Design Your Company Culture Like The World’s Largest Hedge Fund

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Unless your organization explicitly endorses Bridgewater’s set of cultural norms and every employee signs up to live by that social contract, you will never use all of the Principles.

Feb. 28, Stamford, CT: HBS Event on Angel Investing 101 – Best Practices

David Teten

Previously, he was the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Arrowhawk Capital Partners, an investment company and the Vice President of Strategic Business Development and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Golden Pond Healthcare, Inc. Angel investing Connecticut HBS Alumni AngelsI hope you can join us 6:30 pm EST, February 28th in Stamford, CT for a HBS Alumni Angels event on Angel Investing 101 – Best Practices. Click here to make a reservation.

Entrepreneurs, Don't Just Create Products or Services?Create a Legacy!

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Why do folks flock to a store like Stew Leonard's in Connecticut? To do that you have to build a company that is founded to be customer-sensitive and employee-focused. My Dad was a builder.

10 Best Apps For Small Business Owners

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However, in an increasingly fast-paced business culture, few successful business owners can operate their businesses while tethered to their office desk. Want to be able to make a note that one of your employees is celebrating his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary next week?

Entrepreneurs, Don't Just Create Products or Services.Create a Legacy!

Small Business Force

Why do folks flock to a store like Stew Leonard's in Connecticut? A store (now more than 30) that was founded by Stew Leonard in 1969 and is still family-owned and operated, where prices are probably 10-15% higher than the normal supermarket. My Dad was a builder.

29 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business


My research was valuable enough for a large corporation that is known for creating a popular operating system to give us about $250K in funding. 7- To prioritizes employee and client retention. Each business has a story.

Made by Entrepreneurs: 8 Great Gift Ideas

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John Brandon A gift basket is a great way to show appreciation to your employees over the holidays. has been operating for about 30 years. Spread some holiday cheer in the office. Here are eight unique gift ideas that won''t break the bank.

Serving Greens for Green: The Little Salad Shop

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Their obsession with handling every detail of the operation resulted in them doing much of the renovation work themselves. At first, the shop struggled to keep its operating costs down and hit the desired gross margins.

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How To Start A Startup – For Busy People


Airbnb knew their first employee would be critical to their culture, so to find their first engineer they conducted hundreds of interviews over four to six months. They also love hiring creative minds, so they ask potential employees about their hobbies at the interview stage.

7 Companies Older Than America

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Of course, these companies don't even shine a candle to the world's oldest brands (a Japanese hotel chain founded in the year 705 is still operational), but several of these are nearly 350 years old. We have about--probably 35 to 40 employees, depending on the time of year," she says. "We

7 Ways Top Performers Train Themselves to Win

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After exploring several franchising opportunities, he decided against it and invested $750,000 of his own money to start Launch trampoline parks in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The same habits elite athletes learn on the field can help you become more successful.

Subway's Fred DeLuca: Nail the Basics, Then Expand

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Forty-nine years ago, at the age of 17, Fred DeLuca used $1,000 of a friend's money to open a sandwich shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut. If we'd taken all the money from the register we couldn't have paid an employee, much less the food or the rent or all that.

'Made in the USA' Gets a Makeover

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Now at 30 employees and growing, Made Movement has a client roster that includes New Belgium Brewing and Seventh Generation. And that more than makes up for the fact that they have gone from representing marquee names with vast budgets to mostly obscure brands operating on a shoestring.

Your Company's Big Credit Card Problem

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The protections from the Card Act factored heavily into Richard Belton's decision to put business expenses for Knoshbox, his artisan-food subscription service with two employees, based in Deep River, Connecticut, on a consumer card from JP Morgan Chase.

Another Hard Lesson in Modern Lending

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Last month, as part of pretrial discovery, Moyal and his attorneys found out that the lender, a subsidiary of Bridgeport, Connecticut-based People''s United Bank, had already received the $200,000 back--months before the bank sued Moyal. In 2012, he shuttered his entire New Jersey operation and laid off 200 employees. Moyal has since retrenched to Manhattan, where he has 57 employees and does business under the name of another one of his printing companies, 1-800 Postcards.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

At its peak, in 2010, Goodmail had roughly 40 employees. Both studies counted only incorporated companies with employees. based companies initially funded by venture capital between 2006 and 2011, 84% now are closely held and operating independently, 11% were acquired or made initial public offerings of stock and 4% went out of business, according to Dow Jones VentureSource. Connecticut. Connecticut. Facebook. Twitter. WSJ Live. WSJ Live. MarketWatch.

Episode 14: Be Your Own Boss, Restaurant Owners, and Friendliest Cities for Businesses | The Bcast

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You can go so far in a single direction with too much freedom that maybe that’s not the best for people around you, or employees, or partners. Is that a quality of life thing for employees? Peter: Number three, New Haven Connecticut.

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Private Fund Adviser Regulation Under The Dodd-Frank Act

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One state that many private fund advisers that are not eligible to register with the SEC will find themselves needing to register with is Connecticut, which requires registration of investment advisers who either have a place of business in Connecticut (regardless of the number of Connecticut clients), or have more than five Connecticut clients (regardless of the advisers' geographic location). Volcker Rule: Forbidding Bank-Operated Private Funds.

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Alekstra To Disrupt Everything You Hate About Your Mobile Carrier


But what's less obvious is that by building these intelligent billing systems, Alekstra is methodically laying the groundwork to become the world's first Global Virtual Network Operator. A Global Virtual Network Operator would allow you take your cell phone from Finland to Singapore to the U.S. Business users are the highest value to operators because they travel a lot." Technically their plans of becoming a Global Virtual Network Operator is very simple.

Hard Lessons in Modern Lending

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Bliss had dismissed half of his 96 employees, cut wages across the board, and slashed his own salary to almost nothing. Bliss had restored his employees' salaries, repaid lost wages, and begun hiring again. He will keep the 50 employees he has and cap hiring there.

The Rise of the Robotic Workforce

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A few years from now, Baxter could take over more complex jobs on manufacturing lines, such as operating machinery. An employee patiently reboots Baxter, as one would a balky laptop or cell phone. Baxter is designed to work right alongside ordinary employees.

Dynamic strategy and the end of competitive advantage. Rita McGrath, Business of Software 2014

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Today, Fugi employees over 80,000 people, its revenues last year were 27 billion dollars, its number 400 on Fortune’s list of the top 1000 firms. Is sustainable competitive advantage dead? If so, who killed it?

Designating Delaware's Court of Chancery as the Exclusive Jurisdiction for Intra-Corporate Disputes

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In addition to Vice Chancellor Laster's dicta in the recent Revlon case, Delaware courts have twice approved a forum selection provision in the related context of an LLC's operating agreement. [10]. In each of Elf Atochem and Douzinas the court dismissed derivative suits on the basis of an arbitration provision in the LLC's operating agreement. AFSCME Employees Pension Plan , 953 A.2d AFSCME Employees Pension Plan , 953 A.2d

From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.

This is the first post in what’s going to be a series of blogs on how to go from nothing – no connections, no team, no money and no knowledge of how the startup industry really works – to operating a growing business. I’m taking a 52 week course in how to start up, run, operate, and achieve self employment. I’m taking a 52 week course in how to start up, run, operate, and achieve self employment.