Hacking For Defense In Silicon Valley

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BMNT , a new Silicon Valley company, is combining the Lean Methods it learned in combat with the technology expertise and speed of startups. The offset strategy was smart weapons, smart sensors, and stealth using silicon chips, electronics and computers that only the U.S.

Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley – Going to Where the Action Is

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parent company while providing technical services for foreign customers. They are putting Innovation Outposts into Innovation Clusters -in particular Silicon Valley – to tap into the clusters’ innovation ecosystems. (An

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Why Facebook is Killing Silicon Valley

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and aim for hundreds of millions of customers. And those customers may be using their devices/apps continuously. This intersection of a customer base of billions of people with applications that are used/needed 24/7 never existed before.The potential revenue and profits from these users (or advertisers who want to reach them) and the speed of scale of the winning companies can be breathtaking. Entrepreneurial clusters like Silicon Valley (or NY, Boston, Austin, Beijing, etc.)

[Interview] Jonmichael Moy, Silicon Valley Veteran On Leading Digital Products To Market


Jonmichael Moy (Jon Michael Moy) may be a seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley, but this accomplished, dedicated technology executive with more than seventeen years of experience in management and operations, product and business development and marketing has now brought his talents to Toronto.

Silicon Valley Is Filled With Liars

Nick O'Neill

Are existing users/customers referring the product to other people? Entrepreneurship Lying Silicon ValleyIf you read all the comments on this salacious Techcrunch post about a girl who supposedly conned the industry, you’d have two takeaways. The first is that it was out of character for Techcrunch (some even called Techcrunch a bully ), something I would agree with. However more important were the comments from people saying “oh my gosh, how dare this girl!”

Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

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But what made the overwhelming impression for me was finding an entrepreneurial software cluster on par with the Internet software portion of Silicon Valley. Filed under: China , Customer Development , Technology , Venture Capital.

Lessons for startup ecosystems from the history of Silicon Valley

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The bit I liked the most described the role of Stanford in getting Silicon Valley going in the late 1950s. We can generalise this into a blueprint for ecosystems generally: Find a vertical market where there is a comparative advantage – Silicon Valley started with military technology, in London fintech and ecommerce are good candidates. I just read Nicolas Colin’s Brief History of the World (of Venture Capital).

Applying Lean Startup Beyond Silicon Valley

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Entrepreneurs beyond Silicon Valley, including those working abroad, often have to retool Lean Startup methods to apply them in places with very different business cultures. Those conversations can often circle around the difficulties of entrepreneurship outside Silicon Valley. I think one challenge in trying to take Lean Startup ideas outside Silicon Valley, and especially to places that are highly culturally different from the U.S.,

Andreessen Horowitz and the disruption of Silicon Valley

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Their high value add model is one of the inspirations for Forward Partners so when I saw that former Summit Partners VC Peter Sims had written an analysis of how they are disrupting Silicon Valley I clicked straight through.

Expertise in scaling up is the visible secret of Silicon Valley

Reid Hoffman

Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay Area has become a global leader in innovation, technology and new industry creation. Most observers instinctively conclude that Silicon Valley is great because it has a unique ability to create start-ups.

Why Even Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Need a Business Plan

Up and Running

The cast of “Silicon Valley” Image credit: HBO. Silicon Valley is a crazy place. I’ve opted not to return to the Valley for various reasons, but still have plenty of friends who work there and return regularly for business meetings.

Is Silicon Valley Really Coming to an End?

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By now you probably know that David Sacks , co-founder of PayPal and founder of both Geni & Yammer made some observations on Facebook that Silicon Valley “as we know it” was coming to an end. And a Final Note on Whether Silicon Valley Opportunities Remain.

Your Computer May Already be Hacked – NSA Inside?

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Given my talks on the Secret History of Silicon Valley I was interviewed on NPR about the disclosure that the NSA said they had a new capability that tripled the amount of Skype video calls being collected through Prism. Customer Development Secret History of Silicon Valley

There Are Plenty Of Failures In Silicon Valley, Thanks

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Customers hate it – If you read the HackerNews comments on acquisition stories, they’re all pretty much the same thing: “great, one of my favorite products will cease all development” In other words, you’re abandoning your vision because it failed. Sarah Lacy calls acquihires a payday lending scheme. I have to disagree.

Silicon Valley's Bitcoin Infatuation, Explained

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While Wall Street is bearish on Bitcoin, Silicon Valley''s romance with the crypto currency rages on. This is simply because it doesn''t involve customer information and credit-card numbers to be involved in a transaction.

If You Get All Your Information On The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem From HBO, You’re Screwed

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It’s from Greg Sands post on TechCrunch titled The Real Silicon Valley. . It’s useful to recognize that the two companies Greg mentions in his post – Datalogix and Yokou (he was an investor in both) are not based in the bay area (Datalogix is in Colorado (in Westminster, between Boulder and Denver) and Yokou is in Beijing)), reinforcing the notion that “Silicon Valley” is a state of mind or a metaphor, rather than a physical place.

5 Rules From the Silicon Valley Sales Bible

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This is why Predictable Revenue has become a cult favorite in the Silicon Valley ''sales hacker'' circle: They love the logical, paint-by-numbers approach to building a sales team. Many companies are not specific enough in their customer targeting," says Ross.

The Silicon Valley Bootstrapper

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She wasn’t the average Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Most Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, media, and investors will say “no.” ” However there’s a world outside of Silicon Valley. If you aren’t chasing a billion dollar dream in Silicon Valley, you may develop an inferiority complex. It started with a dream, followed on with execution, and it is mostly funded by paying customers.

Bob Dorf – How Silicon Valley Innovates

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More startups fail from a lack of passionate customers than anything else. Technology isn’t the problem, figuring out who your customers will be and finding passionate customers is the hard part. Assume customer problem is known. Constantly seek customer feedback.

