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Twitter Link Roundup #56 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

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Lean Startup 101 for Developers – [link]. Croatia) – [link]. Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts – [link]. The VC Market: An Adaptive System – [link]. Strategy is Not a To Do List – [link]. Beware the Nile perch – [link]. Silicon Valley’s Disruption Deficit Disorder – [link].

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Join a conference simulcast near you

Startup Lessons Learned

One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3.

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Here are The Missing Positives of This Election

Both Sides of the Table

We still do have a long way to go on gender equality and Hillary becoming president — whatever your political leanings or views — will go along way towards telling young women anything can be achieved. Liberia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Trinidad, Brazil, Kosovo, Slovenia, Denmark, Jamaica, South Korea, Norway, Poland & Croatia.

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Our 7 favorite startups from the Wayra London 2013 demo day

The Next Web

For example, someone might post a picture on their profile of a bike leaning against a railing along with the caption “how I get to work”, to convey some information, but also reveal a little more personality. It also has a map of known defibrillator locations. It hopes to have a network of 20 million iHelp users in the next five years.

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Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

Occam's Razor

If you are in Croatia, you might not have very good CI data for your country (you'll have to make do with relaxing on your world-class beaches that are the envy of the world!). I find this behavior to be a million times more useful than demographics or political leanings. Learn from them (specific recommendations below).

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Create High-Impact Data Visualizations: Nine Effective Strategies

Occam's Razor

UK, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. But, I really do want you to lean into this one. (This is embarrassing but I was surprised how big Italy is, and how small Sweden is.). The clusters of countries next to each other, for the sake of cleaner lines, all by itself has a built-in message. Cyprus and Ireland. So on and so forth.

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