[ADV] How To Develop An Anonymous Social Networking App


Social media is a popular webspace where people can be able to share their personal ideas, comments, lamentations, messages, and other contents. On the other hand, anonymous social media apps like Whisper, YikYak, Secret and Facebook rooms are also gaining popularity right now.

A Place To Call Your Own: Building Your Brand’s Vertical Social Network


Social networks have gained genuine power as a marketing tool for businesses looking to increase their reach, traffic and leads. But there’s no guarantee that the places where most social networking happens now will be the same places hosting it in the future.

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The Best Social Network is the one you have with you

Eric Friedman

After reading the recent Chris Hughes Op-Ed in the NYTimes about Facebook I have been thinking about social networks. To me this is the perfect way to think about the future of social networks, feeds, and where you interact with your friends. My social folder May 2019.

Social Networking Entreprenuerial Opportunities


Last Saturday, I was a panelist at the CalTech - Social Networks event. My main points were: Social Everywhere - I work with a lot of different shapes and sizes of companies and it's interesting how each one has opportunities to leverage its users to form different kinds of communities, create connections, encourage contribution, etc. It is almost universal that there are opportunities around social networking.

Social Networking and Business Value


Just a quick note that I'll be moderating a Technology Council Event : Social Networking as a Business Strategy May 19, 2009 - Culver City Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. Can social networking be a money-maker for companies?

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

Both Sides of the Table

I recently spoke at Caltech at the Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum on “the future of social networking,&# the 30-minute video is here and the PowerPoint presentation is here on DocStoc ). What are the big trends that will drive the next phase of social networks?

How the Need for Growth Failed Our Social Network Experience

This is going to be BIG.

It wasn't my fault, though--because the app itself, like all social networks, succeed around growth. Networks are always telling you who from your contacts has joined and recommends you follow new accounts, even though you still only have two eyeballs in your head and 24 hours in the day. The end result is that each person's connection to you in an ever increasingly connected network becomes more and more tenuous. Decided to follow no more than 250 people on Twitter.

Building Strong Local Communities

Version One Ventures

We at Version One are becoming increasingly convinced that stronger local communities can help solve many of the problems we are currently facing. Second, they need a community leader who will take the initiative to find a solution. And they need awareness within the community (you need to know that somebody is working on it and needs your input). Several tools already exist to help local communities become stronger. General Network Effects communities Local

LinkedIn harnesses the power of intent in a social network

The Equity Kicker

Social networks (along with email and other communications services) are amongst the worst places for display advertising on this measure as most users are there to talk with their friends and are not thinking about buying anything. I’ve said before I think that sites which leverage social to help us do the things we already do more efficiently will be interesting investments over the next year or two. Social networks

Network Effects in Marketplace, Communities and Social Platforms

Version One Ventures

These days, we’re hyper-focused on marketplaces, communities and social platforms. We love these platforms for many reasons, but the primary one is the power of their network effects and how they create a high degree of defensibility for startups. What are network effects? Network effects” is a frequently used term and it is sometimes confused with having a large customer base. Direct Network Effects. Indirect network effects.

$8 Million Series B For FOREX Social Network Currensee

VC Cafe

C urrensee , a social network for Foreign Exchange (Forex) traders, announced a series B of $8 million led by North Bridge Venture Partners and new investor, Egan Managed Capital.

OhThatsYou.com Community Offers Help For The Fashion Clueless


But here’s a new social networking service that is aimed at uniting the fashionistas and the fashion-cluess amongst us.Founded by California entrepreneur Azita Gandjei, Oh That’s You! Let’s face it – far too many of us are totally clueless about fashion.

Debate: Twitter is not a social network

Jeff Hilimire

I really don’t think Twitter is any more a social network than email is or text messaging is. I think a socialnetwork&# is something you enter into mutually with other people. It’s a community. You can’t join my Twitter network. But just because a lot of people follow a person and receive their updates, that doesn’t make them a “network&#. Facebook, however, is a social network.

Tips for Empowered, Women Entrepreneurs: How to Achieve Your Career Goals

The Startup Magazine

While there is social progress in creating equal opportunity for women, there are still strides that need to be taken to fully achieve equality in the workplace. Networking Opportunities. Another practice you should engage in is digital social networking.

