Building Strong Local Communities

Version One Ventures

We at Version One are becoming increasingly convinced that stronger local communities can help solve many of the problems we are currently facing. Second, they need a community leader who will take the initiative to find a solution. And they need awareness within the community (you need to know that somebody is working on it and needs your input). Several tools already exist to help local communities become stronger. General Network Effects communities Local – Professional Networking For The LGBT Community


Ideaspotting LGBT community online networking professional network

Network Effects in Marketplace, Communities and Social Platforms

Version One Ventures

These days, we’re hyper-focused on marketplaces, communities and social platforms. We love these platforms for many reasons, but the primary one is the power of their network effects and how they create a high degree of defensibility for startups. What are network effects? Network effects” is a frequently used term and it is sometimes confused with having a large customer base. Direct Network Effects. Indirect network effects.

Introverts Beware: Networking Means Meeting New People

The Startup Magazine

This is called networking and it can be vital to the life of your new business. It’s one of the most fun ways to improve your networking. There’s nothing better than making friends and networking with someone who cares about the same things as you do.

The Largest Startup Community In The World

Feld Thoughts

As Boulder Startup Week 2014 comes to an end, I have been reflecting on the power of startup communities today. When I wrote Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City , I made some assertions about how to build startup communities and what the impact of them would be on society. This reflection led me to think about how to wire up the largest startup community in the world. The network is getting incredibly strong and powerful. – A Community Of Upstarts


Here’s yet another new resource for startup folks – is a new social network geared towards startup entrepreneurs. Resources Slovakia social network startup community startup ecosystem Startup Weekend startups

Three Startup Networking Strategies To Help You Grow Your Business


But networking is vital to entrepreneurial success for 78 per cent of startups. With that in mind, here are three startup networking strategies to help you grow your business. Local networking. Speed networking. What type of networking do you find most effective?

How Community Involvement Can Help Your Startup


When we think of giving back to the community, we often think of dramatic relief efforts like those that supported the victims of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. Sponsor community events. Lead a community service program. Every community has its own issues.

4 Ways Online Communities Can Benefit Your Business


Online communities have become a central part of everyday life and business operations. Since the early days of Internet message boards and email groups, participation in online communities has grown exponentially. Here are four ways that online communities can benefit your business.

[ADV] How To Develop An Anonymous Social Networking App


Given below are the things that a developer might need to know in order to develop an anonymous social networking application. In anonymous social networks, key pieces of information about your true identity are nonexistent. Others social network social networking

Entrepreneur Providing Networking Experiences Through a Networking Hub for Minority Millennials


Dallas-based organization, Boss Women Who Brunch continues to revolutionize the way millennial women network. I created boss to form a community for women who wanted more. We show real women that desired the same as our community to show them how they were able to create more.

Startup Communities – Building Regional Clusters

Steve Blank

How to build regional entrepreneurial communities has just gotten it’s first “here’s how to do it” book. Feld’s thesis is that unlike the common wisdom, it is entrepreneurs that lead a startup community while everyone else feeds the community. Community Culture.

Doing Business With Other Businesses: Networking In The 21st Century


From your suppliers and shippers to the local mom and pop business that keeps your HVAC working, operating a business requires doing business with a lot of different people and companies, and finding good, reliable people to keep your ship afloat still requires the art of networking.

Top 4 Networking Tips From Startup Founders


87% of top level executives network 2-3 times every week. 90% increase their business opportunities through taking part in these events, according to National Networking Statistics. Four entrepreneurs in the tech industry share their top tips for effective networking: 1.

Build Entrepreneurship Communities With Crowd Valley


Entrepreneurship communities and crowdfunding platforms designed to support entrepreneurs are popping up left, right, and center all around the world. Ideaspotting Crowd Valley crowdfunding crowdfunding platform entrepreneur communities entrepreneurship ecosystem startup ecosystem

Entrepreneurs: Connect to Today’s Customer Network

Startup Professionals Musings

Every startup needs to understand that the customer paradigm has dramatically shifted over the past two years with pervasive social networks and smartphones. Startups launch plans without taking the time to understand the networked behavior of their customers, or the drivers for that behavior.

