The one cost engineers and product managers don't consider

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Discuss on Hacker News Kris Gale, VP Engineering at Yammer, joined us recently for First Round CTO Summit and blew everyone away with his talk on "why the traditional engineering organizational structure is dead."

7 Strategies For A Low Entry-Cost Sustainable Startup

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The cost of entry is at an all-time low, working from home through an Internet website seen globally, turning a hobby or an invention into an online business. All marketing costs money, including viral marketing, search engine optimization, click-through, and social media support.

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10 Strategies To Cover New Product Development Costs

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My first advice for new entrepreneurs is to pick a domain that doesn’t have the sky-high up-front development costs, like online web sites and smart phone apps. Nevertheless, it’s an option that doesn’t cost you equity. development costs new venture research valley of death

Why Misunderstanding Startup Metrics Can Cost You Your Business

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The key to being able to run a business that isn’t yet profitable (on operating margin) is availability of capital to finance losses and preferably at a cost that isn’t too punitive to the founders and employees. Customer acquisition cost.

A growth engine without a profit engine is incomplete thinking

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That may well transpire, but simply following this diagram you could spend a lot of time and money building a business where customers value your product at less than it costs to provide. In addition to a growth engine, companies need to understand their profit engine.

How to Improve Your Content for the Search Engines… Fast

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3 No-Cost Ways to Get Noticed Online Improve your content to boost online awareness. As an entrepreneur, you know you need to build online awareness and get high rankings on the search engines. Business Content Marketing Content Strategy Copywriting Increase Sales Repuation Management Sales SEO SEO Copywriting Social Media Strategy Web Copywriting Writing Tips content content strategy search engine optimization SEO content strategy

The Cost Equation for a Startup is Better Than Ever

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I come from a high-tech software background, and only a few years ago, it would cost at least a million dollars ($1M) for a team of professionals to produce any commercial software product. Technology costs. Do basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) yourself.

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7 Worst Entrepreneurial Perceptions From Engineers

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Every engineer who has invented some new technology, or is adept at creating solutions, believes that is the hard part, and it should be a short step to take that solution to market as an entrepreneur. Engineers assume that the business issues can be resolved later.

Startups: Stop Trying To Hire Ninja-Rockstar Engineers


While companies fight tooth and nail over engineers with MIT or Stanford degrees with years of experience, as CTO of designer pages, my best hires were consistently entry-level developers that I developed on the job. Great companies need great engineers who want to solve complex problems.

Case Study: Resolving Airline Engineering Issues Using Videoconferencing


Airline engineering issues arise due to lack of oversight; methods used for risk management and the use of temporary employees and outsourced specialists. We offer videoconferencing services that can bring airline engineers together online to resolve issues and discuss the industry.

Lessons from Facebook on Recruiting Elite Engineers

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Following is a guest post from ff Venture Capital winter intern Max Segan , a Colgate senior majoring in computer science, who is starting at Facebook this summer as a software engineer. In a very competitive market for quality engineers they’re almost certainly interviewing elsewhere, too; it’s important to lose as few as possible due to poor response time or anything else easily preventable.

Lowering Operational Costs with Network as a Service (NaaS)

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For SMBs looking to get a handle on IT costs, networking solutions have been limited. If you’re running anything that’s remotely robust or complex, most solutions are costly, and nearly all require an IT pro on your team. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CBTS.

Best Free and Low Cost Resources for Small Business Owners

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Here are the top free and low-cost online resources for small business courtesy of our young entrepreneur profile from April, Grade A Marketing founder Amanda Fischer. Mailchimp is the most cost-effective, user-friendly marketing manager.

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The yin and yang of the engineering team and the sales team

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This is sometimes the result of one team pushing the other to its limits, often the sales team pushing the limits of the engineering system already in place. Vetting the technical feasibility ideas is the job of a strong engineering team keeps things in check.

5 Simple Steps for Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization

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Small business owners who use this process acquire new customers at drastically lower costs than buying visitors through cost-per-click ads. Give your new blog posts and articles the best chance possible to pull in new visitors by making sure they’re optimized for the search engines.

Startup Killer: the Cost of Customer Acquisition | For Entrepreneurs

However in all these articles, I have not seen any discussion about what I believe is the second biggest cause of startup failure: the cost of acquiring customers turns out to be higher than expected, and exceeds the ability to monetize those customers.

Resilience Engineering #2: Drift

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Last week introduced resilience engineering and started with two critical concepts, robustness and resilience , with robust systems being unchanged but pushed to provide performance in a challenging environment and resilient systems adapting to the challenge and evolving.

How Steve Jobs Undercut Silicon Valley's Greatest Asset: Engineers

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And in his final years, he may have gone out of his way to thwart the innovation of the underclass of software engineers responsible for Silicon Valley''s inventiveness. The current class action could award damages between $3 billion and $9 billion to more than 60,000 engineers. "If

5 Reasons Good Software Engineers Quit

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Any Silicon Valley hiring manager will tell you that engineering talent is rare and valuable. And we all know the true cost of turnover is far greater than your balance sheet may suggest. The top five responses--and the percentage of engineers who gave them--were as follows: 1.

Unlocking Your Company’s Growth Engine w/ Conversion Rate Optimization w/ Sean Ellis


I’m Sean Ellis & I’d like to tell you how Conversion Rate Optimization played a critical role as the growth engine for the companies I’ve worked with. Systematic Optimization of the Core User Experience is the CRO Growth Engine.

Resilience Engineering #1: Robust Vs. Resilient

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This series of blogs will present a tool for dealing with those challenges, resilience engineering (RE). Another reason for deciding against the integrated solution is Company XYZ is in a recession in their market and keeping costs down is a “must.”

How much does it cost to build the world’s hottest startups?

