Intellectual Property for Startups in the Real World


Last month we covered the basics of intellectual property (IP) for startups, including a simple taxonomy, some common issues and related documents for entrepreneurs to use when forming a new startup. I’d like to take a step back and discuss the significance of IP as a component of the overall value that founders intend to create as they grow the company. How much is it worth investing in cultivating and enforcing an IP portfolio ?

Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

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Allot is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenuegeneration solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Allot Service Gateway solutions for mobile broadband are compliant with 3G.4G/LTE and WiMax networks and provide full cell awareness.

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Google Going All In on Mobile

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I’m with Larry… this is about IP and what Google is doing is acquiring a massive IP war chest that they can use as currency for access to other people’s IP as well as protect their hardware partners with. If I’m HTC and Samsung this will ultimately be a good thing because the IP equivalent of the Allied Powers has just been formed. Uncategorized Android Google IP Microsoft mobile Motorola RIM

I-Corps @ NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

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Next we teach Distribution Channels (how are you going to sell the product) and Customer Relationships (how do you Get/Keep/Grow customers) and Revenue Streams (what’s the Revenue Model strategy and pricing tactics.) We’ve pivoted our Lean LaunchPad / I-Corps curriculum.

Is This Startup Ready For Investment?

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Todd Morrill wanted teams developing Diagnostics to have a reimbursement strategy fully documented, the necessary IP in place, regulation and technical validation (clinical trial) regime understood and described and the cost structure and financing needs well documented.

Should You Get Rid of Your Website’s Lead Forms?


Lead capture forms made sense in an era when phone and email were the dominant communication channels. True, some companies experimented with social media as a sales channel as well. But phone calls aren’t the only traditional communication channel that messaging has set its sights on.

A Look At The Benefits Of Using A VPN

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In simple terms, it is a technology that connects users to a virtual private network through an encrypted channel. The moment you connect online from your mobile or PC you are leaving footprints of your internet service provider as well as your IP address. What is VPN?

How to Master Content Marketing

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But, content marketing has evolved and is no longer a nice thing to have – it’s the air that powers all of marketing today and you simply need to get this part right in order to fully maximize any marketing channel.

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Google Analytics Health Check: Is Your Configuration Broken?


Is the office IP address filtered out? Are the IP addresses of your affiliates filtered out (agencies, freelancers, etc.)? Is your home IP address filtered out? Are the IP addresses of remote employees filtered out? Does the site have a YouTube channel?

Fear of Failure and Lack of Speed In a Large Corporation

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They’ve learned the best distribution channel to get the product from their company to the customer. They know the activities, resources and partners (manufacturing, regulation, IP, supply chain, etc.) – and the costs to deliver the product/service and have well defined product development and product management tools that emphasize the linear nature of shipping products to existing customers.

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IX WebHosting Review

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Subscribers to this plan would enjoy one free domain as well as two dedicated IP addresses. Three dedicated IP addresses. 15 dedicated IP. Two dedicated IPs. Two dedicated IPs. Two dedicated IPs. Introduction.

How to Avoid Innovation Theater: The Six Decisions To Make Before Establishing an Innovation Outpost

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Startups are developing IP relevant to the disruption. For example, Google’s acquisition of Nest (which had customers, revenue and a distribution channel) allowed it to enter the connected home market immediately.

Why The Media Has Been Wrong About YouTube Networks

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For much of 2013 I watched the press write articles about how the YouTube “MCNs” (multi-channel networks) were doomed and tried to square that with the data I was watching at the one I invested in, Maker Studios, who has had one hell of a year.

How Live-Streaming is Changing Social Media

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What you’ll learn if you give a listen: What the difference is between Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories and how to effectively use each of these channels. The first 100 listeners will receive a FREE IP phone for every line (each an $85 value)!

This Is How to Optimize Your Business Blog: 14 Powerful WordPress Plugins

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Login LockDown limits the number of login attempts from a given IP range within a certain time period. Social networks are now an important channel to distribute website content.

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The 7 Unholy Lies Your Analytics Are Telling You (and How to Discover the Gospel Truth)


The simplest fix is to set up IP filters to see what your GA data looks like with your computer’s site visits taken out. The solution, again, is to remove redirects or ensure referrals are passed through on every channel you can control.

The one barrier to entry startups should focus on

Version One Ventures

More equal access to distribution channels: The web gives software start-ups the ability to efficiently reach consumers and business customers through search, social, and mobile channels. Barriers to entry! Photo credit: phill.d)

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EU Cookie / Privacy Laws: Implications On Data Collection And Analysis

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Information like IP address, the page requested, time stamps, browser ids and more are stored. But information like IP address, browser user agent id, time stamps, page urls and much more are recorded in web logs. It is a ton more than from any other channel.

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9 Ways to Get More Out of Google Analytics

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The data provided by campaign tagging will help you see which marketing and advertising channels are providing the best ROI and which ones either need to be improved or abandoned. Filter IP addresses Certain visits to your website distort your analytics.

The Intersection of SEO and CRO (and How to Maximize Long Term Growth)


Treat Googlebot just like any other user and don’t hard-code our user-agent or IP address.”. You can usually tell this is the case when your SEO traffic converts well below other acquisition channels. Also note that often, organic traffic is one of the highest converting channels.

