You Just Made the Sale, Now SHUT UP!

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This is the case whether the buyer is: · someonepurchasing a retail product, · apossible business transaction like partnering or M&A · providingfinancing in the form of debt or equity · ormost anything else. After tense discussions with both, the company had decided that it wouldrather have the commercial entity as a partner. The point: Once you make the sale, close and SHUTUP. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of

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Sales and Marketing Is Up to the Startup CEO

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Entrepreneurs are not often equipped with the sales and marketing experience for products. Some professional marketing and sales trained individuals are entrepreneurs, but many of the startup CEOs do not have sales and marketing experience. Critical product sales and marketing staff are future hires to a startup CEO. However, the CEO soon realizes there is a product that requires extensive marketing and sales early in the company cycle.

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Startup Blog: Startup Basics Recap from Interview

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As an example, note the enthusiasm exhibited by a local business owner as highlighted in the Fox News in Charlotte, NC June 5, 2011 in a story covered by Renee LaSalle. Secondly, outsourcing can get prototypes, marketing, development, sales, or most any other part of the business done.

Develop better filters and your sales efforts will improve

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Some sales calls must be cold calls and there is little way to change that. Sales drives earnings and earnings allow businesses grow. Other articles are in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of Go away! We do not care what you want, we are busy playing.

Preparing Your Company for a Big Sale

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What''s harder is getting your company in shape for a sale. The primary goal that Evolution''s managing partners Brendan Anderson and Jeff Kadlic had when they acquired Accurate, which was doing business primarily in North Carolina at the time, was to turn it into a national company.

How I Doubled My Sales in One Year

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Could you double your sales this year? Michelle Fish, EO Charlotte Founder/CEO, Integra Staffing & Search Make an acquisition. "I All in all, we created a cycle that has long-term profitability for our agency partners, their clients and our studio."

Know the competition and key decision maker before your next pitch

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Planning a business and developing a sales pitch for customers, partners, or investors is part of the startup effort. Company : “How can we partner to advance the technology?” Other articles are in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of

Got a Great Pitch, GET IN LINE

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They are always refining the story in aneffort to improve it and gain investments or partners. ALL of the prospective investors,business partners, contractors, sales people, and service providers have theirown pitch. It is hard to be in sales orservice without having some story to present to clients and develop a skill ofclosing a transaction. Yourprospective partners or service providers want your business.

Isn't a 'Minimal Viable Product' Kinda Lame?

Launching Tech Ventures

by Charlotte Jepps Forgive me for being biased by the fact Im currently wrestling with distilling what I think is a great idea down into a minimal viable form, but I cant help but find this concept inherently frustrating.

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Selling Your Soul, It May Be OK

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I was asked to comment on a Quora question relating to partnering with a large company. The question related to the fact that a single large company wanted to become the sole source sales and marketer of a product of a small company. You obtain guarantees on total annual sales or you get the product and all customers back i.e. claw-back arrangements , 3. Non-compete on products other than the one partnered are not forced on you.

Putting Lipstick On The PIG

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The factthat the concept is so common that the language reflects dressing up somethingprior to promoting it for sale or financing, should tell you something. Your only way out could be a sale of the pig. Adding new data and company enhancements greatly improves the pitch forfunding, sale, or partnering. The ability to make that sale to the listenerbased on real data is one of the reasons that the entrepreneur must keep the companyon track even in difficult times.

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Win Twice Maybe Even Thrice

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Take for example acase of negotiating a sale of a company at a fixed price. Enthusiasm from the release led investors or customersto bid up the company valuations or dramatically increase sales. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte,NC- small business section of entrepreneur partnering Startup negotiatingNegotiatingcan have positive and negative aspects. Discussions often focus on what each party gets and whether they believeit is enough.

Startup Blog: Licensing Technologies from Universities ? Tips for.

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If the university sees spin-out companies as potential sources of research funding, an agreement that the university would be the company’s preferred partner for any SBIR, STTR, or other types of grants could be mutually beneficial.

