How to Kickstart Your Company's Idea Market

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The reputation of "idea markets" for driving innovation is growing. At Rite-Solutions , idea markets aren''t new: The 150-employee IT company has operated an internal Kickstarter -like program since 2005. The company gives every staffer an imaginary $10,000 to spend in the idea market.

Why (and how) you should let your customers do the advertising for you

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Why (and how) you should let your customers do the advertising for you written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. It’s easy to create banner ads and market your site, but if the customers you have already have are not 100% satisfied, you are wasting your money.

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America’s Farmstand, The Online Farmer’s Market


Many of us love farmers’ markets – it’s often the only way to get access to all those organic, natural, artisanal produce fresh and direct from independently-run family farms.

Would You Work for a 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur?

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Mallory Kievman's hiccup remedy has garnered support from Startup America and the University of Connecticut business school. Briere first met Kievman at the 2011 Connecticut Invention Convention, which was held at the University of Connecticut. These UConn MBA students are!

Feb. 28, Stamford, CT: HBS Event on Angel Investing 101 – Best Practices

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Karen Bantuveris has 15 years experience as a consultant in customer centric- leadership development, marketing strategy and business process design. Angel investing Connecticut HBS Alumni AngelsI hope you can join us 6:30 pm EST, February 28th in Stamford, CT for a HBS Alumni Angels event on Angel Investing 101 – Best Practices. Click here to make a reservation. Speakers: - Bob Dahl, HBS Alumni Angel, formerly head of Global Healthcare for the Carlyle Group.

6 Sales Lessons From the Election

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The recent election teaches important lessons about what really works in sales and marketing. All elections are sales and marketing campaigns, from their big spends on airtime to their word-of-mouth networking on the ground.

The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps – What America Does Best

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Principal Investigator: Yu Lei University of Connecticut. We now know how to reduce customer and market risk for new ventures. We ran the first National Science Foundation Innovation Corps class October to December 2011.

Lending Club vs. Prosper

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They obviously read the market well and the consumer requirements were well understood simultaneously. The Lending Club allows direct investment from 28 states: Delaware, Florida, Georgia, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Montana, New Hampshire, Nevada, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi and Wyoming.

Get More Done: 18 Tips for Telecommuters

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I find that the most important thing for me is to keep a regular routine and to shower and dress every day as if I were going to an actual office," says Jenifer Kramer, Principal of West Hollywood, California-based Jenerosity Marketing.

Can’t Decide What Business to Start? No Problem, We’ll Tell You

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For example, Arizona currently ranks 2nd in the US for eating disorders among youths, and Middletown, Connecticut just cut funding for the student arrests prevention program. And, what about marketing yourself as environmentally friendly? Every month over 1 million people visit Bplans.

Global Spending on Mobile Advertising To Reach $18 Billion in 2014

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Improving market conditions will cause spending to increase to $41.9 Between 2015 to 2017, however, the market''s growth should accelerate due to "improved market conditions," such as new ad-targeting technologies, Baghdassarian said.

7 Ways Top Performers Train Themselves to Win

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because he wanted to learn about marketing. "I After exploring several franchising opportunities, he decided against it and invested $750,000 of his own money to start Launch trampoline parks in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

How To Start A Startup – For Busy People


If you want to avoid a $500k bill (like that paid by one Connecticut startup) to later move your company to Delaware, incorporate in Delaware from day one. Lecture 19: Part One: Sales and Marketing. 2) How big is the market? (3) by Andrea Martins, co-founder of GreenSocks.

How Our Startup Got Featured on CNN

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We reached out to him and he explained via email that he had unsubscribed because he lived in Connecticut and didn’t think he would be able to use the New York deals we were recommending. Tags: customer development process marketing product management Traffic Bumps via Chartbeat. Last Saturday, we woke up to a surprising alert from Chartbeat , we had a new record for most active visitors on our site Yipit. It turns out that CNN had run a two minute segment profiling Yipit.

An SEO Crash Course For Entrepreneurs


A robust group of marketing and search-news websites will keep you even more in tune with SEO. is a leading reporter on search-engine news, as well as overall digital marketing. by Braden Becker. You’ve put time, effort and investment into your startup.

My Guild Guitar Is Stuff That Works

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My Guild Guitar Is Stuff That Works This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. This is a new Sunday series that I’m calling Stuff that Works.

4 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses are Dropping Health Insurance

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As of April 8, Connecticut''s marketplace had sold plans to just 78 businesses, covering a total of 330 people. We consciously built for individuals, not the business market," says CEO and cofounder Noah Lang.

Episode 105: From Corporate to Captain with Chris Murphy

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As a leader in marketing systems and Internet lead generation through social media platforms, MFX has been recognized by Salon Today Magazine, Modern Salon, Strategies Magazine, and Austin American Statesman. Chris serves as a Certified Strategies Business Coach for Strategies out of Centerbrook, Connecticut. Chris serves as a Certified Strategies Business Coach for Strategies out of Centerbrook, Connecticut. Also Available On. Show Summary.

