Tesla and Adobe: Why Continuous Deployment May Mean Continuous Customer Disappointment

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In the last few years Agile and “Continuous Deployment” has replaced Waterfall and transformed how companies big and small build products. But businesses are finding that Continuous Deployment not only changes engineering but has ripple effects on the rest of its business model.

Why Continuous Deployment?

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, June 15, 2009 Why Continuous Deployment? Of all the tactics I have advocated as part of the lean startup , none has provoked as many extreme reactions as continuous deployment , a process that allows companies to release software in minutes instead of days, weeks, or months. My previous startup, IMVU , has used this process to deploy new code as often as an average of fifty times a day.

Continuous deployment with downloads

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, February 16, 2009 Continuous deployment with downloads One of my goals in writing posts about topics like continuous deployment is the hope that people will take those ideas and apply them to new situations - and then share what they learn with the rest of us. So I was excited to read a recent post about applying the concept of continuous deployment to that thickest-of-all-clients, the MMOG.

Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases non-events

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, January 18, 2010 Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases non-events The following is a case study of one entrepreneurs transition from a traditional development cycle to continuous deployment.

Continuous deployment for mission-critical applications

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, December 28, 2009 Continuous deployment for mission-critical applications Having evangelized the concept of continuous deployment for the past few years, Ive come into contact with almost every conceivable question, objection, or concern that people have about it. Or, phrased more hopefully, "I see how you can use continuous deployment to run an online consumer service, but how can it be used for B2B software?"

How Etsy Ships Apps

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In which Etsy transforms its app release process by aligning it with its philosophy for web deploys. Deploying code should be easy. It should happen often, and it should involve its engineers. For Etsyweb, this looks like continuous deployment.

Re-Introducing Deployinator, now as a gem!

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If you aren’t familiar with Deployinator, it’s a tool we wrote to deploy code to Etsy.com. We deploy code about 40 times per day. Within Deployinator, we call each of these independent deployments “stacks”. Deploys are now separate unix processes with descriptive proc titles.

Scaling CI at Etsy: Divide and Concur, Revisited

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The numerous jobs on our dashboard were great for pinpointing where the failures were, but it was difficult to determine at which stage of the deploy pipeline the failures existed. We needed some way to communicate the test status at each stage of the deployment pipeline.

Tracking Every Release

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Change to application code (deploys) are opportunities for failure. To track time-based events, the value sent for the metric can simply be “1″ Erik Kastner added this right into our code deployment tool so that every single deploy is automatically tracked. We can mix our code deployments right into the graph of PHP warnings we saw above. Combined with engineers pairing up for code reviews, we catch most issues before they get deployed.

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Lessons Learned: Customer Development Engineering

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, September 7, 2008 Customer Development Engineering Yesterday, I had the opportunity to guest lecture again in Steve Blank s entrepreneurship class at the Berkeley-Columbia executive MBA program. In addition to presenting the IMVU case, we tried for the first time to do an overview of a software engineering methodology that integrates practices from agile software development with Steves method of Customer Development.

We Invite Everyone at Etsy to Do an Engineering Rotation: Here’s why

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At Etsy, it’s not just engineers who write and deploy code – our designers and product managers regularly do too. In the past year, 70 employees have completed engineering rotations. This includes time spent training and the deploy itself.

Engineering Social Commerce

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In this post we explore some of the engineering challenges we faced in building a social commerce feature like the gift recommender. At Etsy, we build our system in a continuously deployed environment which allows us to quickly iterate and experiment. This holiday season we launched a redesigned version of a product we call “Gift Ideas for Your Friends”.

Lessons Learned: The engineering manager's lament

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, October 20, 2008 The engineering managers lament I was inspired to write The product managers lament while meeting with a startup struggling to figure out what had gone wrong with their product development process. Last week, I found myself in a similar situation, but this time talking to the engineering manager. This engineering manager is a smart guy, and very experienced. And why is the engineering manager suffering so badly?

