Early-stage Regional Venture Funds–part 2 of 3 of Bigger in Bend

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Part 2: Early-stage Regional Venture Funds. However, four critical advances over the past decade (cloud, accelerators, Lean, and Angels) not only changed the math for tech investing but made regional tech clusters possible. The cloud , open-source development tools and web 2.0

Ecosystem for success: the key ingredients to attract an early-stage investor

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Starting out with a clear strategy, vision and mission, will not only make your product more focused; it will also demonstrate competence to an early stage investor by showing that you are willing to do your homework. . My current focus is the cloud computing company Blade.

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Considerations for Early Stage Startup Opportunities in SaaS and Cloud Computing

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Corporations of any size are aggressively adopting SaaS applications, and within two to three years, 18% of all enterprise applications will be cloud-based. Today the use of cloud infrastructures and subscription models has become table stakes for any software company.

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Web Summit – Top 50 Hottest Early Stage Startups In The World

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Videocrisp is a cloud-based tool that creates professional quality videos with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Engage your customers online with Vivocha, a cloud-based service that lets you interact with customers and fans in an accessible interface with no tech skills required.

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Connecting The Dots: Mergers Of Early-Stage Startups


cloud hosted everything, WYSIWYG tools and rapid prototyping applications, easy access to global networks of potential users and customers – well, let’s just say it’s a lot easier and cheaper to get a product concept to market today than it has ever been.

New Devices Put The Cloud At Your Fingertips


The past several years have seen cloud-based storage come into its own in a big way. Cloud services are not just for traditional computers anymore, either. Okay, it’s probably not a surprise that a phone is a cloud-storage based gadget. Personal Cloud Technology.

How SaaS + Mobile has changed our world.

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These are now done either transparently in the background, in the cloud, or done using minimally invasive mobile apps. The software just doesn’t leave it’s cloud hosts anymore.

“Accelerators should not try and be all things to all people”


At the recent Venture Intelligence APEX’13 Summit, Sateesh Andra of VenturEast Tenet Fund provided what I thought was very useful guidance to entrepreneurs on which type of early stage investor to approach – depending on the type of company they were creating. They are great for fast moving businesses – like Internet, Mobility, Cloud-based technologies, etc. Ecosystem General Accelerators early stage funding Sateesh Andra seed fund Venutreast Tenet

Index Ventures Raises New €350 Million Early Stage Fund


Index Ventures has raised a new €350 million venture fund targeting early-stage european companies. With the new fund, Index will make around 30 investments anywhere from a few hundred thousand, to up to 15 million in companies in the seed and series A and B stages. But in general, the exciting areas Index is interested in is includes commerce, marketplaces, cloud and big data, mobile and social, as well as finical services.

Design Staff ? Does your startup need a product overview video?

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But it is almost never the right way for early-stage startups to communicate what their product does. When you’re trying to build trust in a new service, looking big can be a big help — especially in sectors like finance or cloud storage. Design Staff.

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The Future of Startups 2013-2017

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Security, Cloud, NoSQL databases, etc. And the reason is because – the reason fundamentally is because now that you have got these things, you have — now that you have a computer in everybody’s hand, all of a sudden all these barriers — it used to be these barriers to market entry were so big, it used to be there just weren’t that many early adopters in the world. Nothing is going to stop cloud. So the shift towards cloud services.

Apply To TechStars Cloud Now

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Are you building a cloud startup? If so, apply to TechStars Cloud today ! Earlier this month TechStars announced its newest accelerator program, TechStars Cloud , and we are looking for the best cloud startups we can find to go through the inaugural program. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about what constitutes a “cloud startup”, so here is a discussion of what we think are cloud startups. TechStars cloud mentors

Startup Workshops Update

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However, it keeps growing growing on its own, and I am seeing more of what’s needed to make people in this group successful – sessions on SaaS/Cloud Computing, better software technologies, focused consulting, API training. Angel Investor Business Development CEO Succession early stage founder Hawaii Revenue Growth Scalability startup CEO Tom Nora advertising angel investor CEO CoFounder first revenue google iOS muscle_car The Next Level tom nora venture capital

The 7 Deadly Healthcare Startup Sins

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It is in need of innovation on many fronts and is also trying to embrace the amazing amount of innovation happening with early-stage companies. Many startups make the key assumption that hospitals will trust their data to a startup’s “cloud” for the long term.