Is This the End of Silicon Valley?

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But there's no shortage of skeptics in the idea a "Silicon Prairie" will emerge. You don't have to be physically face-to-face with your employees or customer base anymore. Advertisement: Win New Customers.

The Face of Success, Part I: How the Indians Conquered Silicon Valley

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The Indians are Silicon Valley's most successful immigrants. Why have Indians outperformed so many other groups in Silicon Valley? Back when Silicon Valley was still developing semiconductors, it was largely white in complexion.

Can You Really Build a Great Tech Firm Outside Silicon Valley?

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Last year I was on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley meeting with one of the most prominent venture capital firms in the country. And this Silicon Valley bias isn’t limited to any single meeting – it has been a recurring theme in my time as a VC.

The Startup That Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey's 'Silicon Valley Billionaires Club' Just Invested In

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A customer communication platform, Intercom just raised $35 million from this exclusive VC fund

Secrets of Silicon Valley's Biggest Investors

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In Silicon Valley, people say that the investor-entrepreneur relationship is like a marriage, only more important. Large, well-established VCs bring credibility to a company that may be useful in recruiting, gaining customers, and getting news coverage, among other things.

The Secret History of Silicon Valley Part V: Happy 100th Birthday.

Steve Blank

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance I always had been curious about how Silicon Valley, a place I had lived and worked in, came to be. How did Silicon Valley start? This October is the 100th anniversary of Silicon Valley, unnoticed and unmentioned by anyone.)

Inside the Mind of a Silicon Valley Investor

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In 1991, he joined SynOptics, a Silicon Valley-based networking company. Asheem Chandna, partner at Greylock Partners, has a knack for putting money on winners. Here's his story and his process for finding start-ups.

The Pay-It-Forward Culture: Silicon Valley's Practical Generosity


Foreign visitors to Silicon Valley continually mention how willing we are to help, network and connect strangers. Engineers in the very small world of silicon and semiconductors would meet at the Wagon Wheel and swap technical problems and solutions with co-workers and competitors.

7 Signs of the Silicon Valley Apocalypse

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It's coming to Silicon Valley, home of so many entrepreneurs, VCs, and tech firms. One of Silicon Valley's top investors announces he's getting out. And it's coming to Silicon Valley, home of so many technology companies and venture capital firms.

The Endless Frontier: U.S. Science and National Industrial Policy (part 1)

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Post WWII the responsibility for investing in research split between agencies focused on weapons development and space exploration (being completely customer-driven) and other agencies charted to fund basic and applied research in science and medicine (being driven by peer-review.). The U.S.

How Can Israeli Startups Raise Funding in Silicon Valley?

VC Cafe

VC investors rely heavily on referrals, but what should a non US startup do when looking to raise funding in Silicon Valley? How best can European startups land VC funding in the US / Sillicon Valley? In answer to the question Do Silicon Valley Angels invest in startups overseas?

Why Hinterlands Startups Can’t Get Silicon Valley Funding


Silicon Forest, Silicon Prairie, Silicon Beach, Silicon Hills, Silicon Sandbar. But startups located anywhere other than a high-tech center may as well be pitching for investment in the Silicon Taiga. Louis than it does in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley's Hottest Commodity: The Design-Savvy Founder

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Reams have been written about the importance of founders that can code--or, in Silicon Valley parlance, the "technical co-founder." Don't get an MBA. Don't even learn to code. If you really want to start a great company, hone your design skills.

The Secret History of Silicon Valley Part VII: We Fought a War You.

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These posts cover two distinct periods – the first, the rise of “ Microwave Valley ” chronicles the decade of 1946-1956 as Stanford University became the hub of military/industry contracting in the Bay Area. Microwave Valley was about to take off.

The NSA Scandal Shouldn't Scare You. But it Should Scare Silicon Valley.

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Microsoft: "We provide customer data only when we receive a legally binding order or subpoena to do so." It shouldn''t surprise you that your personal data finds its way to the NSA. The question is, who helped them get it?

The Internet Might Kill Us All

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And it appears that at least in Silicon Valley, a larger percentage of money made in the last tech bubble is recirculated back into investments into the next generation of tech startups. A financial institution that can’t stop criminal hackers would have no chance against a military attack to destroy the customer data in their systems. At the same time, all cloud-based assets, all companies applications and customer data will be attacked and deleted.

Silicon Valley, New York, Tel Aviv: Here's the World's Start-up Hubs

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A new report reveals that Silicon Valley outpaces all other start-up ecosystems but cities around the world are catching up. Silicon Valley ranks first across all eight indexes.

Fixing Silicon Valley's Bias Problem

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It is possible for Silicon Valley to become the meritocracy it claims to be. Earlier in this series, I’ve discussed the myth of Silicon Valley’s meritocracy and the ignorance and arrogance of its gatekeepers. of the Valley's startups in 1995–2005.

Startup Location Is Still A Critical Success Factor

Startup Professionals Musings

I still have to tell some entrepreneurs that even with the best idea, they have to move to Silicon Valley to find the investors they need, or they need to move to the U.S. Today, Silicon Valley is the consumer and enterprise software capital of the world.

Blue Bottle Coffee's Unlikely Rise to SIlicon Valley Stardom

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It could be because, with the flurry of mobile app startups crowding Silicon Valley, a company like Blue Bottle that pulls in roughly $27 million a year selling tangible products is a modern marvel.

Starting (Up) in the Big Sky: Fund Raising Outside Silicon Valley


But, eventually, in our haphazard and awkward way, we did release a product, get some customers, including major universities and large corporate publishers, and raise a significant amount of capital. But we did eventually raise capital outside Silicon Valley. Get one customer.