Made by Entrepreneurs: 8 Great Gift Ideas

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You might already know that the cupcake market is hot, but here''s my prediction: pies sold over the Web could become the next big (sweet) thing. Spread some holiday cheer in the office. Here are eight unique gift ideas that won''t break the bank.

6 ways startups can improve sales lead generation (without selling their soul)

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Gregg Schwartz is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Strategic Sales & Marketing , an industry-founding lead generation firm based in Connecticut.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

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Is This the End of Silicon Valley?

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While the partnership does not provide funding for start-ups, it does provide them with something quite valuable: a Rolodex of developers, designers, advisors, and investors within their state, as well as free marketing through the Startup America platform.

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail: Designing An Implementation Process


For example: DEF Company’s long term goal #1 is to reach out to the worldwide market with our new cleaning product that is guaranteed to clean metal and wood effortlessly. Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in social media marketing, CRM, and sales.

Strategy Roundtable: How To Use Twitter For Lead Generation


And we are generating a continuous stream of leads that we capture through HTML forms and engage with these prospects through a systematic email marketing process. During this week's roundtable, we followed a slightly different format than our usual five entrepreneur pitches.

Crowdfunding? Rule No. 1: Bare Your Soul

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But Day, who founded the business in Stamford, Connecticut, in 2008, doesn''t plan to hit up banks, VCs, or angels. If you have no plans to sell, consider establishing a secondary market within your company that would allow investors to sell shares to other shareholders.

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Pricing experiments you might not know, but can learn from

Marketing professors at Clark University and The University of Connecticut found that consumers perceive sale prices to be a better value when the price is written in a small font rather than a large, bold typeface. Extra Lucrative Conversion Advice. Services. About & Contact.

Best 3 Gifts You Can Give

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The horrible events in the quaint and quiet community of Newton, Connecticut last week have been weighing heavy on everyone's mind. Today, we are sending humble notes of encouragement to the families in Connecticut. Here are three (completely free) ways to bring back the holiday cheer.

Broken Hearts and Broken Minds


The government weaponry is no competition to anything available in the civilian market these days. father mother parenting connecticut shootings gun regulation Israel mental health mental illness Switzerland Whitehouse.govI try not to get too political on my blog, but sometimes an event happens like the killing of 20 six and seven year old kids by a mentally unstable individual, who had access to a semi-automatic gun, that compels me to write something.

We are the greed we protest against #occupywallst

This is going to be BIG.

Sure, blame it on the food companies, and yes, they're undoubtedly using underhanded marketing tactics to sell us, but who is doing that? It's some marketing exec getting paid to do that--why?

'Made in the USA' Gets a Makeover

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The online market, dubbed the Made Collection, offers American-made products from agency clients and other companies, including Otis James's ties. This isn't an idea that we've market-researched to death," says Schiff.

The Sandwich That Ate the World

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At 17, Fred DeLuca used a family friend''s $1,000 investment to open a sandwich shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut. One day, a woman from the marketing-practices division of the FTC visited our headquarters.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Incubators Are Reaching Out To 1M/1M


Satya is evaluating various go-to-market models such as franchising, and I advised him to focus on direct selling to major builders and working with industry value-added resellers (VARs) that already operate in the smart home segment in India.

Is This Paradise for Entrepreneurs?

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For a Mediterranean island about the size of Connecticut, Cyprus certainly produces an outsize number of graduates. What exactly happens when all these newly educated brains come home to an economy in recession and a miniscule domestic market?

Memo to Mitt: Fix Your LinkedIn Page!

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So, I figured I'd do Romney a favor, and I pulled together a panel of 16 public relations, marketing and social media professionals across the United States. Halpert, managing partner of Connect2Collaborate in Fairfield, Connecticut, disagreed.

1M/1M Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Ownership Matters


First up, Sumit Jha from New Delhi, India, presented EduMark , a real estate education program for the nascent Indian market that Sumit is already selling successfully, and wondering how to take to the next level of scale.

India 12

A Win for California's Chef Entrepreneurs

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Alabama, for example, has a limited cottage food law, allowing residents to operate home-based bakeries or process foods for farmers’ markets. California's new Homemade Food Act went into effect this month, making it legal for entrepreneurs to sell food made at home.

Looking For Millionaire Customers and Investors? Head to Maryland

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in 2013, according to a new report by New York-based research firm Phoenix Marketing International. Business owners looking to market to areas with a wealthy customer base--or in search of deep-pocketed investors--may also want to consider New Jersey, Connecticut, and Hawaii.

Using Negative Keywords To Attract Highly Qualified Customers


Negative keywords are easy to overlook, but can be critical to finding your target market with PPC. Connecticut Cheese Challenge. It’s said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Seth Sternberg – Meebo

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He grew up in Connecticut attended Yale undergrad and worked for IBM after graduation doing M&A, strategy and venture capital. Although both parents are educators, his father a professor and his mother the Commissioner of Education in Connecticut, they did not teach him business.

What CISPA Could Mean for Start-ups (and You)

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They want our data so they can better market to us. The proposed bill aims to fight cyber attacks by giving the government access to customer data. But at what cost?