How Can SMEs Build An Affordable Cloud?


Are you a startup or a small to a medium-sized company looking to build affordable cloud infrastructure? Before even selecting on the server to build your private cloud, you first need to focus on some crucial points that directly affect your business. What is the Cloud?

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6 Technology Trends Will Spawn Countless New Ventures

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According to what I see, as outlined by Surdak, this data surge is being driven by the following six technological and social trends: Mobility: smartphones, tablets, and the “Internet of things.” Cloud computing: the death of dedicated infrastructure.

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Base Your New Venture On These New Technology Trends

Startup Professionals Musings

Although I’m not an aficionado of checklists in general, I really appreciate one he has included for keeping up with the latest technological trends that are reshaping business strategies, which should be the driver for startups to fill in the gaps. Cloud Computing.

Why Cloud-Based Desktops Can Be Safer Than The One You’re Sitting At


According to RightScale’s 2018 “State of the Cloud Report,” a staggering 96 percent of respondents report some reliance on the cloud. Despite the cloud’s widespread adoption and its many benefits, some business owners believe data is safer when it’s kept on-premise.

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The mature cloud

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I had a chance to catch up with the Workday team about their integration cloud. What impressed me the most was they could have been hyping the middleware technology they acquired with Cape Clear 3 years ago, but waited for. Cloud Computing, SaaS

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Cloud Is The New Black


I heard “cloud is the new black” during a training session inside a Google’s office. You could think that this means that cloud is basic. What Gartner means at that point by assuming that “cloud is the new black”? Why not the cloud?

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Benefits cloud servers bring to your organization

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However, 2019 could be the ideal year to consider switching to cloud servers; in other words, a cloud-hosted server accessible over a network. Though cloud servers come in various forms, the most common type is the public cloud server.

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Cloud Computing Boosts Efficiency For Entrepreneurs

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The drivers of innovation and technological shifts have resulted in. Back Office Grow back office Cloud Computing information technology IT productivity technology

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Tech Checkup: Cloud Technology Redefining the Dental Industry

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If you’ve been to a dentist recently, you’re probably already aware that the dental industry is experiencing some rapid changes in technology – instant xray imaging and intraoral cameras are but two of the most noticeable high-tech innovations you’re likely to notice. Going Completely Cloud.

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5 Ways Cloud Telephony Can Benefit Startups


If the business world was a steep cliff and entrepreneurs were rock climbers trying to get to the top, think of modern technologies as the footholds they would use to boost themselves higher and higher. Cloud telephony services fall into this category. What is cloud telephony?

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What Are The Best Cloud Storage Services For Small Businesses


Cloud storage services have become more popular than ever. The best alternative is to get a cloud storage service and keep all of your data in the cloud. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best cloud storage solutions for small businesses.

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Extreme Cloud

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So many elite technology athletes – buyers, vendors, regulators, influencers – are profiled across the book. As I run through a near-final edit of my next book, I feel like I am watching a video summarizing the X Games. While

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The Unexpected Benefits Of Cloud Computing


By now, you’ve no doubt heard of cloud computing. But the way that cloud computing is advertised to businesses belies some of the benefits. Many CIOs and other managers have noticed something interesting when using cloud computing. But here’s where the cloud comes in.

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4 Ways Technology Can Revolutionize Your Conference Room


Similarly, the advancement in technology and systems does not mean one should rely on emails, skype, or cloud-based instant messaging programmes to build business relationships and earn accountability. I mean, the purpose of technology is to make things easier, not harder. .

Floating On A Cloud: Small Business


Cloud computing is hot these days, and becoming increasingly popular as 2015 approaches. One of the primary strengths of working with cloud services is that cloud-based applications and storage usually allow the client to share a service or information across a wide range of devices.

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What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business?

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Cloud computing has revolutionized how many organizations do business. With cloud computing services including servers, databases, storage, analytics and more are managed entirely online or in the cloud. With cloud computing, accessibility is one of the top benefits.

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4 Reasons Why Startups Need to Embrace Cloud Computing

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As you begin to structure what route your business will take to get to the top, be sure to consider the technology you will use. For years, startups and established businesses have used the power of cloud computing to gain a competitive edge.

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The Comparative Advantage of Nations applied to technology

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As Washington, London and other world capitals debate and revisit classical global trade thinking, a remarkable change has been happening in the technology world. Cloud Computing, SaaS

Hop On The Cloud

Women Entrepreneurs Can

But the traditional network is dying and being replaced with something altogether more flexible and technology reliant: the Cloud. Cloud working makes remote working all the more easy, it allows you the freedom to be away from your office, away from your network and it saves you money.

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Information Technology Predictions For 2016 And Beyond

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Grow Operations big data Cloud Computing cloud technology data security information technology IT technologyThese are just a few of the predictions that will likely happen in 2016. Consider it a snapshot of the IT community.

Cloud Computing Demystified For Small Businesses


Cloud technology has become a huge topic in the IT industry, and even more so for small businesses who may are working to stay on top of technological advances while often not having an in-house, dedicated IT staff. Cloud Security is Not Up to Standards. by Lewis Robinson.

