Discovery: How Sales Sets Customer Success Up To Succeed


by Tim Conder, VP of Customer Success at Bolstra. While Discovery is incredibly informative for a XaaS vendor, it’s important to remember that it’s a moment of vulnerability and truth for a customer. Basic guidelines for conducting Discovery that sets customer success up for success.

When Customers Make You Smarter

Steve Blank

We talk a lot about Customer Development, but there’s nothing like seeing it in action to understand its power. But the big payoff came when their discussions with medical device customers revealed an entirely new way to think about pricing —potentially tripling their revenue.

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A Valid Business Model Requires Real Customer Sales

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Of course, one sale isn’t really enough, so you need to get the first customer to recommend you to a second, and make sure the rate of sales ramps up quickly enough to keep the business alive and growing. Customers don’t buy the impossible dream.

Helping Startups Understand Salespeople & the Sales Culture

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Specifically what is often not in the DNA of founders are sales skills. The result is a lack of knowledge of the process and of sales people themselves. I had never had any sales training so everything we did for the first couple of years was instinctual. Sales

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A Valid Business Model Requires Real Customer Sales


Of course, one sale isn’t really enough, so you need to get the first customer to recommend you to a second, and make sure the rate of sales ramps up quickly enough to keep the business alive and growing. Customers don’t buy the impossible dream.

Customer Success: The Secret Ingredient For Engagement 


by Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of “ The Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue “ In today’s competitive market, customer engagement (or lack thereof) could determine whether your company sinks or swims.

5 Necessary E-Commerce Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Want Sales


Americans spent more on e-commerce sites than they did in brick-and-mortar stores for the first time in history in 2015 , when online sales exceeded the $300 billion mark. Who Want Sales . Assure customers you’re not going to disappear. Use tools that attract customers.

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4 Categories of B2B Customers

Grasshopper Herder

It’s hard to keep tab of sales when we’re talking to customers. B2B startups founders with limited sales experience have trouble with qualifying leads. Customer Development Sales b2b sales

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5 Research-Backed Tips for Increasing B2B Sales

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By providing a free or limited version of your product or service, your customer can get a hands-on feel for how and why your offering can improve their business. See Also: 8 Ways to Create Real Customer Loyalty. Instead of creating a sales brochure, create a white paper.

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6 Ways To Stop Selling And Get More Customers Buying

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Image via Pixabay Making more sales quickly today is no longer about selling. It’s all about getting customers to make a buy decision. They don’t want to be pushed into a sale, but they love to be pulled in by what is important to them. Make every sale a win-win outcome.

18 Great Sales Books to Improve Your Sales Skills

Inc Startups

These great sales books cover the basics of sales, social selling, building customer relationships, growing key accounts, networking and negotiating. Sales

Connecting With Customers


“ The idea that a business needs to treat its customers well and understand their tastes and habits is so obvious it seems hardly worth stating. To accomplish this, you sell a product or service to your customers and hopefully earn a profit on each transaction. Be a customer.

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Avoid Wasting Time

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One of the questions I’m most often asked by CEOs is how to hire sales people. I’ve also written extensively on sales and on which sales execs to hire and how to think about the different kinds of sales leaders. Sales & Marketing Advice Startup Advice

How Great Entrepreneurs Really Listen To Customers

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Entrepreneurs and business executives seem to be even more focused on their technology than the rest of us, and less inclined to listen to the voice of the customer, even if they remember to ask. I doubt if any of these are really listening to their customers.

Managing Enterprise Sales Deals

Mark Birch

We had one of their major clients lined up to be the first customer using our mobile sales content platform. I once knew a colleague who lost a deal because the decision maker was offended that the lead sales engineer had the audacity to wear a Mickey Mouse watch to a meeting.

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3 Keys To Winning New Customers


One of the most critical activities within a business is to define, without hesitation, the process used to win new customers. Without new customers, any business is doomed to a slow death as their current customers fade away for any number of reasons.

Focus on Your Sales Funnel FIRST

The Startup Magazine

The Sharks tend to like businesses that come with some matured development in terms of recent and growing sales and most of the ones that don’t get a deal have significant inventories of product and assets without any supporting sales. customers and close those sales.

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SaaS Sales Compensation: How to Design the Right Plan

For Entrepreneurs

Intro Sales compensation is a more complex topic for SaaS/subscription revenue companies. Unlike traditional software sales, the job of sales doesn’t end when a new customer signs a contract. Instead, it is crucial to retain customers over many years, as that is how you maximize your revenues. Sales SaaS SaaS sales Sales and Marketing Startup Help

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10 Sales Truths Every Entrepreneur Needs To Practice

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Today’s customers are overloaded and overwhelmed by too much information, so making a decision is a challenge. Every aspect of your business must be about sales. No matter how certain you are that your solution perfectly matches customer needs, you will be wrong.