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Here are their breakdowns of the costs and time investments to create 10 of the world’s hottest startups. This means — assuming you already have a laptop — the cost is almost nothing to build the next Twitter. times that amount in total costs.

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How To Avoid the 3 Most Costly Mistakes When Using Google AdWords

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How To Avoid the 3 Most Costly Mistakes When Using Google AdWords written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. If this is your experience then you are not alone, almost all small businesses make costly mistakes when they start using AdWords.

Lessons Learned: The engineering manager's lament

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, October 20, 2008 The engineering managers lament I was inspired to write The product managers lament while meeting with a startup struggling to figure out what had gone wrong with their product development process. Last week, I found myself in a similar situation, but this time talking to the engineering manager. This engineering manager is a smart guy, and very experienced. And why is the engineering manager suffering so badly?

7 Steps to Building a Recruiting Engine That Works

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Are we paying less because the cost of living is so much lower here? We all know recruiting is hard. Almost everyone, universally, complains about it. I’ve never heard anyone say that they’re always able to hire the best people, whenever they want, easily. It just doesn’t happen. More often than not though, at least in my experience, it’s actually a problem of effort and not something else.

8 Common & Costly Website Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

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But if it looks like overkill to you, it's probably overkill to a search engine spider, too. Don't bother to have a website if you're making these obvious, fundamental errors. When you design or redesign your website, don't overlook the basics.

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Search Engine Optimization Requires Proactive Management

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As technology has become a more integral part of business, avoiding new solutions can end up costing you. When search engines were relatively new, and content marketing even less established than its current burgeoning status, people used to saturate writing with keywords.

Fred Wilson: 8 Rules for Managing People, According to an Engineer

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That''s good news for you, engineers.) I am an engineer, and so are most of the folks who work in technical operations. The engineer mindset is to build stuff, scale stuff, and make it work reliably and consistently. When I was at MIT, I majored in Mechanical Engineering.

Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) on Engineering your marketing outcomes

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So here is Patrick McKenzie's brilliant talk at Business of Software 2011 on engineering your marketing outcomes. Patrick talks about types of marketing that use engineering skills and won't be rabidly opposed to your developers. Ten years ago I was an engineer with very little self-confidence skills — and now I’m an engineer with very little self-confidence ten years older. We have lots of young engineers in the audience?

From Radio Shack, to Self-Taught SEO Expert, Court Tuttle Reveals How He Always Knows Which Keywords Are Profitable Online by Yaro Starak

A long time ago I was researching what top level keyword phrase I wanted EJ to rank for in search engines. What is surprising about Court’s story, which you will hear in this interview, is that he entered the world of search engine optimisation with absolutely no background in it.

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Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, the Future

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As an analyst, I was upset that this change would hurt my ability to analyze the effectiveness of my beloved search engine optimization (SEO) efforts – which are really all about finding the right users using optimal content strategies. Aggregated search engine level analysis.

Managing Risk and Improving Efficiency of the Supply Chain

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As a new startup, you’re likely well aware of how inventory costs money and how those costs can quickly add up the longer you go without orders. However, did you also know that it costs your company money when you encounter zero inventory counts?

What to expect before accepting the offer to become Engineer #1 at a startup

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“It kinda sucks to be engineer #1.”. That’s what a couple of my friends – engineers at Google and Bloomberg who have been following the rise of startup culture with intrigue – told me recently. Engineer #1? Why not wait until the opportunity to be engineer #10, #20, #100?

Jason Cohen, CEO WP Engine, Why data can make you do the wrong thing.

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Jason Cohen, CEO of WP Engine , has been worried that too many people take A/B Testing too seriously, or at least take it seriously without understanding what it can do for your business. And in particular I’m running WordPress Engine, and in the last two years we’ve made millions of dollars. Maybe if you’re a small company it’s actually good to know that this is actually going to cost some type of money and maybe I should have it in my pocket by then.

Resilience Engineering #21: Organizational Fatigue

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There is a very simple way to address this situation that is relatively low in cost. Project and Program Management active garage center for change management Change Management gary monti metal fatigue Project Management Resilience engineering Resilient Systems woods and wreathall

How Scientists and Engineers Got It Right, and VC’s Got It Wrong

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Scientists and engineers as founders and startup CEOs is one of the least celebrated contributions of Silicon Valley. ESL, the first company I worked for in Silicon Valley , was founded by a PhD in Math and six other scientists and engineers. Since it was my first job, I just took for granted that scientists and engineers started and ran companies. However, the majority of engineers graduating from these schools went to work in existing companies.

Limited Budget? Guide To Getting More Visitors To Your Site Without Spending A Dime


When your site is up and running, the next challenge that comes your way is how to attract quality traffic without any added costs. If you are not privy to this at the point of designing your site, get someone who can do the job and optimize the web pages at no added cost.

2015 Q2 DDoS Threat Landscape Report: The Downside Of The Decline Of Search Engine Impersonator Bots, And What It Means For DDoS Attacks


On the surface, the news that the use of search engine impersonator bots is down from 57% of all DDoS bot traffic in 2014 to a miniscule 0.9% Nearly every website in existence welcomes Google’s search engine crawlers. Others cyber crime Google search algorithm search engine

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Lessons Learned: Customer Development Engineering

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, September 7, 2008 Customer Development Engineering Yesterday, I had the opportunity to guest lecture again in Steve Blank s entrepreneurship class at the Berkeley-Columbia executive MBA program. In addition to presenting the IMVU case, we tried for the first time to do an overview of a software engineering methodology that integrates practices from agile software development with Steves method of Customer Development.

How to Reduce the Day-to-Day Running Costs of Your Van

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When running a business, balancing the books and maintaining a van can outweigh one another negatively, as fuel costs rise and things go wrong over time with the vehicle itself.