry is a company based in Connecticut called FactSet Systems and they started in the 1970s with literally selling documents they called the FactSet to institutional buyers with financial information.’ Is sustainable competitive advantage dead? If so, who killed it?

Episode 14: Be Your Own Boss, Restaurant Owners, and Friendliest Cities for Businesses | The Bcast

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Peter: Number three, New Haven Connecticut. Maybe we’ll start a make Buffalo more friendly to small business campaign.

He's No Bloomberg, But New York's Next Mayor Is Your Friend

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On the campaign trail, the sitting public advocate of NYC ran on a platform of stamping out inequality--offering to help bolster the middle class and end policies that crowded out this constituency in recent years.

Politicians Who Really Understand Business

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Meet four of the entrepreneurs applying their small-business skills to the campaign trail as they run for Congress. Dennis got bitten by the politics bug in 2007, when he volunteered on Ron Paul's first presidential campaign, and he went on to run a well-funded race against Pelosi in 2010.