Entrepreneurs must be excel at selling

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A recent comment via friends ( @ RevenueDoctor & @ Bill_Simmel ) on Twitter reminded me of the quote by Zig Ziglar: “ Every sale has 5 basic obstacles: No Need, No Money, No Hurry, No Desire and No Trust.” Sales are essential to prepare for even before the product comes to market.

It Is Not a Fit

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Theycome from investors, potential partners, friends, family, and YOU. This includes things like eating M&Ms allthe way finding the right business relationship with a partner. Your job is to evaluate as much aspossible the landscape and help show the fit to the investor, partner or otherentity. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of entrepreneur investor marketing Startup management sales

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Are You Drinking Your Own Cool Aide

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One of theactivities of any entrepreneur is to make investor and partnering pitches. Quite often these are learning events as wellas sales activities. Thefailure to constantly review your position and try to see the issues in a detachedway can prevent you from learning why you are not making the sale. Maybe you will find the answer that will take an investor or partner toa YES. Other articles can befound in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of

Are You Building Your Business With a Crock-pot or a Microwave?

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If you’ve been in business for about 10 years or more, think back – what was your sales cycle before the search engine ruled the world? If we sell a product that used to have a 6-month sales cycle, we could reasonably do a weighted forecast, six months out.

Entrepreneurs experience piling on

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For example, a company has an extremely exciting and valuable technology and finds that potential partners, investors, or consumers clamor for rights or access. Consumers will flock to the stores to purchase the product and the company books huge increases in the sales and earnings.

A Diamond in the Rough: Reinventing a Sleepy Mortgage Company

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Doman, a Cleveland mortgage title executive, started kicking the tires of sleepy mortgage processing company called Accurate Group, in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2008. Its two managing partners, Brendan Anderson and Jeffrey Kadlic, were always looking for diamonds in the rough.

Investors may be attracted to a startup for one of these

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It is common to find new partners or investors in a fund seeking to develop better awareness about a new field. Try to understand their goals because it may help you improve the sales pitch and get a better reception from the investor!

Answer the Question

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Typical conversations with friends, interactions with staff orsupervisors, sales & marketing, business partnering discussions, raisingcapital and most every other kind of interaction has a Q & Acomponent. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of One of thefirst things you are likely to encounter when interacting with others is thequestion and answer interactions.

Dialing for Dollars

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The funds come from a wide range of sourceslike VCs, Funds, Super Angels, Partners, and other business relationships. One greatway to get non-dilutive financing is by partnering a product you may not wishto develop or sell yourself. Reaching out tothem requires having a sales pitch that is product specific and demonstratesthe value of the product in general and to the possible partner.

Questions for assessing risks and rewards

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This step may help in many situations like testing a new service provider or manufacturing partner. The sharing can apply to a variety of risky situations in your business like shared sales, marketing, or product development. Does the reward outweigh the risk?

Startup Blog: Where is Your Market? Adjust Your Pitch to Fit.

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As a startup, you actually have more markets to consider, each requiring a different sales strategy. · Partners : These are the companies that you may decide to work with, license to, sell the company to, or other activities.

Startup Blog: Stuck? Mix it up a bit!

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Change the Pitch : Convincing people to invest, partner, or buy a product usually involves telling them a story and pressing for closure. Collecting more solid information to add to the story like new sales statistics, latest data, addition of key management, may help.

Inside Edison Nation: A Willy Wonka-Style Warehouse of Inventions

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Turns out, they’re housed in a renovated grist mill on the outskirts of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. One such company, Bed Bath & Beyond, partnered with Edison Nation in 2009 to conduct a search for new dorm room gadgets.

Angel Education is Sometimes Required

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Remember, investors are like partners and will be around for a long while. A 1x liquidation preference would mean the Angel would receive their original money plus accruals returned to them on the sale of the company. Then they will participate in the distribution of remaining funds from the company sale. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of

Startup Blog: Project Planning Is a Must

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The sales and marketing team should become involved at some point. In addition, optimal timings are important for capturing sales before the patents run out. Failing to maintain timelines and budgets can result in major cost overruns and loss of sales during a patent life.

Startup Blog: Got Money or Need Money? Doesn't Matter. Focus.

