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Why Silicon Valley Loves Failures

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These are Silicon Valley's clich darlings. Failure, it seems, is the buzzword of the moment in Silicon Valley.

Secrets of Silicon Valley's Biggest Investors

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In Silicon Valley, people say that the investor-entrepreneur relationship is like a marriage, only more important.

Startup Outlook from Silicon Valley Bank

Growthink Blog

On Friday Silicon Valley Bank released a survey of 375 executives at startup technology companies in the 4 core venture capital investment sectors – Software/Internet, Hardware, Life Science, and Cleantech. Here is what they found: Tech. Execs. Are Bullish. And listen up Washington - 83 percent of them plan to hire in the coming year.

7 Signs of the Silicon Valley Apocalypse

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's coming to Silicon Valley, home of so many entrepreneurs, VCs, and tech firms. It foretells the end of Silicon Valley.

LinkedIn Names Silicon Valley's Most In-Demand Start-Ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A LinkedIn survey reveals the Valley''s top 10 start-ups, based on their interactions with developers and engineers. Looking to hire?

Starting (Up) in the Big Sky: Fund Raising Outside Silicon Valley


But we did eventually raise capital outside Silicon Valley. 2) We assumed our apps' success would be huge and immediate. Sponsor. Guest

The rise of the female founder

Version One Ventures

Business Insider recently crunched the numbers behind 26 of the top venture capital funds in Silicon Valley and learned that the percentage of female-founded startups in their portfolios ranged from a high of 19% to a low of just 4%. We’re all too familiar with the very real gender gap within the tech community. Related articles.

The Internet Might Kill Us All

Steve Blank

Their firm, Andreessen/Horowtiz , has been prescient enough to invest in social networks, consumer and mobile applications and the cloud long before others. And it appears that at least in Silicon Valley, a larger percentage of money made in the last tech bubble is recirculated back into investments into the next generation of tech startups.

An End to Silicon Valley? Not Even Close

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

One month after Microsoft acquired his company Yammer, David Sacks declares Silicon Valley near its deathbed. Here's why he's wrong.

Skill cloud: Why companies should kill the job title

The Next Web

His latest e-book “Madison Valley” focuses on building digital products and how Madison Avenue can be more like Silicon Valley.

Report: Silicon Valley VC Confidence Rises

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The disappointment of Facebook, Groupon, and Zynga on Wall Street still lingers but Silicon Valley VCs are becoming more optimistic.

Amsterdam-based Rockstart Accelerator’s first graduates head to Silicon Valley

The Next Web

Wercker : a continuous deployment solution for software developers, hosted in the cloud.

Media & Mobile Shine at LAUNCH Silicon Valley Event


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to help judge a session on Media & Mobility at the LAUNCH Silicon Valley Conference in Mountain View. Wiz Communications which describes itself as a “disruptive cloud-based over the top push mobile messaging exchange”. mobile brands media startups startups entrepreneurship

AppDirect Is Hiring After Closing a $50 Million Financing

Feld Thoughts

Headquartered in San Francisco, AppDirect makes it easy for businesses to find, buy, manage, and monitor cloud services from a central location. They also give providers and developers an easy way to distribute, sell, and market cloud services. Well, not always, and the process of managing multiple cloud services can be a mess.

Episode 5: Alex Blumberg, Business Credit, and Cloud-Based Subscription Services

Up and Running

Cloud-based Subscription Services (with Levi King) – (21:30). It’s obviously, you install it but it’s also cloud based.

Cloud 25

Venture Capital Survey Silicon Valley Second Quarter 2011

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

Background Fenwick & West LLP analyzed the terms of venture financings for 117 companies headquartered in Silicon Valley that reported raising money in the second quarter of 2011. billion of such amount, or 36%, was invested in Silicon Valley-based companies. By Barry J. Kramer and Michael J. Acquisitions of U.S. billion.

Some IPO speculation

Startup Lessons Learned

His posts are born of tremendous research into the secret history of Silicon Valley , and if you haven’t read those essays, you should.

IPO 23

Opera Shifts Focus to Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley has become one of Opera’s most strategic locations to do business and grow our talent base,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “We

Lessons Learned: Where did Silicon Valley come from?

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Where did Silicon Valley come from? I think the absolute best reading on this subject is a book called Regional Advantage: Culture and Competition in Silicon Valley and Route 128 by AnnaLee Saxenian. Silicon Valley is nearly 100 years old. However.

In Silicon Valley, Founders Fight for Control

Theres a power struggle underway in Silicon Valley. Videogames Reach for the Cloud. Facebook. Twitter. MarketWatch. MarketWatch.

