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Aged just 23 at the time of launch, and now 28, Baxter has since grown that initial $100 investment into an agency with 15 staff serving customers throughout New Zealand and internationally, and revenues approaching $2M pa. Listen on Soundcloud.

Are You Selling Solutions Through The Right Channel?

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Even the best products and solutions won’t go anywhere unless you sell them through the right channels. They usually get chastised and declined for ignoring the realities of the retail channel. In many product areas, especially retail, the channel is the market.

How to Choose Digital Marketing Channels for Long Term Growth


How you decide to invest in marketing channels can make or break your business. Okay, so it’s important to capitalize on effective channels that are conducive to growth at scale. An Overview of Common Digital Marketing Channels. Emerging Channels.

Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models

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than multi-channel attribution modeling. I'll close with a custom attribution model into which you can insert all your biases – sorry, I mean expertise – and get something better than good to make incremental progress from where you are today.

I’m on the Air – On Sirius XM Channel 111

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Starting this Monday, March 9 th 4-6pm Pacific Time I’ll be on the radio hosting the Bay Area Ventures program on Sirius XM radio Channel 111 – the Wharton Business Radio Channel. Mark your calendar for 4-6pm Pacific Time on Sirius XM Radio Channel 111 : March 9 th.

Omni-Channel Product


These are examples of omni-channel businesses whose products and services have a spectrum of customer touch points that span digital (apps, websites, notifications) and physical. In these cases, and many more like them, the company has not been able to unify the holistic customer experience. Omni-channel products and services often provide value that is not digital. Customers don’t distinguish between the Legacy and Digital aspects of products.

Lean LaunchPad for Life Sciences – Distribution Channels

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The class has talked to 1,780 customers to date. Part 5: value proposition and customer segments in Life Sciences. This post is an update of what we learned about life science distribution channels. Life Science/Health Care distribution channels differ by Category.

Whitepaper: The Customer Experience Deficit in Multi Channel Retail

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People browse, choose, pay and troubleshoot products using mobile sites, apps and social media shaking the ground for multi-channel retailers, who until now mainly focused on their brand and brick and mortar shops. The experience accumulates across channels.

Nine Keys To A Winning Startup Channel Strategy

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For that, you need to implement a winning distribution channel strategy. Common channel strategies include direct to customer, distributor, and joint venture arrangements. For many markets these days, the channel owns the market. Evolve the channel strategy as you grow.

3 Keys To Ensuring Your Next Customers Can Find You


by Jennifer Tomlinson, Senior Manager of Channel Marketing at Microsoft. It’s the art of entrepreneurship: attracting customers when they have countless other options. See if these strategies will help engage your customers more than the competition: 1.

Lean Business Tips: Marketing Channels on the Cheap

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Does this mean that you should avoid online marketing and social media channels? In fact, entire businesses are marketed solely using using social channels, and a huge industry of consultants and agencies specializing in these tactics has developed over the last five years.

Channel partners can be golden for growth


I gave them a speed lesson on how the newspaper business can build a new river of cash through channel partnerships. A Channel partner is a person or a company with a complementary service, who is knocking on the same doors as you, and who is connected.

Changing the Social Channel

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I plan to challenge the thinking that social networks are really channels and, in fact, make a case for things like clarity, culture, content and method as the most important channels of a social business.

Channel Leverage Is the Key to Growth

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Channel Leverage Is the Key to Growth written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. When I started this blog back in 2003, there were perhaps six marketing channels available to businesses. Then add channel leverage. Marketing Strategy channel leverage growth hackin

Episode 1 on Sirius XM Channel 111: Alexander Osterwalder and Oren Jacob

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My guests on Bay Area Ventures on Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM Channel 111 were: Alexander Osterwalder – inventor of the Business Model Canvas. Why Understand Customers? “We You really need to understand first what customers actually want.

The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware

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Let me start by saying that most channel relationships don’t work. I’ve seen way too many startups spend all their energy getting channel deals done only to find out that they don’t produce ANY revenue. A Channel Love Story. Channel partners are no different.

Choosing the Right Marketing Channels for Your Business

Duct Tape Marketing

Choosing the Right Marketing Channels for Your Business written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. As of October 2017, there are roughly sixteen marketing channels available to us. Businesses need to get very, very good at getting clients in just a few of these channels.

Eight Reasons Why Your Subscription Model Customers May Be Jumping Ship


If you can’t keep the customers who sign up with you, you’re going to quickly find yourself in trouble. I get calls all the time from clients struggling to retain new customers. It can get a potential customer over the credibility hump.

Customer Service Can Kill Your Customer’s Experience

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With the advent of the Internet, social media, and instant communication via texting, customer expectations for service, as part of their entire customer experience, have changed. Company finds customers based on interests. Technology must improve the customer experience.

[Review] The Social Customer


Rather, it is this: “How can we better reach prospects, convert them to customers, and serve their interests through social media?”. Enter “ The Social Customer: How Brands Can Use Social CRM to Acquire, Monetize, and Retain Fans, Friends, and Followers ” by Adam Metz.

7 Steps to Building a Successful Channel Partner Program


This post takes you step-by-step through the process of building lasting and profitable relationships with channel partners. Customer success guru Lincoln Murphy talks about the ideal customer profile. What is your unique value proposition to the customers?

7 Tips For Success With Today’s Demanding Customers

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In addition to obvious economic challenges, the emerging generation of customers is determined to radically change the rules for customer engagement. I summarize here my interpretation of his key points: Take heed of serious next generation customer expectations.