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Compromise vs. Problem Solving

Feld Thoughts

A great panel full of engineers titled Tech Tutorial Backdrop: An All IP Network and Its Policy Implications came next, followed by a talk from Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. I spent all day Sunday at Silicon Flatirons’ Digital Broadband Migration Conference. This is a key national conference held in Boulder at the intersection of technology and public policy with a particular focus on the Internet.

Lesson Learned in Medical Devices

Steve Blank

Part 6: Distribution channels in Life Sciences. In medical devices, understanding reimbursement, regulation and IP is critical. This post is part of our series on the National Science Foundation I-Corps Lean LaunchPad class in Life Science and Health Care at UCSF.

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The Top 4 Items You Need Documented When Selling Your Website Through a Broker

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It also highlights the various channels that the business utilizes to generate sales. If there are any patents or trademarks and any other intellectual property (IP) that the business owns including memorable domain names, these need to be emphasized in the prospectus.

Why Freelancers And SMEs Should Consider A VPN


In essence, VPNs create what is known as a virtual private network, where the end users are connected through an encrypted channel. If a communication channel ends up compromised and you are using a VPN alongside other means, you either will not be harmed, or the harm will only be minimal.

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How to Setup Google Analytics and Segment Your Data


You might consider filtering out internal IP addresses, for example. Using horizontal funnels, you can analyze based on channel, A/B test variation , browser type, new vs. returning users, etc.

Plans are nothing, but planning is indispensable

Chris Dixon

At the core of the product will be a database that classifies URLs, IP addresses, program downloads, ActiveX objects, and other “web entities” according to their degree of trustworthiness. Pricing for comparable products ranges from $2-$20 per PC per year depending on the product and channel.

The Four Main Things that Investors Look for in a Startup

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Everyone has their own definition of momentum (user numbers, revenue, channel partners, biz dev deals, whatever). What about Product / IP? I obviously don’t speak for all investors.

Lessons Learned in Diagnostics

Steve Blank

Part 6: Distribution channels in Life Sciences. It includes reimbursement, regulation, IP, validation, channel access, etc. This post is part of our series on the National Science Foundation I-Corps Lean LaunchPad class in Life Science and Health Care at UCSF.

7 Web Form Optimization Insights from Testing Hundreds of Forms


For example, instead of forcing everyone to enter their country or search for it in a long dropdown list, why not just suggest the country they’re visiting the website from based on their IP address?

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Getting Series A Ready


Go to Market : - Company has identified a first engine of growth: A clear channel for acquiring and retaining users. - Company has initial data around cost of customer acquisition. At Real Ventures , we run a dedicated program of seed stage investments.

Why Content Personalization Is Not Web Personalization (and What to Do About It)


For example, you could be dealing with different channels (“on-site”, “in-app”, “mobile web”, etc.). Here are just a few examples of the type of information you can use to segment your audience… Behavior on any channel (web, email, mobile).

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Mobile Payment Systems Pose Fraud Risk For Small Businesses

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Fraud-prevention technology includes tools like signature authentication, check verification services, transaction and customer profile databases, IP geolocation, real-time transaction tracking tools, and browser/malware tracking. Track fraudulent activities by each channel you offer.

Making the Mobile Shopping Experience Smarter

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This Big Data Start-up Has Some Ideas Tracking the desires and habits of people browsing the Web from a desktop is relatively easy because of all those cookies websites leave behind that allow companies to track a computer''s IP address all around the Internet.

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White-Label Mobile App Users: Who Owns Them?

The Startup Lawyer

If a startup gets paid via a revenue share arrangement, the potential exists for the large company to exercise their early-termination rights and get their white-label app’s users free-of-charge (or worse, the IP). But even if the white-label agreement vests the startup with all IP ownership, including both the startup’s mobile app and the white-label app, the large company could still receive the free benefit of the jointly-grown user base. The Distribution Channel.

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Why Your Company NEEDS to Start Playing Pokémon Go

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Obviously, there’s going to be some drop-off when it comes to daily spend as the hype wears out, but Pokémon has a number of benefits that could add to its stickiness, including a beloved IP and ample avenues to expand its content offerings in order to keep users coming back.

Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

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You can get the overall traffic numbers… Which gives you a sense for how strategically you are treating this channel, and how your competitors are doing it. Even if organic social exposure on top channels are approaching sub 5% of your followers!

The Most Interesting Online Video Trend

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It was loaded on the channel of Hi I’m Rawn , a long-time YouTuber. Most won’t be of the quality that you want but you now have tons of material and inspiration for your show and you own all of the submitted IP. This article originally appeared on TechCrunch.

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Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

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When I search for "avinash" on Google I might rank #1 in the search results because I'm logged into my Google account, the engine has my search history, my computer IP address, it also has searches by others in my vicinity, local stories right now, and so many other signals.

Social Gaming Summit 2009

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A few big takeaways: There is no ip in casual games. FB Connect is still unproven as a viral channel. Immersive Web Home About Social Gaming Summit 2009 Kudos to Charles Hudson for a splendid job running the Social Gaming Summit. It was a great turnout, over 500 folks showed up well north of the 200 or so they expected. Duplicating each other’s games has been around forever, but now Zynga has turned it into a scaleable business, note Farmville copying Farmtown.

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Find Innovation 5 Times A Day


More and more, my obsession and appreciation for voice over IP (VoIP) and hosted PBX grew. By Adam Simpson , CEO and co-founder, Easy Office Phone. A day in the life of an entrepreneur is never usually a quiet one.

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