Lessons Learned: The four kinds of work, and how to get them done.

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Another advantage of the early stages is that most dont have to juggle too many competing priorities. Four kinds of work Innovation / R&D - this is what all startups do in their earliest stages.

Is AWS the next computing platform?

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It also means that we should already be in the early stages of that next big era. All of this means that there’s widespread availability of large data sets that can be stored inexpensively through cloud storage providers.

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Cornerstone OnDemand CEO Adam Miller shares how he built a $2 billion cloud startup from LA

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When cloud services company Cornerstone OnDemand got its start in Los Angeles in 1999, the odds were against it. Improbably, founder and CEO Adam Miller and his partners soldiered on to eventually build a $2 billion+ cloud company.

Bigger in Bend, Part 2: Early-Stage Regional Venture Funds

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Part 1: Bend, Oregon Ecosystem and Entrepreneurs Part 2: Early-stage Regional Venture Funds Part 3: Engineering a Regional Tech Cluster Here’s Part 2 of Dino’s story… Tech investing is risky. The cloud, open-source development tools and Web 2.0

The Rise of the Interim CTO

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While many have heard of interim executives for the CEO or CMO role, the Interim CTO role is quickly becoming a popular option for early stage and growing startups. Interim CTOs can accelerate early or mid-stage startup success in a number of ways: Fill gaps of knowledge and expertise often unavailable during the early-stage of a company. Technical co-founders are often thought of as CTOs and often given the title since they join the startup early.

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Steel In Their Eyes – Why VC’s Should Be Startup CEO’s

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Today, you can start a web/mobile/cloud startup for $500,000 and have money left over. Every potential early-stage Venture Capitalist should take a year and do it before he or she makes partner. Early-stage Venture Capital firms grow their partnerships in different ways, some hire: partners from other firms. What running a company would do is give early-stage VC’s a benchmark for reality, something most newly-minted partners sorely lack.

Less Than Three Weeks To Gluecon 2013

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Not only does Gluecon have the usual raft of amazing startup/early stage sponsors, but this year, the “big guys” are showing up (SAP, Intel, HP, Google, IBM, General Motors, Rackspace). Is it cloud computing adoption that’s driving this? Enterprise development is once again white hot. More evidence is this year’s Gluecon.

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Startup Surge in Los Angeles


That seemed to be the mood running through the cloud at the more-than-sellout crowd at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica Thursday at the first LA Demo Day. A lot of this action is early-stage startups and it's not clear to me how all of this will shake out given how hard it is for VCs to raise capital right now. Ben Kuo just posted on SoCalTech: Are the good times for startups back?

Google Apps Marketplace Ecosystem

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Spanning is all about cloud backup. Their mindshare for cloud based business apps far outpaces Microsoft. For an early stage company that is deep in iterating on product features with its customers, this is a huge advantage. Recently my partners and I spent some time discussing three of our recent investments – Spanning , Yesware , and Attachments – which are each applications built on top of Google Apps.

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New Year, New Fund

Seeing Both Sides

When we started Flybridge over thirteen years ago, we developed a firm mission statement that we would treat early stage founders as our valued customers and have lived by this mission throughout our history.

Venture Capital is About Human Capital

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Think about how profound a difference adding Sheryl Sandberg early at Facebook was to Mark Zuckerberg and knowing that he should stay in charge of product and strategy while she ran operations. It’s the executives who trust you to join the early-stage startups you’ve funded.

Startup Essentials for the Budding Entrepreneur

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The way that you set up and structure your business in those early days could have major financial implications down the line. The entrepreneur will also want to have a consultation with legal counsel as early as possible for many of the same reasons.

