[US] Rutgers Partners H360 Capital And NJIT To Attract Tech Companies To Newark


Charlotte, North Carolina-based H360 Capital is focused on companies developing ‘market disrupting’ technologies and, through its “Big Ideas Initiative: B2i” will invest up to US$50,000 in 20 technology start-ups in the Newark area.

Who Just Raised A $225 Million Financing in North Carolina?

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It was big news in Charlotte, North Carolina where AvidXchange announced the groundbreaking on a new headquarters complex in the N.C. This time I told him I’d run it by my partners and get their feedback. Their experience in Charlotte has been similar to ours in Boulder, as they made it their home and immediately went to work building their next business and their life.

20 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names


I’ve been voted the best photographer in Charlotte, now I’m setting my sights on the whole Southeast. This project was a dare of risks as we never built a home outside the United States. The idea of exactly what your business is going to usually come first.

How I Built a Sushi Empire

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One that caught our eye was Charlotte, North Carolina-based Hissho Sushi. Yet, over the last decade and amid a struggling economy, Maung has built his business into a vibrant food service distribution company that currently manages over 400 sushi bars in high-end grocery stores, cafes, hospitals and universities throughout the United States. Our success came because we built relationships with one partner at a time and we stand behind our product."

How to pivot away $34m: Israel’s Xeround shuts it doors with a lesson

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Xeround then looked to branch out, seeking to partner directly with other media companies within Israel, and AT&T in the United States. Charlotte Yarkoni – a senior exec at Amdocs, was asked to take over as CEO, and see if she could turn Xeround into a sort of ‘mini Amdocs’.

The Impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on Registered Investment Companies

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Significantly, the Dodd-Frank Act affirmatively states that there would be no continuing duty of care or loyalty to a customer of a broker or dealer after providing personalized investment advice about securities.?How The Dodd-Frank Act completely overhauls the regulation of the OTC derivatives market in the United States.?The Ambler, Partner, diane.ambler@klgates.com. Eisert, Partner, edward.eisert@klgates.com. Goldberg, Partner, alan.goldberg@klgates.com.

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