Why you should pay attention to these 8 emerging tech hubs

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But have you heard of what’s going on in Cyprus, Sweden or North Carolina? Nicosia, Cyprus?. Despite its recent financial crisis, the WIPO cites Cyprus as a country showing great potential in intellectual property and technology output.

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Will Bitcoin adoption be driven outside the US?

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Some attributed one of the recent rises in Bitcoin price to worries in Cyprus and Spain about the fragility of their banking systems. High transaction costs are another possible driver of Bitcoin adoption. As the developing world leapfrogs to mobile , I think that it is likely that we will find some developing countries with the right combination of high inflation, high mobile phone penetration, high transaction costs and weak financial institutions to foster fast Bitcoin adoption.

3 Challenges Your Business Should Consider Before Expanding International


Cyprus and Monaco, for example, have imposed duty taxes for imported goods. So online retailers are advised to research cost expenditures for shipping and possible customs duty before expanding into foreign markets. by Mark Fabian Henkel, co-founder and CEO of Paymill.

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Should You Consider Using Bitcoin?

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Recent news on the Cyprus banking crisis has brought Bitcoin back into the public view. Still, it could be a unique opportunity, cost-saver, or at least an interesting novelty for the adventurous entrepreneur.

Create High-Impact Data Visualizations: Nine Effective Strategies

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Cyprus and Ireland. Lars Verspohl takes you along on a wonderful journey through cost and profit structures of movies. I believe deeply in the value of making data accessible.

Spam Laws, Email Marketing, and Compliance

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Here, we’ll give you a quick refresher on where spam laws stand both nationally and internationally, and how your business can avoid costly mistakes. Cyprus – Section 06 of the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services Law of 2004.

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200.000.000 mobile users, for starters – Q&A with Viber CEO Talmon Marco

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The company is based in Cyprus with development centers in Belarus, Israel and China. Scale: things that seem easy when you have 100 connected users, are far more difficult when you have tens of millions concurrently connected users – especially if you want to be cost-effective.

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