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Taffy Williams

It may be around deal structure, testing or design of product, new hires, downsizing or firing, how much to spend on a program or some other issue. The deal terms are ones you as the CEO, entrepreneur, or employee know will cause great stress and even the possible demise of the company.

Agile success generates great feelings

Taffy Williams

The deal structures for the financing may follow the same pattern of making you feel ill or bringing a huge smile. Finding partners and getting deals completed can be a huge energy consuming effort. Yes, it is a bit like THIS! Highs and lows are part of being an entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurs experience piling on

Taffy Williams

Developing great business deals when multiple companies want to partner allows for optimization of the deal structure to provide the maximum return. Dealing with the negative events becomes crisis management and survival.

Bring something to the party when working with others

Taffy Williams

In a different situation, a prospective partner asked a company for a term sheet for a deal. The deal was to take place after a study was completed. Likewise, there was no discussion of the timing of the execution of the deal, scope of the deal, or other such parameters.

Finding Investors is highly dependent on your ability to network

Taffy Williams

The deal structures will vary significantly dependent on their experience investing in early stage companies. Other articles are in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of Grow your network far and wide. It will serve you well!