Out of the Crisis #20: the founders of Bitwise on the role of technology in empowering people, spreading benefits to underserved communities, and the creation of OnwardUS

Startup Lessons Learned

Jake Soberal and Irma Olguin started Bitwise in 2013 with the idea that the technology industry could be used to fix a city--in their case, Fresno, CA. Our fundamental thesis is that people of color, women, communities of concentrated poverty, have immense talent to contribute to the technology industry," Jake explained to me. "In Seven years later, they've trained about 5,000 students and created over 1,000 new technology jobs in Fresno. Leaving Fresno was unexpected for me.

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I am ecstatic for all the support we’ve had within the community along with our advisors investors and consultants. Thanks to Jeff and Deadrea Clemmensen, MiPhone Doctor of Fresno. #8 Happy New Year! Every new year brings with it a new form of excitement and anticipation. The reason is that every new year brings about a “newness” for lack of a better term when we are able to start fresh and erase those things that we did bad or things we have been thinking about doing.


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11 – Entrepreneur Community. I used to practice law and now that I’m an entrepreneur I am constantly struck by the “entrepreneur community” that I did not even know existed before. My wife and I love being entrepreneurs because it has allowed us to set our own work hours, make our own decisions on how we operate, and at the same time serve our community with a great service, delivered by people who care! Being in love is great.

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Re-connecting I work from home and since I live in Fresno I don’t get out much. – I attend community events for exactly this reason – a way to recharge the batteries abit. #5 Software by Rob Passionate about Startups and MicroISVs Lessons Learned by a Serial Entrepreneur home about press micropreneurs archives ← Are Twitter and Facebook Killing Blogs?