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The Rise Of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has become a buzzword in the recent years, with numerous companies providing the technology to enable organizations to access applications over a network to remote computing sites. Services can be deployed from the cloud as and when it is needed, like a utility.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Switching To Cloud Hosting


There are multiple benefits in switching from traditional web hosting to cloud hosting. If you decide to do that step make sure to choose an SSD cloud server. Let’s address the top 10 benefits below but before that we will explain what is cloud hosting: What is cloud hosting?

Ways The Cloud Has Revolutionised Business


By now, you will have certainly heard of the cloud and how it is rapidly taking over the internet. Cloud-based services such as Claritum can prove very cost effective, especially for those businesses who do not want to make an upfront investment in hardware and software.

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How Successful Companies Utilize Technology


It’s no secret that technology plays a pivotal role in how businesses conduct daily operations and market themselves. Cloud Computing & Synced Device Technology. A large movement towards cloud computing and synced-device technology is well underway.

5 Reasons Your Call Center Should Be in the Cloud

The Startup Magazine

The newest trend in call center technology is the cloud. The global market for private cloud services is increasing rapidly. Cloud-based services work, and you’ll find good reasons your call center should be in the cloud.

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Founder Interview: RedMane Technology’s Tony Lakier

The Startup Magazine

Tony is the Founder and CEO of RedMane Technology. He has some insights on technology and how to use it to impact the world. Technology is just one of our tools. Our work spans everything from technology strategy and needs analysis to systems development and ongoing maintenance.

Danger From Above: Be Aware Of Cloud Security Threats


Cloud computing has many advantages, so it’s no wonder that uptake and growth continue to increase at a formidable pace. Many companies, not just the major players, are moving their data and applications over to the cloud. One of the major concerns about cloud computing is security.

Industries Where Startup Businesses Are Benefiting Most From Cloud Computing


Over the years, the cloud has evolved into a dynamic tool which any company of any size can tailor to suit its own specific needs. But within certain industries, businesses have been getting more use out of the cloud than others. Others cloud computing startup businesses startups

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Relate Your Technology Solution to Customer Values

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Young entrepreneurs often are so excited by new technology or their latest invention that they forget to translate it into a value proposition that their customers or potential investors can understand. Mashup technology may be your biggest plus, if you position it in this context.

How Startups Can Benefit From Cloud Accounting


by Sam Michaels, founder and managing editor of Cloud Accounting Today . Here are the main reasons your startup should utilize cloud accounting software: Convenience. One of the major advantages of the cloud is accessibility.

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4 Benefits Of Using The Cloud To Manage Your Startup


The cloud is quickly becoming the go-to location for small business operations. Fortunately, you can find solutions for managing all these in the cloud. Using the cloud offers many benefits, from cost-effectiveness to enhanced functionality. Cloud solutions are built for growth.

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Hire A Cloud Computing Expert With These 7 Skills

YFS Magazine

Cloud computing has evolved far behind its original form, and that means the experts and the skills they have must evolve as well. Back Office Grow back office cloud Cloud Computing cloud technology technology

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Want To Accelerate Small Business Growth? Then Turn To The Cloud.


Previously, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) systems were only in reach of big companies, however, the cloud has democratised access, and given small businesses a leg up on much larger competitors held back by legacy on-premise systems.

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Riding The Rollercoaster Of Cloud-Based Services       


There is no denying the ever-growing popularity of cloud-based services. Leaving memory sticks lingering in desk drawers, cloud computing makes it incredibly easy for users to store, share and access a wealth of important files, from documents to videos.

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The Cloud as Industry Unconsolidator?

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Over my technology career I have watched with concern that the smartest IT, sourcing and legal executives who keep checks and balances on their product supply chains, labor unions etc have not done the same with their technology suppliers.

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How to Easily Introduce New Technology to Your Restaurant’s Employees

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When using new technology to run your restaurant, your staff must be adequately trained on the equipment to maximize both the employees’ and technology’s full potential. Technology is Needed, Don’t Be Afraid of It.

8 of the Hottest Jobs in Information Technology

The Startup Magazine

Information technology includes a diverse range of career paths that lead to fulfilling lucrative specializations. Here are the eight different types of jobs in information technology. . They typically help out those who are generally not technology savvy.

New Devices Put The Cloud At Your Fingertips


The past several years have seen cloud-based storage come into its own in a big way. Cloud services are not just for traditional computers anymore, either. Okay, it’s probably not a surprise that a phone is a cloud-storage based gadget. Personal Cloud Technology.

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The Advantages of Technology for Nonprofits

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By making the best use of technology, nonprofit organizations can actually operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Technology for nonprofits benefits the nonprofit, the volunteers, the employees and the other stakeholders. Technology Improves Efficiency.

The integral role of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud computing models for enterprises

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The cloud is mainstream but that’s old news. Cloud technology has been evolving and introducing better innovative solutions to enterprise requirements. The cloud market has come a long way from there and it didn’t take much time either.

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[Asia] Getting Cloud Computing Right The First Time


This is the second part of a two-part series covering the 2nd Annual Cloud Computing World Forum – Asia edition which was just concluded at The Mira, Hong Kong on 30 th Nov and 1 st Dec. Indeed, Cloud Computing has brought about a big shift in the way IT services are delivered.

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