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9 Lessons For Entrepreneurs From A Sales Expert

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Yet in this age when customers have a thousand alternatives, and are overwhelmed by a multitude of messages, sales efforts can make or break a business. You can either find customers for your solution or you can find solutions for your customers.

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The Phantom Sales Forecast – Failing at Customer Validation

Steve Blank

Startup CEO’s can’t delegate sales and expect it to happen. Customer Validation needs to have the CEO actively involved. Here’s an example in a direct sales channel. Customer Development Diagnostics over Lunch. Sales Process. We have a great sales pipeline.”

How Focusing On Only One Customer Can Change Any Business


by Arjun Sen, president and founder of ZenMango and author of “ Customer Karma “ “Do good Karma and good Karma will come to you” was my grandma’s advice as I grew up in India. Hidden in that advice was the mantra for building lifetime relationship with customers.

6 Useful Tips To Maximize Your eCommerce Sales During Christmas


ECommerce sales during Christmas tend to see a big surge as customers prefer the quietness of at home shopping compared to the hassles of finding parking and a store full of people. 6 Useful Tips To Maximize Your eCommerce Sales During Christmas.

Improving Your Sales Reps’ Performance


This is an incredible hurdle for sales professionals to overcome, but one that must be met and conquered head on for success. Research conducted by found that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. By John McGee, President of OptifiNow.

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It Takes a Customer Sale to Prove a Business Model

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Of course, one sale isn’t really enough, so you need to get the first customer to recommend you to a second, and make sure rate of sales ramps up quickly enough to keep the business alive and growing. Customers don’t buy the impossible dream.

The Secret to Sales and Marketing Alignment: Customer Focus

Inc Startups

Companies that take a targeted approach to sales and marketing are more successful. SalesHere's why.

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What You Can Do To Make Customer Care Your Most Effective Marketing Strategy


What if improving your customer service was all it took to generate more sales and grow your business? No gimmicks, no flashy promotions, no big advertising campaigns; just a dedication to improve the way you treat your customers.

8 Principles For Keeping Customers With You For Life

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Most businesses spend big money testing their brand logo, catchy marketing phrases, and demographics, but spend little time training and validating that their employees can and do deliver memorable experiences to their customers. Keep your team happy to create engaged customers.

You're In Sales Too (Whether You Like It or Not)

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Every business needs customers. Sales

Accelerate Sales by Discovering Customer Beliefs

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Unfavorable beliefs inhibit sales. SalesLike bad habits, they are really hard to change--but not impossible.

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13 Motivational Quotes (and Proven Strategies) to Dramatically Improve Sales

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Need a spark of motivation to land that next sale? Looking for proven strategies to gain more customers? SalesLook no farther.

Nail Your Sales Pitch By Catering To Personality


By Merrick Rosenberg, CEO of Take Flight Learning and author of “ The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does “ You finally have the “perfect” sales pitch. There is no perfect sales pitch.

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How to Forecast Sales

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Sales forecasting is much easier than you think, and much more useful than you imagine. Since sales are intimate with costs and expenses, the forecast helps you budget and manage. Lines of sales. Example of bike store sales lines. Bike store sales units, prices, sales.

How to Use Google and Facebook for Customer Segmentation

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What is customer segmentation? Customer segmentation allows businesses to target specific groups of people so that they can reduce risks and sensibly allocate their marketing resources. It is a grouping together of your customers based on demographics, behavior, and so on.

Sales Success Begins And Ends With Engagement


By Kurt Bilafer, Global Vice President Sales & Success at WePay. As a sales leader, my professional life is filled with quotas, metrics and dashboards. In sales there’s an expression, “coin operated salespeople.”

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Sales Jobs Go Wanting

Mark Birch

Sales jobs have traditionally been challenging to fill. A lot of folks, particularly the latest batch to enter the workforce – the Millennials, have a more negative perception of the sales career path, as this quote from the Wall Street Journal highlights: Some companies are having a hard time selling people on a career in sales. Sales careers jobs sales sales training training

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Is your sales problem really a product problem?

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

Not suprisingly when companies are having issues in sales they look to their sales or and sales leadership for the source of the problem. In the cliche example (but one which happens all the time) sales will loop in marketing (“we’re not getting enough leads”, “the leads aren’t high quality enough”). But often overlooked is the role product plays in sales challenges. Management sales sales challenges sales problems starups

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Sales for Startups: Sales Messaging

Mark Birch

In that sense, your sales messaging is the master key for your particular market that works for the segments you have defined. Most of what marketing creates should still align with what sales does, but sales are focused on one audience only; prospects.

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The New Sales Playbook

Duct Tape Marketing

The New Sales Playbook written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. Recently, I was asked to present my ideas on how salespeople can best compete in today’s sales environment. Sales Sales playbook

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Restoring the Good Name of Sales

Mark Birch

I love sales. I currently lead sales for my own startup Enhatch and have been selling or leading sales teams for over fifteen years. Most people do not consider just how important the sales profession is to our world. Sales is HOT!

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