Channeling Growth in 2021

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In August 2020, Growth Channel joined Sputnik ATX’s Summer 2020 cohort where she grew her userbase 20% weekly on average. In August 2020, Growth Channel joined Sputnik ATX’s Summer 2020 cohort where she grew her userbase 20% weekly on average. What’s next for Growth Channel?

How Can Your Company Improve Content Creation And Curation


Content creation and curation is the gathering, organizing and online presentation of content related to a particular theme or topic for your brands. The gathering of information and its delivery to specific end-users or audience is the crux of content creation and curation. How can your company improve content creation and curation processes? How Can Your Company Improve Content Creation And Curation. Steps towards better content curation are-.


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Curation Through Connection: Why Marketers Should Look Beyond Just Data


The initial delight around a curated advertising experience has been met with recent blowback around data privacy, with Facebook and Wells Fargo serving as two prominent examples. The post Curation Through Connection: Why Marketers Should Look Beyond Just Data appeared first on Young Upstarts.

Curated Collision of Awesome Women

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When we weren’t together we were on our “random subject” Slack channel for insomnia chat, discussions on how to find coffee (and each other!), Curated Collision of Awesome Women was originally published in Austin Startups on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Still recovering from the 2017 #SCFemFounders Mission! 2017 was a big year of travel for me across Tokyo, Austin Texas, Hong Kong and London.

15 Must Watch YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

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All great entrepreneurs love learning, and video content on YouTube channels is another way that entrepreneurs can learn from other business leaders. But with so many channels to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the world of YouTube. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite channels for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We’re starting out our list with one of the most popular YouTube channels for entrepreneurs, TED Talks (or TEDx, regional version of TED).

Business Startup Tools: A Curated List of Our Favorite Tools and Resources to Build Your Company

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You get a knowledge base, multiple support channels, and reporting. These are the tools that we know, love, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend—many of them we use ourselves. Use them to propel your startup into success and growth. Accounting software. Quickbooks: In the U.S., QuickBooks is hands-down the most popular accounting software out there. If you’re working with an accountant, chances are that they’ll ask you to use QuickBooks.

The 3 Essential SEO Tools for Any Marketing Consultant

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Marketing Insights: These include traffic rankings and analytics, providing insights into your audience, their geographic location, and what pages people are finding through which channels (direct, search, or social media). SEO Uncategorized Curated SEO Tools Local SEO

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How to Out Amazon, Amazon

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If the retailer can get the product “exclusively” (even for just a time window) then it hopes to get more customers shopping at its store or watching its video channel vs. its competitors. Curation There are really multiple forms of “curation” that I think can build sustainable differentiation in products vs. the retailer that is selling them. In the simplest form curation is the selection of similar products in terms of function, quality, design aesthetic and perhaps brand.

Content Management in the Social Age

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The second major theme I want to highlight is the notion of company vs. community curated content. As a result of this the curation capability relies on smart people who are good at discovering and organizing content, but increasingly mainstream is the notion of crowdsourced content and externally curated content sourced from your fans and followers… but none of this is integrate with the typical CMS that a company will rely on for a web experience.

3+1 Social Media Time Management Tips For Your Brand


If you are a social media leader: focus on engagement and creation a bit more than using each channel merely for scheduling or auto-publishing. Curate, curate and then some more. The key steps on an everyday include: a) curation/creation; b) Sharing or Scheduling and c) Engagement with your audience. Curation is the best practice for lean teams. Curation makes you look more engaged with your audience! Here’s our ultimate content curation guide !

3 Potential Opportunities To Improve Your eCommerce Value During COVID-19


Expand Your Sales Channels. If sales on your primary channels have begun to decline, now may be the right time to expand. More importantly, it decreases your channel risk through diversification and also helps increase the overall valuation of your business.

7 Steps To A Winning Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Good action plans include a listening plan, channel plan, SEO plan, and a content creation plan, with activities and metrics. Social media activities span the gamut from curation to gifting, building relationships and groups, blogging, service actions, to lead conversion. Image via Pixabay Most startups, and many big businesses, still don’t have a clue on how to use social media productively for marketing their business.

Methods To Improve Your Website Content


Curate Content. Of course you most certainly shouldn’t plagiarize; curation doesn’t entail this at all. This way, you get more mileage out of a well-written post, and bring in new visitors from other channels. If you have a website, then content improvement should be one of your primary goals as a way to increase visitors. Although there are many different actions you can take to gain search engine recognition, content creation is the one with the most staying power.

The Fundamentals Of Running A Successful Lifestyle Blog


Share all of your blog posts on your social media channels and create social media profiles for your blog. Look up and connect with other bloggers who share your passion and outlook and introduce yourself on their social media channels or in comments on their posts.

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Retail 4.0 – Tips If Your Retail Business Is Struggling


This will allow smaller retail companies to reach new channels of customers. It is extremely helpful that so many people are currently shopping online because it allows you to curate your ads to target them. It’s true that right now is a tough time to be in the retail industry.