Optimizing for developer happiness

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In the talk, I go into the philosophical reasons why continuous deployment makes engineers happy, how radically decentralizing authority and thinking of your team as a community optimize for happiness, and the how our approach to tooling makes everything work. engineering philosophy videoA few weeks ago, I gave a talk at Railsconf in Baltimore about how we optimize for developer happiness at Etsy.

API First Transformation at Etsy – Operations

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Continuing down this path we would have exhausted space and power in our datacenters. It’s tied into our continuous deployment system, moving along with up to 60 deploys per day for etsy.com. api engineering infrastructure mobile operations philosophy API PHP

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API First Transformation at Etsy – Concurrency

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Before we deploy code to Etsy.com, we check if the compiled routes and client code are up to date via Jenkins. And we neatly tie this into our continuous deployment process. api engineering infrastructure mobile philosophy

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Moving Fast at Scale: a microconference at SXSW

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We also deployed the site to production 517 times with changes from over 70 unique individuals. We’ve written about how we do it here on Etsy’s engineering blog (look here , here , and here for a sampling) but we’ve never explained it all in one place, in person, with free beer. “Continuous Deployment: the Why and How&# (Kellan Elliott-McCrea, VP of Engineering). Members of the Etsy engineering team will be hanging out.

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Lessons Learned: SEM on five dollars a day

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Trying to answer that question at IMVU led me to discover Google AdWords and the world of search engine marketing. You declare how much someone clicking an advertisement is worth to you, and then the search engine does its best to get you as many clicks as it can at that price. Labels: search engine marketing 4comments: Tauya said. Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases n.

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Infrastructure upgrades with Chef

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In addition to our production infrastructure, every engineer and designer also have their own VM to develop on the Etsy stack (see this post for details). We have about 30 engineers regularly making changes to our cookbooks. For infrastructure changes we have the same continuous deployment mentality. continuously deployed. hide a change behind a rollout flag and makes it easier for engineers that are. engineering infrastructure operations

Static Analysis for PHP

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They form an important part of our continuous deployment pipeline along with one-button deploys, fast unit and functional tests, copious amounts of graphing, and a fantastic development environment to make sure code flows safely and securely to production. Nothing particularly exotic but they help make the code readable and consistent across an ever growing engineering department. engineering infrastructure security

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Lessons Learned: Stevey's Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile

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Steveys Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile : "Google is an exceptionally disciplined company, from a software-engineering perspective. They work hard to keep their house in order at all times, and there are strict rules and guidelines in place that prevent engineers and teams from doing things their own way. You dont need "war team meetings," and you dont need status reports I even believe in doing launches on a continuous basis (see continuous ship ).

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Internationalizing Etsy: Fostering a Global Marketplace

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Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the engineering work we’ve done to internationalize Etsy. Multilanguage SEO & Facebook support : cues for search engines and Facebook to understand translated content, translated site UI, and how to play nice with sitemaps and robots.txt. Continuous deployment = continuous translation. engineering infrastructure internationalization

Lessons Learned: CPI > CPC

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This model has not translated well to the world of social networking, because customers of social networks engage sites in a different way than customers of search engines. Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases n. Towards a new entrepreneurship ▼ 2009 (88) ► December (4) Continuous deployment for mission-critical applica.

It's a startup, not a spreadsheet

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I think this idea is particularly appealing to those of us from an engineering background. Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases n. Towards a new entrepreneurship ▼ 2009 (88) ► December (4) Continuous deployment for mission-critical applica. Pivot, don't jump to a new vision Why Continuous Deployment?

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Teaching Testing: Our Testing 101 Materials

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Etsy engineers have a wide variety of backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses, so there are no engineering skills we can take for granted. And there are things you can’t just assume engineers will learn for themselves because you throw a codebase and a workflow at them. To that end, I recently wrote two “Testing 101″ materials for use by all Etsy engineers.

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Lessons Learned: The ABCDEF's of conducting a technical interview

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Finding great engineers is hard; figuring out whos good is even harder. For software engineers, I think this absolutely has to be a programming problem solved on a whiteboard. I have found this quite rare in engineers. Many of us engineers are strong introverts, without fantastic people skills. To test for empathy, I always make sure that engineers have one or two interviews with people of wildly different background, like a member of our production art department.