Demand 239

Simple Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy


CRM is simply customer relationship management. You know the adage, “The customer is always right,” even when they’re not. The customer is the lifeline of any good business. Engage the Customer. Don’t forget to post regularly to keep your customers engaged.

Episode 3 on SiriusXM Channel 111: Kathryn Gould, Mar Hershenson, Sophie Lebrecht

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My guests this week on Bay Area Ventures on Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM Channel 111 were: Kathryn Gould co-founder of Foundation Capital. Click on the links to listen to Mar Hershenson answer the questions: What did you learn about talking to customers ?

4 Quick Methods To Gain Customer Trust


Customer trust is everything. An evolving customer experience is causing trust to be gained at different areas of the buyer cycle. There are dozens of channels businesses use to engage with customers. Customer support is key to earning trust.

Part 2 of Episode 6 on Sirius XM Channel 111: Steve Weinstein and Venk Shukla

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My guests on Bay Area Ventures on Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM Channel 111 were: Errol Arkilic , former program director for the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (NSF I-Corps), now founder of M34 Capital.

Customer Success Metrics: More Than A Number


by Allison Yount, Director of Customer Success at Scout RFP. A check-in call and invoice in the inbox doesn’t cut it; instead, customer success teams should implement a strategic success plan that will help maintain a healthy level of communication and trust.

Are You Providing Customers With Enough Convenience?


One area of customer service that many new business owners overlook is convenience. The chances are that your customers are choosing brands and products because they want convenience on their terms. But customers also want to access your business online.

7 Steps to Building a Successful Channel Partner Program


This post takes you step-by-step through the process of building lasting and profitable relationships with channel partners. Customer success guru Lincoln Murphy talks about the ideal customer profile. What is your unique value proposition to the customers?

CEOs Who Are Pleasers Should Spend More Time With Customers

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As I was rolling this around in my early morning brain, the thought occurred to me that if you are a CEO and a people pleaser, you should spend more time with your customers. There are a plenty of CEOs who spend a lot of time with customers, but I’ve never met a CEO who spent too much time with her customers. Early stage CEOs often do this effectively but as the company grows, the time spent with customers as a percentage of overall time goes down.

6 Tips for Cloud Sales using Channels

Guy Nirpaz

I attended Jeff Kaplan’s Cloud Channel Summit today. Clearly cloud channel sales is in its infancy, but there were some companies here with successful channel strategies including (1400 partners and counting), Scribe and others. What follows are six tips that stuck with me: Lesson 1: Think how you will compensate cloud channels. Lesson 2: Your job starts when you sign-up a new customer. Who owns the customer: sales or support (customer success)?

Customer Journey Maps, Key Tool For Driving Engagement

YFS Magazine

Creating customer journey maps is one of the hottest trends in user-focused marketing today. Grow Marketing & Sales buyer personas channel marketing customer journey map marketing online marketing target audience

How Startup Companies Can Attract And Retain Customers


Your next question is: how do you get customers to see the value in what you’re selling enough to want a piece of the pie? Attracting new customers is a challenge every entrepreneur faces, but retaining their business is equally critical to the growth and survival of a business.

The LeanLaunch Pad at Stanford – Class 6: Channel Hypotheses

Steve Blank

Last week the teams tested their hypotheses about Customer Relationships (how do they get, keep and grow customers.) This week they were testing their hypotheses about the sales “Channel” – how a company delivers its value proposition (i.e. What is the customer lifetime value?

Customer Service: A Sense of Mission

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Job satisfaction isn’t something we tend to naturally associate with the position of customer service representative —which is why the team at Kars4Kids is worth a closer look, even if your business doesn’t have a dedicated customer service department.

15 Must Watch YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

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All great entrepreneurs love learning, and video content on YouTube channels is another way that entrepreneurs can learn from other business leaders. But with so many channels to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the world of YouTube. Video content is becoming more and more popular.

A Startup Strategy: How To Acquire New Customers


That’s why you must undertake promotional strategies that will help you to acquire new customers throughout the year effectively. If you want to increase your customer base in 2018 and beyond, read the following informative tips on how to acquire new customers.

[Review] The Social Customer


Rather, the challenge is this – how can we transform fans and followers on social networks into actual money paying customers? Enter “ The Social Customer: How Brands Can Use Social CRM to Acquire, Monetize, and Retain Fans, Friends, and Followers “ by Adam Metz.

Lean Marketing Tips: Hyperlocal Marketing Channels

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In other words, hyperlocal is a way for marketers to deliver an effective marketing message to customers in a particular local community. Yum yum yum and huge value delivered to that restaurant and to me the customer.

3 Essential Ways To Build Online Customer Trust In 2018


Here are three easy steps that online business owners can take to win back customer trust in 2018: 1. Customers Demand SSL Reassurance. Boasting an SSL certificate is one of the easiest, yet most effective, ways to earn customer trust. Amplify Your Customer Service.

How To Improve Your eCommerce Customer Service


With that in mind, here are twelve ways you can improve your ecommerce customer service. When your business is based online, it should be no surprise that most of your customer service relates to your website and its design. Ask For Customer Feedback.

Episode 5 on Sirius XM Channel 111: Pete Newell, John Kuhn, Matt Weingart, Takashi Tsutsmi and Masato Iino

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My guests this past week on Bay Area Ventures on Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM Channel 111 were: Pete Newell , managing partner of BMNT Partners.

Nurturing Your Customers For The Long Run


I’m proud to say that I never speak with my longest standing customer. Businesses talk to customers about how they can better meet their needs and customers reach out to the business when their needs are not met. Customer experience. Customer feedback.