Benchmark’s New General Partner: Scott Belsky


Scott came to our attention through his work as an early-stage investor and active advisor to important companies like Uber, Warby Parker, Pinterest and most recently Periscope. Being in front of such big, transformative ideas at an early stage shows tremendous investment judgment. Scott remained at Adobe, managing the deep integration of Behance into the Adobe Creative Cloud and leading Adobe’s innovative mobile product efforts.

The recent API obsession (and why it matters)

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Many of these early web services used technologies such as SOAP, WSDL, and a number of other nasty acronyms. Additionally, the high cost to develop and deploy these services prevented many companies from offering them in the early stages of the company.

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The Very First Startup Founder You Need to Invest in is You

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Back then there was no “cloud” so we had to plow money into hardware, software licenses and web hosting. And that’s what differentiates founders and early employees.

Refining your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Ratio

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to measure the sales ramp; marketing productivity of Cloud businesses. This is the most standard CAC ratio for early stage SaaS businesses. I think it depends on the stage of the company. Cloud Computing SaaS sales and marketing Happy new year 2014!

30 Israeli Startups Compete to Win IBM SmartCamp [List]

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IBM Global Entrepreneur , the computer giant’s entrepreneurship outreach arm is looking for the smartest early stage startups around the globe that will help solve tomorrow’s problems. Seculert - provides a cloud-based security software as a service model ( SaaS ).

Introducing NextView III and Our Focus on the Everyday Economy

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For example, in computing platforms, the mainframe was superseded by the minicomputer, which was eclipsed by the PC, which was subsumed by client-server platforms, which in many ways has been replaced by cloud and mobile computing. You’ve already seen the early glimpses of this.

The Next Bubble – Don’t Get Fooled Again

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It also has the “smart money&# investing early and taking profits before the crash.). Today, the signs of the new bubble are the Linked-In initial public offering (IPO), Facebook’s stratospheric valuation and the rapid rise of early-stage startup valuation.

How To Raise A $150 Million VC Fund

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We were starting to experiment with corporate partners through programs like Techstars Cloud, which we did with Rackspace. Be partners now in the VC fund and ramp up to raise a much larger early stage fund, rather than just a seed fund.”. If it doesn’t feel right, you’ll know early while you are investing Bullet Time 2, well before you raise a new fund. One day in 2009 David Cohen and I were talking. Here’s what I remember the conversation being.

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Runa Capital: A $30M Early-Stage Fund From Russia


The fund operates through an own incubator (Runapark) and looks for start-ups in the fields of cloud computing, mobile and Internet apps, machine learning and virtualization. Such extensive venture funds are not commonplace in Russia.

Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

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I will argue that when the dust settles, although we will have fewer firms, each type well end up more focused on traditional stage segments that cater to the core competencies of that firm. The Emergence of “Open Cloud&# Infrastructure.

Andreessen Horowitz explain why now is a good time to be a tech investor

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They are one of the firms that inspires us here at Forward Partners , particularly for their operational model which we have adapted and extended so it works for early stage in the UK. The guys at Andreessen Hororwitz are on a hell of a tear.

6 Business Essentials To Keep Your Startup Thriving

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I’ve noticed a great tendency among startup founders to ignore the essentials of business accounting in the early stages of their startup. I recommend one of the many cloud-based and low-cost tools to help, such as the Viewpost business network.

How the Seed-Stage VC Trend Began, The Downsides of Unicorns & Much More

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*. If you are a 20-something tech entrepreneur you could be forgiven for thinking that seed-stage investors, Angellist Syndicates and widely available angel money always existed. Some quick highlights include: The Role of a Seed Stage VC.

Corporate Development 101: What Every Startup Should Know


Chris is COO of TrueLens , an early stage startup in the social marketing space. You can follow him on Twitter at @c_sheehan and his blog Early Stage Adventures. The following is a guest post by Chris Sheehan.