7 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest For Your Business


Other social media channels thrive on feeds, so it is usually a race of who can upload new content first. Browsing to well-curated photos is better than scanning tons of words. There are 77.4 million Americans that use Pinterest every month. 90% of these users make purchase decisions based on pins made on this platform. Most pins are used to evaluate options and seek inspiration. It has now become a visual wish list for future purchases.

How Can I Start Content Marketing With Limited Resources?


Find your focus channels. Depending on the audience you’re targeting focus on channels that will convert. Curate content. Here’s your guide to content curation. As you’re aware, we have a fully online content marketing workshop available at Brandanew. Now, the course allows everyone to send in their questions on a special email address after they have gone through the material and soaked in the information.

How to Create A Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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To do this, take a look at your main marketing channels. If your website currently serves as your only digital marketing presence, do some research into which other channels may benefit your brand. Be consistent: Make sure your brand is consistent across all channels.

Interview with Bril Flint, angel investor and tech strategist

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Note: Today, I am pleased to announce the “soft launch&# of a new channel of original and curated content of best practices, profiles, features, and commentary, covering the rapid transition to the mobile, app-based economy, aka, the appconomy. This interview is cross-posted from The Appconomy channel. Click on this link to open a new browser window taking you to the channel’s home page. Because Men Can Afford To Dress More Sharply


The site carries brands curated from a range of categories – fashion, tech, gadgets, art, accessories, design, sports gear, entertainment, food, and wine, amongst others – and items are presented via videos in flash sales and “pop-up shops” formats (somewhat similar in concept to the women-centric NMRKT ). “Shopping channels are great but they have traditionally been very focused on women’s interests.

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Bridging The Gap Between Content And Marketing Automation


As marketers, we create and curate engaging content, broadcast it to all the right channels and measure how it performs. Our focus is on helping marketers create and manage a responsive content Hub that gives them real insight into how their audience engages with a content experience instead of separate media channels or content silos alone before funneling that data into marketing automation software like Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo or MailChimp.

How Does Content Marketing Help Your Social Media Strategy


Social media is not only the easiest way of knowing the consumer but also a fantastic channel to offer services and find new leads. Social media is a great to channelize your content. By sharing content on the channels were the consumers are already present, a brand becomes tangibly accessible. 3) Brainstorm to curate/create different pieces of content that is relevant to your niche and brand. The importance of social media is the writing on the wall.

Is Social Media Working For Your Business?


You have a strict schedule to regularly publish on all major channels. How do you know that your social channels are actually giving you leads? You need to create or curate content keeping audience needs central. Your social channels will give you varied numbers such as Facebook reach and likes, retweets, plus ones, Instagram likes etc. Conversely, out of all your leads last month, how many came through your social channels?

How Online Video Companies Can Increase Margin and Build Better Businesses

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Traditional video had very high costs of distribution due to limited time slots of broadcast TV (we only had enough spectrum to support 3-4 channels). The number of channels grew with cable & satellite TV but we still have limitations that makes distributing content high. You need to roll up videos into aggregated channels, “networks,” that are 30% of your views in the long-run.

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7 Signs That Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs Work


But the most important aspect is: choosing and prioritizing platforms and channels that give you more business. No investment in the culture of Content: Culture is best defined as something that is experienced and also “the way we do things here” A culture of content means cross-functional and cross-departmental collaborations, extended teams for creating original ideas and curating content, lack of blaming and putting all responsibilities on one team or one person.

Help Me Understand The Value of Slack Instead of an Email List

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For at least three months, I joined a number of relevant channels for each organization and tried to participate. And, for a few of the CEOs, we used Slack as our primary DM channel. I’m increasingly being invited to other Slack groups of curated people. It’s a fascinating group of randomly connected people who ramped up a handful of channels over the weekend. Most were in one channel.

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The Great Retail Reinvention: How the Internet Is Reshaping the Way We Buy Clothing

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The old brands and distribution channels are dead or dying. What’s looking likely is that instead of physical stores and ecommerce being distinct, separate channels, we will see increasingly tight integration between the digital and physical experience of a brand or retailer — and new forms of retail experiences altogether. Apparel is currently one of the most fascinating categories within the Everyday Economy. It’s a $1T+ global industry undergoing tectonic shifts.

Get to Know Richard de Silva of Highland Capital

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It has become a short form premium destination that is verticalizing content in category channels. They aggregate other people’s content and curate it into categories. The curated approach gives advertisers and publishers more comfort in knowing the quality of content they will be amongst. Do you think a multi-channel distribution strategy is important to guard against unforeseen changes? (51:30

Mobile Marketplace Carousell Launches In Singapore


Borrowing interactive features from apps like Instagram, on Carousell you can “Like”, “Comment” and “Share” items for sale, as well as “Follow” other users with similar tastes (a neat form of user curation). Although I had wanted to sell items for several months, I found it troublesome to put them up for sale on the existing online marketplace channels,” says Quek Siu Rui, who set up Carousell with Marcus Tan and Lucas Ngoo.

