Hacking for Defense @ Stanford 2019

Steve Blank

The eight teams spoke to over 820 beneficiaries, stakeholders, requirements writers, program managers, warfighters, legal, security, customers, etc. Followed by an 8-minute slide presentation follow their customer discovery journey over the 10-weeks.

Hacking For Defense In Silicon Valley

Steve Blank

In a major break from the past, where the military designed all its own weapons, 10,000 scientists and engineers from academia worked in civilian-run weapons labs (most headquartered in universities) in an organization called the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD).

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Preparing for Chaos – the Life of a Startup « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

This book may be the Iraq war equivalent of “ Dispatches &# which defined Vietnam for my generation.

Iraq 130

Hacking for Defense @ Stanford 2017 – Lessons Learned Presentations

Steve Blank

It combines the same Lean Startup Methodology used by the National Science Foundation to commercialize science, with the rapid problem sourcing and curation methodology developed on the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq by Colonel Pete Newell and the US Army’s Rapid Equipping Force.

Herding Cats – Using Lean to Work Together

Steve Blank

When Colonel Peter Newell headed up the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force (REF) he used lean methods on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to provide immediate technology solutions to urgent problems. Filed under: Customer Development , Hacking For Defense , Lean LaunchPad.

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The Air Force Academy Gets Lean

Steve Blank

Graduation day with classmate Joseph Helton (right), killed in action in Iraq in 2009. The way our process worked, customers were just a stakeholder that provided input – not drivers of the process. Filed under: Air Force , Customer Development , Lean LaunchPad , Teaching.

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Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 31: Congressmen Dan Lipinski and Seth Moulton

Steve Blank

If you’re listening on the Internet, DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the NSF (The National Science Foundation) were critical in developing the internet. Marine Corps veteran who served four tours in Iraq, including two tours as a platoon commander and two tours as a Special Assistant to Gen. Filed under: Customer Development , SiriusXM Radio Show. Customer Development SiriusXM Radio Show

Episode 5 on Sirius XM Channel 111: Pete Newell, John Kuhn, Matt Weingart, Takashi Tsutsmi and Masato Iino

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Matt Weingart, program development manager in the Strategic Development Office at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. During his military career he served in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Arabian peninsula, Egypt, and the Horn of Africa.

Hacking for Defense @ Stanford 2018 – wonder and awe

Steve Blank

Six teams spoke to over 600 beneficiaries, stakeholders, requirements writers, program managers, warfighters, legal, security, customers, etc. Each of their slide presentations follow their customer discovery journey.

What would you want to tell Washington DC about startups?

Startup Lessons Learned

I started my last company with 100% off-shore resources because I could never have completed Customer Development at a reasonable cost of money or regulatory burden had I employed US Citizens. I'll add two ideas: The modern structure of university patent licensing and technology transfer works really well in the life sciences and other fields with expensive product development processes.

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