Announcing our second eBook: Understanding Social Platforms

Version One Ventures

If you have been following our blog or firm, you know how much we love network effects. And now, we’re pleased to announce that we have just produced our second eBook, “ Understanding Social Platforms.”. Why social? As individuals, we use social platforms on a daily basis.

Viral 148

6 tips to bridge cultural differences in marketing communication

The Startup Magazine

LinkedIn is THE network for business contacts and B2B marketing, but don’t forget local channels! Such as Xing, this European career-oriented social networking site is popular in German-speaking countries. Your products and services are successful in your home country.

Metrics that matter to social platforms (Part 1/3)

Version One Ventures

As we have been developing our investment thesis on social platforms , we want to provide the similar information and tools. There are lots of great blog posts and articles out there that talk about social platform metrics. Instagram, Twitter, Figure 1 ), and communities (e.g.

Widbook Offers Access To Thousands Of e-Books


Since opening its first US office in San Francisco, Widbook ( www.widbook.com ) – a global crowdwriting community of readers and writers with presence in over 100 countries – launched a version of its reading app for iOS and Android devices.

“Understanding Social Platforms,” now summarized in a presentation deck

Version One Ventures

Two months ago, we published our second eBook, Understanding Social Platforms. In it, we discuss the dynamics of each social platform type: messaging, private networks, public networks, enterprise networks, and communities. We also cover important topics for social platform businesses like metrics, exits, valuations, and our outlook for future opportunities in social. News communities messaging social networks social platforms

Network effects on social platforms: why the quality of user matters

Version One Ventures

Back in July, we wrote about network effects in marketplaces and social platforms and how they are critical to defensibility. In the post, we talked about the difference between direct and indirect network effects, and how they may or may not relate to virality. Since then, we have been further developing our investment thesis on social platforms and want to add more nuance to the discussion. The qualities that matter vary by the dynamics of the social network.

Making the NYC Community Smaller

This is going to be BIG.

When I was in college, at Fordham''s scenic Rose Hill campus in the Bronx, I deeply rooted into my community. Being intensely involved in community life there made the campus seem small and familiar. It was a time before the widespread use of social networks, obviously.

The 20 Essential LinkedIn Groups for Aspiring Writers


One of the best places to do that is on LinkedIn, and with the plethora of groups hosted by the site it’s easier than ever to build a seriously great network of those in the industry. It caters to those who are looking to network and promote their work as writers.

Mobile Community mig33 Announces Developer Program And Partnerships


mig33 , one of the world’s largest mobile-first communities, earlier this week announced its new developer program, releasing a slew of resources for developers that want to build social games and apps for its 50 million registered users.

Metrics that matter to social platforms (Part 3/3): measuring engagement by relationships

Version One Ventures

Over the past two weeks, we have introduced our social platform KPI dashboard to track the key metrics for social platform startups. This is probably one of the reasons why anonymous social networks have not scaled in the past (i.e.

The 4 Most Popular Jobs In Social Media


A few years ago social networks boomed, causing changes in the way people socialize, but also how companies approached marketing. Today we discuss the four most popular s ocial media jobs in the world of social networks: Social Media Strategist.

10 Ways That Entrepreneurs Need to be More Open

Startup Professionals Musings

The emergence of social networking and the Internet has caused a new focus and value on “openness,” which leads to a new element of leadership, called “Open Leadership.” Employees can share best practices with customers on social network platforms and customers can help each other.

What Social Media Needs To Do To Better Pique Your Interest


Whether you are conscious of it or not, these behaviors tell social media algorithms that this is the content you really want to see. As such, leading platforms continue to promote the most viral content dictated by your digital social circle.

17 Unspoken Rules Of LinkedIn Etiquette


On most social media networks, it seems like anything goes. People like being recommended, at it’s great for building your social capital. Remember that LinkedIn is all about connections and nurturing your network.

The Community Is the Business

Duct Tape Marketing

The Community Is the Business This content from: Duct Tape Marketing The idea of community in business has taken top billing in recent years due in large part to the obvious growth of social networks and the community aspect they foster.