Christine: LOST: Notes from Silicon Valley Summit

« Silicon Valley Summit Skews Low on Women | Main | Is Page Views/Employee the New Performance Benchmark? Christine (.net)

When It Comes to Television Content, Affiliate Fees Make the World Go ‘Round

“The clock on the wall’s moving slower My heart it sinks to the ground And the storm that I thought would blow over Clouds the light of the love that I found” – Fool in the Rain, Led Zeppelin More often than not, we here in Silicon Valley are prone to idealism. We see a [.].

How to Set Up a Corporate Innovation Outpost That Works

Steve Blank

Silicon Valley, Boston). This is the fourth in a series about corporate innovation co-authored with Evangelos Simoudis. In what order?

Christine: Silicon Valley Summit Skews Low on Women

Christine (.net) net) technology and society Tweets follow me on Twitter Snaps www. Quick Followup: VCTips at Web 2.0 United States License.

Why You Might Want to Rethink Cloud Services

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Growing tech sart-ups are moving out of the cloud as costs outweigh benefits.

Early-stage Regional Venture Funds–part 2 of 3 of Bigger in Bend

Steve Blank

The cloud , open-source development tools and web 2.0 Why Valley Rules Don’t Work in Regional Economies. Here’s Part 2 of Dino’s story….

Silicon Valley Frontlines: Two Tales of "Working For Equity"

Silicon Valley Frontlines. Someone in my network forwarded an email to me from a recruiting firm that is quite active in the Valley. Cloud Computing. Life in the Valley. Silicon Alley Insider Henry Blodget, Nick Carlson and others musings on the state of digital media, financial, technology and other sectors.

Storm Clouds

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

We are also seeing a massive talent war for software engineers going on in Silicon Valley and it is spilling over into other regions. We have enjoyed an amazing run in the web startup and investing space over the past five or six years. However, there are a few storm coulds out there that we need to be watching. " Maybe. Who knows?

What Is Going To Happen

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Eventually, this market will be realized as the personal mesh/personal cloud, but the focus on wearables will be a bit of a headfake and take up a lot of time, energy, and money in 2015 with not a lot of results. Yesterday I wrote a post summing up what happened in 2014. In it I promised a post on what is going to happen. As it should be.

The Next Bubble – Don’t Get Fooled Again

Steve Blank

In the case of this bubble, it was social networks, consumer and mobile applications, and the cloud. We don’t get fooled again. No, no!?.

Cornerstone OnDemand CEO Adam Miller shares how he built a $2 billion cloud startup from LA

The Next Web

When cloud services company Cornerstone OnDemand got its start in Los Angeles in 1999, the odds were against it. Miller noted.

In Tech, You Never Miss Out

Mark Birch

Commenting on the atmosphere of Silicon Valley in the mid-90’s, he stated: Technology in the U.S. is dead; economic growth in the U.S.

How the Seed-Stage VC Trend Began, The Downsides of Unicorns & Much More

Both Sides of the Table

Let me take you back just 10 years ago to 2005 in Silicon Valley where I returned after 11 years of living in Europe. Startup Lessons

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 43: Dakin Sloss and Ajeet Singh

Steve Blank

Prior to Aster, Ajeet worked at Oracle where he was part of the team that first launched Oracle Database to the Amazon EC2 cloud. We tried to sell inside Silicon Valley, so these were all tech companies. As we tried to sell outside the Valley, it is a very different world. Lots of people have visions. Dakin Sloss.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 43: Dakin Sloss and Ajeet Singh

Steve Blank

Prior to Aster, Ajeet worked at Oracle where he was part of the team that first launched Oracle Database to the Amazon EC2 cloud. We tried to sell inside Silicon Valley, so these were all tech companies. As we tried to sell outside the Valley, it is a very different world. Lots of people have visions. Dakin Sloss.

Building a new startup hub

Startup Lessons Learned

Its easy to take Silicon Valley for granted. Ive written a little bit about the origins of Silicon Valley because I think its important for us to understand how we got here in order to make sure we preserve what is best about our community. But theres no denying the level of support for entrepreneurs that we enjoy. for H.

5 Steps To Finding A Partnership For Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Another new partnering model is the IBM Watson Group $1 billion investment to share cloud-based development and super-computing tools.

10 Practices That Lead To The Demise Of Any Business

Startup Professionals Musings

It seems to be part of the “ fail fast, fail often ” mantra often heard in Silicon Valley. You may be dead wrong. Marty Zwilling.

Paul Graham on fundraising

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, August 2, 2008 Paul Graham on fundraising I have found no better primer on the current realities of starting a new technology company in a startup hub like Silicon Valley than Paul Grahams essays. but rest assured they would be. But in the same position Id give the same advice again. Expo SF (May.

How CEOs Can Personally Recruit Top Talent

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Take a cue or two from Justin Yoshimura, a 23-year-old Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur who is his company's lead headhunter.