5 Biggest Mistakes in Healthcare Staffing by Susanne Mariga, CPA

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They are unable to hire the best internal staff, they are unable to pay payroll taxes, and they are unable to invest in the development of the company. has received the Best Places to Work In Omaha Award since 2009 and is the recipient of the 2018 Circle of Excellence award.

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Quick Left: An unlikely CEO leads this app development house that’s “a bit like therapy”

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In fact, she’s so unlikely to talk about herself or her company that, while sitting with her for dinner during Big Omaha, the subject of Quick Left came up (not from her, mind you) and I said that I really needed to talk to someone from there to find out their story. The vision of Quick Left, it would seem, is to be somewhat of a technical cofounder as-a-service. But for others, the answer is for them to hire at the first or second iteration of their launch.”

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5 Famous Introverted Leaders And What You Can Learn From Them

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Known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” Buffett is one of the world’s richest men and a respected financial leader. Apple Co-founder and introvert Steve Wozniak, like Rowling, understands the value of working alone. And, you’re going to have to interact with your co-workers at some point. Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (the world’s largest private charitable organization), is a household name.

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Startups and small biz at SXSW: ideas on how to spend your time at the conference!

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And even the best of us make bad hiring decisions. Threadless, 37Signals, FeedBurner, BIG Omaha conference, and SXSW itself are proof that technology life exists away from the coasts. 02:00 PM: Valerie Casey Keynote ACC L1, Exhibit Hall 1 – Casey, founder and Executive Director of the Designers Accord, works with organizations all over the world to create positive social and environmental impact.

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