9 Fears That Keep You From Starting Your Own Business

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Is This Paradise for Entrepreneurs?

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What happens when a flood of highly educated, entrepreneurial young people return from studies abroad to tiny Cyprus? For a Mediterranean island about the size of Connecticut, Cyprus certainly produces an outsize number of graduates. Cyprus is full.

The Wealth Transfer Effect of Bitcoins


Why did btc price skyrocket during the Cyprus situation? Keep in mind when looking at the following chart that it was 16th March 2013 when it was announced that Cyprus was getting a $10 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

Will Bitcoin adoption be driven outside the US?

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Some attributed one of the recent rises in Bitcoin price to worries in Cyprus and Spain about the fragility of their banking systems. Right now, more than 80% of Bitcoin volume is in the USD market. And many of the pundits commenting on Bitcoin, both positively and negatively, are in the US. So it is natural to assume that Bitcoin adoption will start first in the US. I think that that is a reasonable assumption, but it is one worth questioning.

Why you should pay attention to these 8 emerging tech hubs

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But have you heard of what’s going on in Cyprus, Sweden or North Carolina? Nicosia, Cyprus?. Despite its recent financial crisis, the WIPO cites Cyprus as a country showing great potential in intellectual property and technology output.

Cyprus 114

[ADV] Admiral Markets – Make Your Financial Transactions Risk Free And Protected


The subsidairy companies functioning under the Admiral Markets Trademark are registered in several parts of England, Estonia and Cyprus. Financial sector is one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world economy.

Play4Skill Raises $400K for Dominoes Gambling

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As gambling is illegal in the US and Israel, the company is based in Cyprus and operated as P4SMedia. P lay4Skill , a relatively unknown Israeli startup, has raised an second round of $400,000 from from Israeli advertising agency Adler Chomsky.

[ADV] Secured Trading In Admiral Markets


Since its inception, the company has earned its reputation of being an international entity having obtained regulatory licenses in Cyprus, Estonia, Australia and all the major parts of Europe. Currency trading is the recent fad prevalent in the economic world.

eToro Social Forex Trading Raises $2.4 Million More Led By Social Leverage

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eToro is based in Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in NY, Australia and Cyprus. T radonomi, the parent company behind eToro has completed a $2.4 million round led by new investor Social Leverage , with participation of previous backers BRM Capital and Cubit Investments.

The (Charity) Work of Diplomats

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In Cyprus, for example, the U.S. Even though the teens live just miles apart in Cyprus, for many it's their first time interacting with somebody on the other side of the U.N. (Me with two American diplomats and leaders of an Islmamic boarding school in Indonesia; August, 2010).

7 Start-Ups Imitating Mother Nature

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A Colombian company called Cyprus, which makes handbags and backpacks out of recycled tires, modeled a series after the little mammal. Biomimicry can lead to innovation and efficiency. These companies are taking their inspiration from all over the planet.

3 Challenges Your Business Should Consider Before Expanding International


Cyprus and Monaco, for example, have imposed duty taxes for imported goods. by Mark Fabian Henkel, co-founder and CEO of Paymill. E-commerce continues to grow worldwide, according to the Global E-Commerce Index by A.T. Kerney.

Going Global: 8 Things to Consider If You Want to Expand Your Business

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There are a number of options available with many businesses historically choosing Cyprus, a country that has some of the lowest rates throughout the EU. Today, the world is remarkably small.

When Talent Can Easily Find New Opportunity, How Do You Retain Talent?

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But if they’re honest, older government officials and businesspeople know that for the average 18, 19, 20 year-old in Cyprus or Morocco there will, on average, be more professional opportunities abroad. Talent in Companies.

Flexible Focus #48: The Principle of Initiative

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Pygmalion was a sculptor from Cyprus in Greek mythology who fell in love with a female statue he had carved of ivory. “With a brain in my head, and feet in my shoes, I can steer myself any direction I choose.&# ~Dr. Seuss. What you see is what you get.