How to Choose a Programming Language as a Tech Startup

The Startup Magazine

Let’s face it – you’re probably an excellent salesperson, a great networker and a capable businessman, but software development is a whole other story. Community. Ruby is generally adopted by small companies, owing to its experimental and exploratory community.

Entrepreneurs: Connect to Today’s Customer Network

Startup Professionals Musings

Every startup needs to understand that the customer paradigm has dramatically shifted over the past two years with pervasive social networks and smartphones. Conversations may be on existing social media, or on your own brand forum established specifically for this purpose.

Introducing one of Version One’s earlier investments: VarageSale

Version One Ventures

For a long time, I had been looking to find a better Craigslist: one that was social, trustworthy, and mobile first. Many have tried to build this kind of marketplace, but ran into the chicken and egg problem in growing both the seller and buyer communities. Since then, VarageSale has created hundreds of hyper-active local communities. VarageSale has become something of a social network built, connecting people with shared interests in local communities.

Metrics that matter to social platforms (Part 2/3): Measuring engagement by content

Version One Ventures

Last week, we introduced our social platform KPI dashboard to help provide a framework for founders to think about their businesses and preempt the inevitable questions that arise during the fundraising process. A sample engagement pyramid for social platforms .

How Lean Startup Helped Serve Communities in Kenya

Startup Lessons Learned

As we lead up to the big day, we’re spotlighting speakers who’ll be involved in our hands-on workshops, lightning talks, keynotes, interactive breakout sessions, and other learning and networking events. First up in our speaker spotlight series is an edited transcript of our Q&A with Rocio Perez-Ochoa , co-founder of Bidhaa Sasa , a non-profit working to distribute beneficial goods to rural communities in Kenya.

Kenya 131

Next-Gen Marketing Option for Fast-Growth Companies

The Startup Magazine

Crowdify, a new kind of full-service marketing group built for the next generation of clients, communities, frontiers and consumers, launches with prestigious client roster. Experience; 0-60 agile innovation that start ups need; Relevancy to business, landscapes, networks & communities. “We’re

Demand 102

Increase Sales Using Social Media – Growth Hacks That Work

The Startup Magazine

You need to establish good relations with your customers in order to generate more sales and social media is the best place to find and attract new audiences. 2- Leverage The Power of Social Selling Tools. This makes your task of selling easier on social media.

Top 10 Reasons For Intranet Failure – And How To Prevent It From Happening To You


One of the main objectives for deploying a social intranet is to make life easier for employees and improve productivity. Ownership of the social intranet is an interesting thing. Professionalisms internal communications Intranet social network Tim Eisenhauer

What coworking spaces can do for you, your company, and your community

The Next Web

Adam Benzion is the founder of Entirely —a Seattle startup focused on social innovation, keen on connecting more people in more places to create special things together. . Network without really trying. Benefit your local community.

Can App.net Make It? On Dalton Caldwell’s Talk At SXSW.


In the age of the advertiser supported social network, one person is trying to flip the script and create a paid social network. Dalton Caldwell, founder of App.net spoke at SXSW with a session called “ Is There An Alternative To Ad-Supported Social Networking?

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Your city doesn’t have a startup community? Start one!

The Next Web

You don’t have to be located in Silicon Valley to take part in a great startup community. If you’re motivated enough to start your own business and create something great from a simple idea, then you’re certainly motivated enough to jumpstart a local startup community.

The rise of the vertical reputation graph

Version One Ventures

These vertically-focused platforms cater to the specific needs of their users, offering a close networking community around shared interests. One of the most obvious examples of the online portfolio is within the creative community. LinkedIn still has the advantage of network effects and this won’t change anytime soon. LinkedIn is the place where you dump your resume, while the vertical site is where you build your brand, spend your time, and actually network.

25 Twitter Tips For Your Professional Development


Although LinkedIn gets a lot of love as a professional social media site, Twitter is a force that can’t be ignored by up-and-coming young professionals. Remember to give (and take) : Networking on Twitter is more about giving than getting.

Facebook Rearranges Pages For Businesses And Organizations


Late last year social networking giant Facebook introduced Facebook Timeline , changing the way people used Facebook in a more chronological order. In the News digital marketing Facebook Facebook Pages Facebook TImeline Online marketing social media social networking