6 Brands That’ve Created Business Value Via Niche Social Communities


We’ve time and again shared the importance of niche social communities in today’s digital world. Niche social communities work when they’re connected, engaged and generate consumer value. Why you need niche communities? What are your favorite communities? – Building An Online Mentoring Community


The problem is that many existing mentorship networks aren’t geared towards helping graduates. That’s where comes in: it helps organizations build a complete online mentoring community of their own.

Understanding the Power of Your Human Networks

Both Sides of the Table

The critical skill is not just your immediate network but the network beyond that you can tap into if you’ve earned the right through nurturing your 1-degree relationships. Building Your Network. Either you have a well established network or you don’t.

InterCall Launches Virtual Small Business Community, InterChange


Conferencing and collaboration services provider InterCall has launched a new online community for small business leaders. In the News InterCall InterChange online community small business virtual community

Upfront and the Power of Startup Community in LA

Feld Thoughts

This comes on the heals of Upfront managing director Mark Suster’s great post titled Embracing Your Community as a Strategy which I encourage you to read as it is magnificent. There was plenty of networking time organized around the content.

Embracing Your Community as a Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

I knew that many LPs nationally were not yet convince about the power of the LA tech community and I figured if they could experience it for themselves they would be as convinced as I had become. Community. In Los Angeles the venture community is very collaborative. Community Offers Help For The Fashion Clueless


But here’s a new social networking service that is aimed at uniting the fashionistas and the fashion-cluess amongst us.Founded by California entrepreneur Azita Gandjei, Oh That’s You! Ideaspotting fashion fashion community online community online service social network

A Quality Benchmark for Accelerators: The Global Accelerator Network

Feld Thoughts

When David Cohen and I came up with the idea for the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) in 2010, we counted roughly 100 accelerator programs around the US that were founded following the Techstars model. From that initial outreach, 16 high quality accelerator programs joined us to launch the network. Some are major contributors to their startup communities. We’ve maintained a high quality across the membership while expanding the network by being selective.

Global 329

BlogFrog – From Blogs To Communities


Rustin Banks is today the CEO of BlogFrog , a web-based platform that turns blogs into interest-based communities. Banks was an old hand at online communities, after all – at age 12, he’d host computer Bulletin Board Systems right out of his parent’s closet.

How To Build An Online Business Community That Markets For You


One of the simplest and strongest methods to beef up the effectiveness of your campaign is building an online business community. Now that we’ve established why an online business community is important, it’s time to figure out the details of how to build it.

How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

Both Sides of the Table

I have never been more optimistic about the impact that the tech startup community is having on cities in America or about the role that cities outside of San Francisco / Silicon Valley can play in our future. The Foundations of the Seattle startup community.

Network effects on social platforms: why the quality of user matters

Version One Ventures

Back in July, we wrote about network effects in marketplaces and social platforms and how they are critical to defensibility. In the post, we talked about the difference between direct and indirect network effects, and how they may or may not relate to virality. In our post, we defined network effects this way: “When a new user/member is added to the network, it increases the value of the product or service to all other users.”.

I Hate Networking

Austin Startup

An easy way to build real relationships and powerful partnerships Terri multitasks while Heidi does her hair at Blo Domain Something I get asked a lot is how to network. I see what I do not as networking but as building relationships and being authentically curious about people.

A Place To Call Your Own: Building Your Brand’s Vertical Social Network


Social networks have gained genuine power as a marketing tool for businesses looking to increase their reach, traffic and leads. But there’s no guarantee that the places where most social networking happens now will be the same places hosting it in the future. By Vanessa Richardson.

