How An Email Verification Service Works


Email verification has gotten lots of attention in the past few years. As email is becoming an increasingly prominent marketing channel, organizations need to ensure they use accurate email lists. But what exactly does an email verifier do?

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Effective Marketing Today Begins With A Conversation

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They don’t realize that customers today are looking for relationships, meaning two-way conversations with your business. Customer conversations are easy today, through responding to customers on social media, web live chats, and interactive applications on mobile devices.

The Magic of Email Conversations

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In the mid 1990’s I used an email client that did a pretty good job of “threading conversations.&# The UI was kind of crummy, but it did some interesting things. I have no idea where net.Thread ended up but as a master-emailer I’ve always wondered why the very simple concept of a threaded conversation never became a standard part of the email UI. A conversation view existed in Outlook 2007 but it sucked.

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Best Practices To Maximize Cold Email Responses


Cold email is a massively popular way of reaching out to potential customers and clients. However, because of its popularity, it’s getting harder to stand out from all the other emails. At Reply we help people automate their email while still keeping them personal.

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The Best Cold-Emailing Tools For Startups


Cold emailing is a challenge, and anyone’s who’s tried email outreach as part of their marketing strategy knows this well. With that being said, cold emailing can be effective. For a lot of startups, a few cold emails have made a world of difference in a multitude of ways.

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The Conundrum of Email

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Email is a big part of this. Once a month I get an email from the Gmail Meter that tells me about my email behavior. The daily average is 233 conversations, 411 received emails, and 140 sent emails. If you assume a 10 hour day (short for me), that’s 23 conversations an hour, 41 received emails an hour, and 14 sent emails an hour. It’s easy to imagine that I could easily spent my entire life doing email. Email

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Dealing With Email From Oldest to Newest

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He’s always available, super responsive on email, and very good at having a three minute meeting that results in a decision. “Email Order. I process my email from oldest to newest. ” A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away when I used Outlook, I processed my email in chronological order – oldest at the top. So, even when there are 17 brand new emails, just clicking on the bottom one and reading backwards works just fine.

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Do This, Not That Email Marketing Edition


by Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft and co-author of “ Conquer the Chaos: How to Grow a Successful Small Business Without Going Crazy “ Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective methods of digital marketing. Not That: Emailing Back and Forth.

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How to Use eCommerce Email Marketing to Increase Conversions


As an eCommerce site, you likely send emails regularly. Black Friday emails, Valentine’s Day emails, BOGO emails, confirmation emails, thank you emails, reminder emails… the list is endless. How Important Is Email Marketing in eCommerce?

Ecommerce Landing Pages: Fewer Distractions, More Conversions


Two percent is the average conversion rate for ecommerce sites. While every site is different—and you’ll benefit far more by focusing on your conversion rate—that’s where most sites are today. But what if a 2% conversion rate isn’t enough to stay profitable?

Email Copywriting 101: Five Steps to Better Converting Emails


Email marketing is dead.” But email isn’t going anywhere. Customers who buy through email spend 138% more than those who don’t sign up for email offers. And email marketing has an ROI of 28.5% Here are five steps to start writing more emails that convert.

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8 Email Segmentation Examples That Can Boost Conversions


You finally decide to invest the time and money into building an email list. Tons of articles explain the importance of email marketing for your business, but you continue to fail at achieving results. So what are all the other successful email marketers doing that you’re not?

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Email Marketing Tips for Improving Click Through Rates


Email marketing is still among the strongest ways to get the message across to customers and prospective clients. Having a targeted audience of e-mail subscribers is crucial for your email marketing strategy. Email Marketing Tips For Improving Click Through Rates.

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How to Pitch Your Business by Email

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But, pitching can come in different forms, and one of the most common ways to pitch your business —even in our technologically advanced age—is the “pitch email.” ” Email is everywhere. So what’s the best way to go about pitching your business by email?

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3 Critical Ways To Make Your Marketing Emails More Effective


One way that marketers always tend to go back to when they want to get in touch with their audience and let them know about something is through email marketing. In fact, 81% of marketers use email marketing. From the television to social media, to our email inboxes, and beyond.

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4 Ways To Increase Your Email Click Rates


Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers, increase your online presence and drive traffic to your website. However, email marketing is no walk in the park and often business owners feel forced to settle with a good open rate, but a distinct lack of click-throughs.

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Your Online Forms Can Unlock The Key To Conversions


If you’re a marketer, you live and breathe conversion rates. You look at the rates for everything from advertising to emails, because anywhere you can measure the number of visitors you get, you can measure just how successful your efforts really are.

Best Tips For A Great Email Campaign


One such example is the split testing technique, which you can use prior to sending out your next email campaign. In order for you to get the most out of your email campaigns, here are some easy steps to follow: 1. Others digital marketing email marketing marketing Online marketing

Getting The Compensation Conversation Right

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The process starts with an email to the candidate: “Dear Candidate, From a skills and values standpoint, it seems like we are both excited about the possibility of you joining our company. If it works for you, I’d prefer to have this communication via email. For example, perhaps your conversations along the way changed their perspective on salary requirements for the position. You can avoid this potential pitfall with one simple email.

Custom Email And Your Brand Or Business: Why It’s Important


Which electrical service would you choose to go to for your house electrical problems given the following email addresses: or Moreover, using multiple email addresses for different parts of your business (e.g., Let’s do a quick test.

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The 2018 State of Conversion Optimization Report


To assess the State of the Conversion Optimization Industry in 2018, we gave a 26 question survey to 701 people who work in the optimization space. Does your team have a conversion optimization process that you follow? Conversion Optimizer.

