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If a client hires an apprentice, Techtonic does not charge a conversion fee, which can run into the thousands for a junior developer hired through a traditional recruiter. Apprentices earn a living salary on their first day, and we as a tech community can support a program that puts more coders in the market with a keen eye toward diversity and opportunity while getting work completed. The post More Coders.

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How This Startup Gets Women Coders Into High-Tech Jobs

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PowerToFly co-founder Katharine Zaleski doesn't buy the pipeline problem argument, and built a hiring platform to prove it

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Study Shows Black Coders Are More Likely to Get Job Offers -- But For Less Money

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A new report captures racial bias in hiring of engineers and suggests coders of all ethnicities should look for jobs outside Silicon Valley

How To Design a Successful Interview Process for Hiring Top Talent

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Most companies don’t have a serious, repeatable interviewing process for hiring. At Standout Jobs (2007-2010) we hired some great people. That feedback is a testament -in part- to the effort we put into hiring and interviewing people. I’ve seen a lot of different hiring strategies, from the nonchalant to the super intense (even more than our approach, which I’ve shared below.) Note: Most of the hiring we did was in 2007-2008.

Super Coder, or Manager? Why Your Top Geek Can't Be Both.

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It seems to make perfect sense that your first hires should become managers as your company grows. A grandmaster ninja coder can’t be a real manager and still code. You feel like your top salesperson or coder will feel the same way.

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Growth Story: How Kano hired its way to creating an insanely captivating DIY computer for kids

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Hiring interdisciplinary coders who could help keep kids really engaged on their self-made computers. Growth Story is a new 4-question format we’re doing about startups finding and influencing a defining metric that helped to really grow their company.

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Best Way to Get Great Talent: Train or Hire?

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One universal issue every business faces, regardless of the industry: When you have an opening should you hire ready-made talent. Which do you prefer: hiring talent or developing talent? But I prefer to look for trainable talent as opposed to talent I can hire in.

How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen

Derek Sivers about me blog books email list contact How to hire a programmer to make your ideas happen 2010-06-19 Do you have an idea for a website, online business, or application, but need a programmer to turn that idea into reality? Say, “We are hiring a developer to create only the beginning of an application. Hire one from each. Hire them to make the next milestone happen, and the next and the next. when did you find the need to hire a programmer by yourself?

How To Get Hired At A Startup Without Experience


You can edit your profile to make it impeccable and strike a direct conversation with the hiring manager. It is invaluable as it shows your hiring manager your way of thinking. I got hired mainly because of this reason.

The Buskers Guide to Running a Tech Startup | VC’s, Remote Working, Hiring and more.

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She touched on many of her experiences in growing, from dealing to VC’s, to remote working, to the hiring process and their policy of ‘blind hiring’ to ensure the best people get the job based on merit alone, and shared actionable tips on each of these. 1: Hire Professional Musicians… Busking only takes you so far. You Can’t Busk Hiring. You need to have an actual [good] STRATEGY for hiring. Most people are NO HIRE (~95).

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Hire for talent. Rent for experience.


This insight comes from a fellow CEO who explains that he leverages his financial resources for growth by dividing his hiring decision into these two boxes. He believes that he or his managers can teach processes, taking advantage of the new hire’s fresh look and open mind.

5 Reasons Your Hiring Process Stinks

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Let's face it: When you're small, every hire counts. Make sure you aren't making one of these common hiring mistakes. The smaller your company , the more hiring the right people matters. You hire family and friends of current employees.

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How top startups pay designers

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Heck, the guy was even a decent coder.). At Google Ventures, we help our portfolio companies find, interview, and hire senior design talent — more than 40 top-level designers in the last two years alone. Graphic designers generally get paid much less than UX designers or digital product designers — the designers typically hired by top startups. If you’re trying to hire the best talent available, don’t be led astray by salaries offered by less competitive teams.

Why Founders Should Know How to Code

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And that he could identify the resources needed, (outsourced contract developers who could build it for him) and he would hire a partner to do so. Having a coder as part of the founding team is essential. “ By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist.”.

The Code is your Enemy

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

But this also produces a natural weakness , and when I look at what made me a successful entrepreneur — not just a great coder — it’s that I acknowledged and overcame that weakness.

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It’s so easy to fake being good at biz dev that even my baby brother can do it.

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I hear it all the time — coders want to start their own companies and keep all those “biz dev&# and marketing gurus out for as long as possible. They don’t know how to hire the right biz dev people, yet they’re blaming their company’s problems on these bad hires. They’re an incredibly rare breed — harder to find than even coders are! It’s no surprise that programmers hate business people.

Is Outsourcing Exploitation? by Yaro Starak

We’re currently running tests to find a good graphics person, then next up will be a coder, a VA and so on until I have a solid team of talented people, all of whom will cost under $1600 a month total to employ full time. I can’t even hire ONE Australian full time on that kind of money, let alone an entire team. I wasn’t going to write this article.

Hazards of Hiring

2004-07-08 15:59:32 Hazards of Hiring. Summary : Eric offers guidelines for handling tough hiring decisions in a small ISV. In the many e-mails I received about that column, one of the most common questions was why didnt I list any hiring mistakes. Was this the same guy we hired?

Pedigree, Hiring, and Pattern Recognition

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There is no greater example of pattern recognition in action than in hiring. The problem however is that we are simply bad at hiring. The chances of a Harvard or Stanford post-graduate degree holder being a disastrous hire is pretty minimal in the mind of most people.