The Product Hacking Ecosystem

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Continuous deployment, the practice of pushing your code live the moment its ready, is absolutely essential for product hackers. engineering people philosophy bad idea mean time between failures meaningless death

Hands-on Lessons for Advanced Topics in Entrepreneurship

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We wanted to give you a rundown of what’s in store, along with particular insight into two of the workshops we’re most excited to have lined up for Gold and VIP attendee s—one session with Jez Humble on implementing continuous delivery and one with Alistair Croll on Lean analytics for corporate entrepreneurs. To demonstrate the kind of thing we have in mind, we spoke to Jez Humble, who will lead a workshop, Continuous Delivery: Deploy Safer, Learn Faster.

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The Awesomeness of a Hackathon

Feld Thoughts

I’ve become a big advocate of true Agile development (partly because of my experience with Rally Software – the leader in Agile software development environments) and – more recently – the notion of trying to get to continuous deployment which has been popularized by Eric Ries. And, rather than have it be an “engineering thing”, you can (and should) make it a full company thing. Over the years, a number of companies I’ve been an investor in have had hackathons.

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A large batch of videos, slides, and audio

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Or watch my full #leanstartup presentation at Seedcamp in London: And two bonus videos that are well worth watching (weally): Timothy Fitz, who worked for me at IMVU, giving an in-depth presentation on the details of the continuous deployment system that we built there.

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Translation Memory

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Since we are a company with a continuous deployment development process, we do this on a daily basis and as an result get a significant number of new messages to be translated along with changes or deletions of existing ones that have already been translated. Etsy’s Search Team has integrated Lucene / Solr into our deployment infrastructure allowing for Solr configuration, Java-based indexers, and query parsing logic to go to production code in minutes. By: Diego Alonso.

Teaching Etsy to Speak a Second Language

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As an Engineer, it can be quite daunting planning how to translate a website from English into another language. The responsibility for tagging all of these templates falls on all Engineers, Product Managers and Designers at Etsy that contribute to our codebase. plurals, possessives), as well as our translation workflow (and how it affects continuous deployment) in later blog posts. engineering internationalization German localization translation

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We are at OSCON!

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Generosity of spirit is a core Etsy Engineering principle — as a team we expect each of us to speak in public, release open source software , lead classes, write posts here on Code As Craft and/or publish research papers.

Sneak preview, Grockit

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Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases n. Towards a new entrepreneurship ► 2009 (88) ► December (4) Continuous deployment for mission-critical applica.

Fear is the mind-killer

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I spent some time with his company before the conference and discussed ways to get started with continuous deployment , including my experience introducing it at IMVU. He summarized that conversation well, so rather than re-tread that material, Ill quote it here: One thing that I was surprised to learn was that IMVU started out with continuous deployment. Understanding these three factors makes it clear as to why continuous deployment was a starting point for IMVU.

Four myths about the Lean Startup

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And they can benefit from the speed and discipline of starting with a minimum viable product and then learning and iterating continuously. Many lean startups are ambitious and are able to deploy large amounts of capital. Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases n.

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Do lean startup principles have a place in the enterprise?

The Next Web

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by James Donelan , the VP of engineering at MuleSoft , provider of the world’s most widely used integration platform. Use a continuous delivery model to release new features quickly with the least amount of friction.

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Lessons Learned: The lean startup at UC Berkeley Haas School of.

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When wed go into a product planning meeting, often an engineer or product person would have already run a small scale A/B experiment , and so already have some data to go on. Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases n.


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Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases n. Towards a new entrepreneurship ► 2009 (88) ► December (4) Continuous deployment for mission-critical applica.

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Case Study: Continuous deployment makes releases n. Towards a new entrepreneurship ► 2009 (88) ► December (4) Continuous deployment for mission-critical applica. Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, September 6, 2010 Lo, my 57692 subscribers, who are you?