Los Angeles Startup Community


I was just talking with someone who's new to Los Angeles and wanting to connect into the Los Angeles Startup Community. I told them that I had recently seen several posts/articles talking about how vibrant the community has become. Los Angeles Startup Community Posts/Articles Here are some interesting articles and posts on the ecosystem around startups in Los Angeles. Who are the people you should meet in the Los Angeles Startup Community to get wired in

Los Angeles Startup Community


I was just talking with someone who's new to Los Angeles and wanting to connect into the Los Angeles Startup Community. I told them that I had recently seen several posts/articles talking about how vibrant the community has become. Los Angeles Startup Community Posts/Articles Here are some interesting articles and posts on the ecosystem around startups in Los Angeles. Who are the people you should meet in the Los Angeles Startup Community to get wired in

Making the NYC Community Smaller

This is going to be BIG.

When I was in college, at Fordham''s scenic Rose Hill campus in the Bronx, I deeply rooted into my community. Being intensely involved in community life there made the campus seem small and familiar. It was a time before the widespread use of social networks, obviously.

Are You Networking Wrong?

Up and Running

Networking is a great tool for building a referral network and increasing word of mouth business because it allows people to see you, hear you and watch you over time and that builds trust. There are a ton of networking opportunities out there for business owners.

Mobile Community mig33 Announces Developer Program And Partnerships


mig33 , one of the world’s largest mobile-first communities, earlier this week announced its new developer program, releasing a slew of resources for developers that want to build social games and apps for its 50 million registered users.

Community isn’t just a buzzword. My three rules for building & growing it.

Austin Startup

Community isn’t a buzzword. I have a no name tags rule with events since they remind me of bad networking events, but I’d make an exception for these fun ones. Community is something that we have been talking about ever since the start of Reset. Community isn’t just a buzzword.

NextView is Hiring for a New Position: Venture Associate – Platform and Network

View from Seed

The silver lining is that we are actively recruiting for a new role for the NextView team: Venture Associate – Platform and Network. as well as developing new ways for us to proactively engage with the founder community. The post NextView is Hiring for a New Position: Venture Associate – Platform and Network appeared first on NextView Ventures. It is an exciting but also bittersweet time for us at NextView.

TEDxStormont – creativity and community collide in Belfast

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

It occurs to me, all at once, that moments like this — are how communities are formed. The lasting value is the community it created. The community that came together might be a new one for Northern Ireland. The time is now for this new community of creatives to lead the charge in reinventing Northern Ireland. That’s why this new community is so critical — these are the people with one thing in mind — creating something.

New Crowdfunding Site CrowdIt To Incorporate Mentoring, Networking


CrowdIt ( ) aims to take a different approach to crowdfunding by building an online community, as well as incorporating elements of mentoring, peer review and business networking for inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs and other associated dreamers.

Why Small Businesses Still Need to Network in the Local Community

Duct Tape Marketing

Why Small Businesses Still Need to Network in the Local Community written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is Deborah Sweeney – Enjoy!

How to Build Online Relationships into Meaningful Networks

Both Sides of the Table

But I see some people in our community who really only use Twitter to publish their media or have a one-way conversation or at best reply only to people they know. I was waiting for my son’s basketball game to start this morning and with the morning’s emails all drained I turned to Twitter and saw this Tweet from Marshall Kirkpatick. Test: open your twitter stream, look at the 1st item in it, think of something to say in response, say it. Theory: it’s really that simple.

Director of Platform & Community

Genuine VC

My partner Rob wrote bit more on his blog about our motivations for adding our first new team member at NextView Ventures — a Director of Platform and Community. We are looking for a passionate, outgoing, and talented individual embedded within the local Boston entrepreneurial community to facilitate information sharing between NextView portfolio companies, spearhead community-building & outreach efforts, and help promote our firm.

Trover, A Mobile Location-Based Discovery Network


The idea was first born as an idea among the management team at TravelPost , a community for travel enthusiasts. “I’ve Trover ( ) is a mobile discovery app that is created for explorers who love to share their discoveries with each other in a visual way.

Mobile 196