7 Poisonous Conversion Optimization Myths


Every industry is plagued by myths, misunderstanding and half truths – and conversion optimization is no different. With the help of some of the top experts in conversion optimization, here is a list of the 7 most poisonous conversion optimization myths: 1.

How To Optimize Your Google Map Listing For Maximum Conversions?


Here are some Google Maps optimization tips for maximum conversions from our SEO experts at Hook Agency that may help: What Is a Google Maps Listing? This is called the 3-pack, and if you can get into the 3-pack, you’re likely to increase your conversion rate significantly.

How to Tune Up Your Email Marketing So You Can Improve Conversions and Make More Money

Duct Tape Marketing

How to Tune Up Your Email Marketing So You Can Improve Conversions and Make More Money written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. You’ve worked hard growing an email list. Step one is getting your sales emails opened.

How to Get Organizational Buy-in for Conversion Optimization


Website and email A/B testing tools make it dead simple to run tests and handle the calculations that trip people up in the beginning. Once you have them, you can focus on building out the conversion optimization team and asking for a greater investment in the program.

How to Tune Up Your Email Marketing So You Can Improve Conversions and Make More Money

Duct Tape Marketing

How to Tune Up Your Email Marketing So You Can Improve Conversions and Make More Money written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. You’ve worked hard growing an email list. You ship the magic email and wait, but the sales fall short of your goals.

Should You Optimize for Micro-Conversions?


If we’re supposed to optimize what’s closest to the money, what is the value in optimizing for micro-conversions? What Are Micro-Conversions? Micro-conversions, depending on your business-type, could be any of the following: Viewing your “Request a Quote” page.

From Age-Old To Modern Day: 13 Tips For Professional Email Correspondence


Once integrated into the professional business world, email becomes second nature. The constant emailing causes some to become less formal in their communications, and it is easy to commit electronic etiquette snafus. Emails can easily be misinterpreted through text without context.

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A #1 Email Productivity Tip


I realized I typically have seven or eight daily “email conversations” (where I exchanges emails on the same subject more than 3 times per day). Case in point is an email exchange I had last Tuesday with Jay Smith, one of our software engineers.

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This Year’s Best Email Newsletters

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S o, I’m always on the lookout for the best email newsletters—the ones I can rely on to be the right combination of informative and truly insightful, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Should Your Board Members Be On The Email List?

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Aspects of the culture get played out every day on the email list. “ I don’t want to overwhelm my board members with emails.” ” That’s my problem, not yours, and the reason filters were created for people who can’t handle a steady volume of email. If you are a Gmail user, or have conversation view turned on in Outlook, it’s totally mangeable since all the messages thread up into a single conversation.

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14 List Building Hacks to Grow Your Email Database Fast


Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to drive sales of any online channel. But the biggest challenge most businesses face is they don’t have an email database (which I’ll interchangeably refer to as a ‘list’) big enough to see the benefits of email. Here’s the email….

Finding Startup Developers - First Email Contact


Here is the most recent version of an all too common email inquiry from a startup founder. I've written before about having an Initial Conversation with a Potential CTO. Startup and Founder Backgrounds This is a cold email.

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How to QA Ecommerce Email Campaigns to Increase ROI


I don’t have to convince you that email is important: Email is a cost-effective way to get sales. Email includes your most-interested customers. Email maxes out revenue from big sale periods. And, according to Klaviyo, emails initiated 30% of those sales.

Bootstrapping Relevance: Making Web Conversions Meaningful for Long Sales Cycles


This post details four steps that any organization can follow to estimate the value of on-site conversions more accurately: Identify every potential touchpoint. Those interactions occur across teams (marketing, sales, customer support) and platforms (analytics, CRM, email).

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Sales Conversations

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How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Sales Conversations written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Combined with the text below you should have a pretty good feel for how to use LinkedIn to generate sales conversations. Does your profile create conversation?

Cold Emails: Can They Work, Or Are They Just Spam?


Cold emails are unsolicited emails sent to previously uncontacted recipients. To many, cold emails are synonymous with spam and a nuisance—one reason why U.S. hours checking their work email each day. Why would anyone want to use cold email?

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Post-Purchase Emails: How to Boost Retention and LTV


Though the remaining 58% understand the importance of customer loyalty and retention, they may find it difficult to execute and analyze customer happiness and conversion campaigns. And that is where carefully crafted post-purchase emails come in. The ROI of Post-Purchase Emails.

Does “Going Viral” Actually Result in More Conversions?


6,000 emails came in, even days after the hype. Of course, going viral will get you more conversions. More people are flooding to your site, which means conversions will increase. However, giving your product away for free will increase your conversions, too.

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Optimizing Mobile Forms for More Conversions—and a Competitive Advantage


Done right, optimized mobile forms can deliver more than an increased conversion rate: They can become a competitive advantage—a reason users choose to fill out a form on your site. Indeed, there may be times when increasing form fields boosts conversion rates.).

18 Cognitive Biases You Can Use for Conversion Optimization


How it affects you and how to use it: If your first encounter with A/B testing is a button color change that increased conversions (that’s your anchor), you’ll be less likely to try other A/B tests, especially radical redesigns. Next, make it easy for people to start those conversations (e.g.

2X Your Conversion Rate in Less Than 30 Days


What’s a good conversion rate? A conversion rate that’s better than the one you currently have. Whatever your current conversion rate is, today’s top conversion rate optimization experts have banded together to help you double it… in just 23 days.

How to set up Google Analytics widgets and heatmaps to track email conversions

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But the action that we want our visitors to take is to sign up for our email list, right? So how do we know how many emails we are collecting on a daily basis, which traffic channels are giving… This story continues at The Next Web.

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