My first business partner, Raj Choudhury

Jeff Hilimire

I met Raj in college at UNC-Charlotte in 1996. I can ensure you that he had more fun in his one semester at UNC-Charlotte than I did during my entire time. To say its been a strange few weeks for me would be an understatement. Excellent, exciting, invigorating…but yeah, strange.

Depression and Entrepreneurs

Feld Thoughts

It doesn’t surprise me that I feel down and flat as I sit here in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport on my way to Lexington, Kentucky on day 16 of a 19 day trip. I’ve had a great time with all the people I’ve been with and the events I’ve had around Startup Communities. Amy and I wrote a meaningful amount about entrepreneurs and depression in Startup Life.

What is Brand Identity and How To Create a Great One: A Complete Guide for Marketers and Businesses (2019)

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Historical trends help you to understand not only the speed of growth but also to see if the same events impacted your competitors and your company equally. Were the dips caused by external events unique to the entity you’re evaluating, or something else that should have impacted everyone?

My Journey as a Diverse Member of a Junior League

Austin Startup

Audrey Ring and Terri enjoying dinner during the December AJLI Board Meeting in Charlotte. “It’s I was blessed to serve in many roles, including Communications Vice President, Membership Vice President, 80th Anniversary Event Chair, and Capital Campaign Chair.

43 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Businesses


One of the main reasons why my partners and I started TopFire Media is to fill a void within the franchise arena. The store started as a 3,000 sq ft bookstore and when they sold it 30 years later, it was 58,000 sq ft with a full restaurant and events held every day.