How to Structure Your Optimization and Experimentation Teams


It’s important to know the most efficient way to arrange your optimization team to ensure their productivity and yours. Or under product teams? I’ve seen conversion teams organized by ‘outcome;’ a team optimizing for new customer acquisition, another for new product adoptions, etc.

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4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Ignore From the Steve Jobs Formula


Every product is built in isolation and while the details of Apple's product development process are not that "open" either from what I've heard often engineers don't even have a full picture of the product they are building.

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8 ways to incorporate customer feedback into your startup’s strategy

The Next Web

And while there’s lots of talk right now about leveraging data to make smarter business decisions, finding a way to use customer data to make better business and product choices can be tough. Utilize Support-Driven Development. Chad Halvorson , When I Work.

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CXL Live 2019 Recap: Takeaways from Every Speaker


Conversion teams: 6–8 week experiment cycles; Marketing teams: Prepare, campaign, prepare, campaign; Product teams: 2-week sprints. Conversion/Optimization teams might become a nightmare for marketing and product teams. Product and marketing teams should be involved.

Hard lessons lead to success – the story of RealLead

Up and Running

That’s when Chad Barczak and Jeff Kast came along and asked if she’d like to join them in starting RealLead , a mobile marketing lead capture tool and lead marketplace for buying and selling real estate leads.

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Lessons Learned: What does a startup CTO actually do?

Startup Lessons Learned

When Ive asked mentors of mine who have worked in big companies about the role of the CTO, they usually talk about the importance of being the external face of the companys technology platform; an evangelist to developers, customers, and employees. October 2, 2008 8:58 AM Chad said.

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CXL Live 2018 Recap: Top 5 Lessons from Each Speaker


Understand growth accounting – new, resurrected vs churned = net growth (can also look at this at feature level, not only product). Work hard to define meaningful product metrics – enabler of team success. Chad Sanderson – The Statistical Pitfalls of A/B Testing.

What is the perfect startup team?

3d - developer, designer and distributor. You can argue that the DNA created by Microsoft's over emphasis on distribution (Steve) and development (Bill), has ultimately cost it $50bn or more in lost revenue, market share and market capitalization.

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The unimportance of product names

Follow us on Twitter for more information on our products. The unimportance of product names. Don’t waste too much time on picking a perfect name for your product. So hey, for some people it doesn’t matter, but for me at least it helped sell me on the idea of project management, if not the basecamp product in particular. We usually decide upon a product name by seeing what the product does. Everybody knows what a product name should be.

Finding Your Co-Founders

In consumer internet, that usually means one front-end user-facing developer, one back-end server-side developer, and ultimately a business person (details will come in a later post). Remember that story I told about the three business school students telling me about their tech startup, leaving me to wonder who’d actually build the product? Chad and Steve from YouTube met while working at PayPal. But at the end of the day, it is about a product being accepted.