8 Ways to Build a Great Brand

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Curate your brand aesthetic . Rather than trying to tackle every channel, pick three core social platforms and two internal ways to promote yourself and focus your marketing strategy, storytelling, and content around what will resonate best in each place.

The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Education and Corporate Innovation

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Distribution channels, brand loyalty, etc. The hard part in a company is not getting a demo or setting up an internal accelerator, it’s getting something delivered all the way through your existing sales channel. What does it take to get from that demo into your engineering group, to be delivered as a product into your existing sales channel? which we call problem curation. “Is

Online Influencer – The Most Wanted Job Of The 21st Century


Past generations used television as the ultimate way to relax after a long day, getting the majority of their information from the small screen and making it, for decades, the primary advertisement channel. After successfully finding a niche, you have to choose your social media channel. Studies show that more than 90% of social media influencers choose Instagram as the main channel to post their content.

Important Branding Lessons From The Top 5 Retailers In The US


Amazon – Develop a consistent, reliable multi-channel brand. Make it easy to communicate with your business through various channels. Maintain a consistent brand voice and user experience across all channels. And, in the years since, they’ve carefully curated the brand’s offerings to ensure quality and customer appeal. We recommend that you follow Costco’s lead and curate your store’s signature brand carefully. by Katie Lundin of crowdspring.

Why Customer Relationships Are the Key to a Successful Restaurant

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Especially when first starting out, providing curated and personalized service is one of the best, and possibly the only way, to compete against larger companies. A simple website , semi-active social channels, and updated business information are in many ways the bare minimum.

If Facebook Disappeared Tomorrow, Would You Lose All Your Customer Data?

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The real trouble comes when Facebook is your main (or only) channel for reaching your audience. The trap springs when you use social media—a channel you don’t own—as your sole means of reaching your audience. I can’t stress this enough: It’s essential to go through every marketing platform and channel you use to determine if you’re the data’s sole owner. You can then reach them via more personalized channels and easily add any other data points you collect.

Sonos + Alexa Strategy

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Or maybe special access to curated channels. We all know that Sonos is finally working on an Alexa integration. As I sit here listening to Atom Heart Mother on my Alexa (via “Alexa, play Pink Floyd’s album Atom Heart Mother”), I so badly want it to play throughout my house on our Sonos, rather than just on my desk via Alexa.

Content Marketing Dos and Don’ts For Startups


It’s good to involve the team for creativity discussions, sharing, curating and generally doing things together with a great sense of ownership. But to create authentic content and engagement, it can be quite disastrous to only scream you on social channels. Only share your content on every channel reduces trust with the community. Many brands and Startups when starting afresh with marketing always like to be aware of the pitfalls, challenges and best-practices.

7 Keys to Positive Results Utilizing Social Media

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Good action plans include a listening plan, channel plan, SEO plan, and a content creation plan, with activities and metrics. Social media activities span the gamut from curation to gifting, building relationships and groups, blogging, service actions, to lead conversion. Most startups, and many big businesses, still don’t have a clue on how to use social media productively for marketing their business.

Do you know what you do and who else knows?

This is going to be BIG.

In other words, do you "do marketing" or do you "help seed and Series A backed companies test and optimize their marketing content, deploy it across multiple channels, and analyze the customer acquisition analytics to create a plan to scale future marketing budgets?" Curating a newsletter of helpful professional content, occasionally adding your own perspective will help.

How To Revolutionize Your Social Media


You have set up all your social channels and even spent money to advertise and build a fan base. Let us have a look at a few ideas that you can use to energize and drastically change the way your social channels work. Your social channels need to have an editorial plan just as your blogs do. Share a good quote or an interesting pieces of content that you curate from industry sources. Curate for people not bots. What are things that work for your social channels?

Cannabis Marketing Without Paid Ads: How to Do it Right

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unpaid) channels can be a goldmine for cannabusinesses today— if you know how to do it correctly. So rather than trying to make a sale or advertising product reviews, for example, you should curate content about the endocannabinoid system, the science behind cannabis, and the “lifestyle.”

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How To Create Internal Brand Ambassadors


Create a culture of content : Everybody shares ideas, everybody is behind your brand on their own social channels. Once, while trying to create a blog post, I emailed about 10 people for their reviews on a topic and curated the post so. In addition, they all shared the post on their own channels, since they felt that they were a part of it! You may have heard this on this blog before: Content IS a team sport.

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Why Video Discovery Startups All Fail

Hunter Walker

Many of the video curation/discovery startups were based on two hypotheses: 1. Horizontal content needs to solve search not just browse or curation. per month subscription service to deliver a handful of curated YouTube videos to you each day. It would be a niche business but one I think you could scale by getting folks to subscribe to multiple channels.

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