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You may want to seek partners for the technologies that are not selected. These product opportunities could allow for the company to find a partner that will bring money to the program and facilitate getting a lower ranked pipeline product to market.

Highlights On The Business of Software (2012)


a privately held IT consulting firm servicing enterprise customers with offices in Atlanta, GA ; Birmingham, AL ; Charlotte, NC ; Chattanooga, TN ; and Mobile, AL. Day two wrapped up with another BoS conference regular, this time everyone’s favorite sales guy.

Startup Blog: Need Investment? Increase the Chances by Beefing Up.

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Many companies with A-teams can better overcome obstacles, get deals done, find partners, and re-invent the company when disaster hits. How will you market to them and what kind of sales program is required? A great “leave piece&# for partnering your technolo.

Advantis Global: Fast Growth, Come Boom or Bust

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Barber-;a telecom sales veteran with more than 20 years' experience-;was working for OnFiber, while Taylor, who had worked in IT for just as long, was running his consulting and staffing firm, Ascend Quality Partners, out of the same co-working space.

Startup Blog: Patents and Investors - Mistakes to Avoid to Attract.

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102(b), an inventor must file a patent application within 1 year after an invention has been used publically or offered for sale in the US. 704-927-0400 [link] A note from Taffy Williams: Blake Vande Garde is an excellent IP attorney in the Charlotte, NC area.

How to pivot away $34m: Israel’s Xeround shuts it doors with a lesson

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Xeround then looked to branch out, seeking to partner directly with other media companies within Israel, and AT&T in the United States. Sales cycles were long and unpredictable.

43 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Businesses


The system is used by over 2000 companies in 30 countries, helping them to achieve better results in almost every digital marketing and sales field. One of the main reasons why my partners and I started TopFire Media is to fill a void within the franchise arena.

A Fast Fashion Revolution -- via Facebook

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Brandi Temple went from sewing dresses for her daughters to make ends meet to running the most talked-about, $11 million company in e-commerce--all because she picked the lock on using Facebook for sales.

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Top 100 Mompreneur Bloggers to Follow in 2013

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Charlotte Siems. 12 kids and 25 years of being out of shape, Charlotte Siem needed a change in her life. After a successful run in marketing, media sales, and advertising, Robin Imholte started up her own company, Thrive, and subsequently

Mei Xu: Crossing Borders With Chesapeake Bay Candle

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Within a year, Pacific Trade’s signature brand, Chesapeake Bay Candle, had partnered with major retailers such as Hallmark and Target. We went to the Charlotte Gift Fair in North Carolina to get feedback from people there. We set up a booth that was like a bazaar, a garage sale.

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The Way I Work: Trina Turk

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Now, Turk's Los Angeles-based company has annual sales of more than $60 million and 150 employees. Turk also has several licensing deals and recently partnered with Banana Republic, which carried a Trina Turk collection in 450 stores. Everyone wants to wait for the 70-percent-off sale.

The Impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on Registered Investment Companies

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regulation, other than in the areas of sales practices and investor protection.?Nevertheless, authorizes the SEC to issue point-of-sale disclosure rules for brokers or dealers to provide basic information to retail investors before the purchase of an investment product or service.??? Regulation of Short Sales. prohibit any "manipulative short sale of any security" and to authorize the SEC to issue rules to enforce this provision.

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allensblog: The Problem of the Forgotten Founder

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One important reason is that the rules on (1) whether a general partnership has been formed and (2) who’s a general partner (and therefore possibly entitled to part of the ultimate benefits of a successful venture) are not as clear as the rules involving who’s entitled to a stake in a corporation (or possible other “formal” types of business enterprise you might choose). Charlotte * Los Angeles. allensblog. Thoughts from a startup sherpa. Archives. Profile. Subscribe.

The Untold Story of Larry Page's Incredible Comeback

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He was a partner to Page, if, ultimately, a junior one. As Steven Levy reported, John Doerr, the partner from Kleiner Perkins, told Page that a world-class CEO would do a "much better job of building a world-class management team." percent of all sales.