Hiring: Narrowing Your Options Isn't Always Good

They really aren't looking for a coder with Unix expertise. If you are building the team to eighteen or so (which you should only do after hiring the CTO and have him/her define the teams needed to support your plans), you probably don't want someone up to their arms in Python or walking around Linux. Some days I have no idea what I'm going to post. And then someone like Steve sends me an email and there you go--instant blog post. Thanks, Steve.


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Huh - I was a coder? I was no longer the main coder, Tom took over and gradually all of my code was touched and improved in some way by Tom. These days, there are these fluffy things like culture (and it’s so important), and I have to direct product and hire new people.

3 reasons you shouldn't outsource your startup, and what to do instead

Any decent coder is tired of hearing an idea guy come along and try to get them to build their startup. On the other hand, a decent coder will be extremely interested by a startup put together with no code that is getting really good traction.

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Projects Are the New Job Interviews

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But projects are the real future of hiring." I know advertising agencies that have an ironclad, inviolable rule that they will only hire creatives who have successfully done freelance work with an account team." Should your next hire come from a great set of interviews and references?"

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For the first few people, hire from your network

We’ve been working with some great freelancers , and I’m excited to say that we’ve also just hired our first employee Andy who will start full-time soon. The importance of culture-fit for early hires. Andrew Yates , iOS Coder and Full Stack Hacker.

Programming and Fundamentals

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In a world where the barrier to entry for building a web app has become so low, a DIY culture of self-taught coders has sprung up in our modern day version of the gold rush. No, I believe that there is immense value in the DIY coder culture.


Study: Most U.S. Entrepreneurs Start Their Business at Home

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When we think of entrepreneurs, we think of visionaries working with a brilliant team of coders, disrupting an industry for millions of fans. Only 37 percent expect to hire more than five people in the next five years.

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8 Start-up Buzzwords to Avoid

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As in, "Dave is our secret ninja; he''s the best coder we''ve ever hired." If you use any of these words, consider this your start-up slang intervention. Rockstar / • adjective, outstandingly good. As in, "We''re looking for a rockstar developer to join our team."

5 ways to build company culture with a virtual team

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The glorious green grass of the work-from-home employee is a goal for many successful people (and not-so-successful people) and a great way to hire the best talent without having to pay to relocate them.

CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire.NET programmers

Update: The end is near, Expensify is hiring a.NET programmer! As you might know, we’re hiring the best programmers in the world. But my coders will beat up your coders, any day of the week. But my coders will [.] [.]. Expensify Blog.

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How to Attract the Unconventional Worker

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We have to hire people who want to do that." He likes to hire coders with degrees in sociology, education, or psychology. Not just anyone can build creative, agile software--especially from a boat. You really have to stretch people''s minds to get them to think big ," says software developer Jon Stahl. "In In a corporate world, that''s very hard to do."

What Investors Want to Hear in Your Pitch

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Oftentimes, founders are are high achievers who have been leading since they were young, perhaps as a class president or a coder. Maintaining that culture means hiring the best people, especially in the beginning when start-ups are short on cash and resources.

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The Yin and Yang of Product and Engineering

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Many of the founding teams we back include a strong coder and a strong product person. And hiring a really strong VP Product is often an afterthought. They will hire, fire, organize, manage, resolve lingering issues, and make tough decisions. For a tech company, product and engineering are the heart and soul of the business.

It’s Time to Ditch the DIY Website

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You had to hire an outside firm to do it. That requires a team of people including an information architect, a designer, a front-end coder, a back-end developer, a quality assurance expert, and a project manager to coordinate all of the work. Americans spent $200 billion online in 2011.

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What is Drupal? or, My retraining in Software Development

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Then last year I decided to re-educate myself in software development, but this time as a regular ol’ coder. Angel Investor Business Development Hiring Jobs PHP SaaS Scalability startup startup CEO Tom Nora venture Android Drupal early stage first revenue leadership scalability Silicon Valley software Software Development tom nora Confessions of a Drupalvangelist.


What’s the Difference Between Small Business and Large Enterprise SEO?

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Enterprises can afford to hire in-house designers and coders to take care of this for them. Large companies can hire photographers and videographers to create unique and original visual content for their site, which does put them at a slight advantage.

5 Traits Your Next Freelancer Must Have

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Need a good hired gun? For over a decade, I've been an independent contractor, a hired gun, a "gig economy" pro. Here are five ways you can judge if your hire will get the job done: 1. Instead, go for a hired gun whose work looks like what you haven't seen.

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Why Governments Don’t Get Startups

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In Silicon Valley the equivalent is the journeyman coder or web designer who loves the technology, and takes coding and U/I jobs because it’s a passion. They hire local employees or family. They hire the best and the brightest.

Interviewing Engineers? Enough with the Whiteboard Coding!

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The point of an engineering interview is to figure out if you want to hire a person or not. This is because hiring the wrong person could be extremely damaging to a company. Not hiring anyone is also extremely damaging.

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know


Hire the best people you can possibly find and treat them like people, not like interchangeable resources. Our developers are some of the best coders out there, but they’re also film buffs, foodies, musicians, gamers, and marathon runners. By Josh Golden, CEO of Table XI.

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How Andela Finds and Trains World-Class Engineers in Africa [Traction #41: Christina Sass]

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Christina Sass is co-founder and COO of Andela, a company that locates, trains, and staffs world-class engineers in Africa for hire by tech companies in the US and elsewhere. They’ve sparked a movement, cracked the code on finding great coders, and have attracted investors like Mark Zuckerberg. Visit to learn more, or follow Christina at Channel Links: iTunes , SoundCloud , Stitcher , Google Play.