Flexible Focus #65: Shaping Your Future

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Pygmalion was a Greek sculptor from Cyprus who carved a statue of a woman from ivory, and fell in love with the sculpture. What is the secret to a life of abundance, and is there a simple method for approaching it?

Arianna Huffington: Sleep Your Way to the Top

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And in 2013, when the European Union was working on a plan to bail out Cyprus, an agreement was reached during the wee hours of the night that was described by one commentator as "impressively stupid." Think success is defined by the amount of hours you put in at work?

Ninja Innovation: What Governments Can Learn from the Next Web Leaders

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The bank crisis in Cyprus threatened property rights of depositors; the EU economy is challenged and the US is slipping in global competitiveness rankings. Editor’s note: Gary Shapiro is president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the U.S.

Spam Laws, Email Marketing, and Compliance

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Cyprus – Section 06 of the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services Law of 2004. Spam Laws, Email Marketing, and Compliance written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. photo credit Flickr. Every year, governments increase restrictions on unsolicited email.

Email 57

Drowning In Advice? 3 Tricks to Sort the Good From the Bad

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That was the topic Andy Young , UK country lead for Stripe and previously co-founder of GroupSpaces, tackled in a recent talk at the Insights Conference that closed the three-day European startup festival hack{cyprus} , pleasantly located in the sunny Mediterranean.

ACTA Signed By 22 EU Countries, Still A Fight To Be Ratified In EU Parliament


The five remaining member states -- Cyprus, Germany, Estonia Netherlands and Slovakia, are also expected to sign soon. At a signing ceremony in Tokio, representatives from the European Union and 22 member states have signed the controversial ACTA treaty.

What is Bitcoin good for? Not Silk Road.

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Government could pass all sorts of laws regulating or even prohibiting Bitcoins, but it lacks technical means of just grabbing them like it can with contents of domestic bank accounts (think Cyprus) or devaluing like with cash (think everywhere). Bitcoin is uniquely suited for applications where capital mobility is critical. Other applications are largely spurious. There are several proposed advantages of cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular: Anonymity. Store of value.

Create High-Impact Data Visualizations: Nine Effective Strategies

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Cyprus and Ireland. I believe deeply in the value of making data accessible. In service of that belief, there are few things that bring me as much joy as visualizing data (smart segmentation comes close).

How I Sold for $130 Million

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We'd travel to France, London, Greece, Cyprus, and it was difficult being so unstable, but it did give my siblings and me the opportunity to be exposed to many different countries at a young age.

200.000.000 mobile users, for starters – Q&A with Viber CEO Talmon Marco

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The company is based in Cyprus with development centers in Belarus, Israel and China. Free mobile messaging and VoIP service provider Viber today made a slew of announcements , including reaching the milestone of 200 million users, the roll-out of Viber 3.0

South America: A Hot Spot for Exporting

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Cyprus-based Kompreni pushes products into Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. If you've ever thought about going overseas, now's the time to look south. And this New Jersey company wants to be your tour guide. You’d like to export your products, but it’s complicated business: international tariffs, regulatory agencies, language barriers. And what if you don’t get paid? Taking a foreign distributor to court can be difficult, if not impossible.

Save Taxes Through A Foreign Company


The lowest ones can be found in countries such as Bulgaria and Cyprus (10 %), Ireland (12.5 %), Latvia (15 %) and Poland (19 %) to name a few. A quick comparison with Cyprus.

Visiting the Balkan Ghosts

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Great Britain, for its part, received from the Turks the island of Cyprus. . “Do Graves in Sarajevo, with everyone’s death year around 1995.

Culture Matters to Entrepreneurship

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In Northern Cyprus government officials told me about the various incentives they were going to roll out to attract entrepreneurs and how they were going to have conferences to encourage young people to think about a career in IT. Culture Matters. All through childhood and adolescence you are a sponge absorbing cultural stimuli.

Chile 46

The Insides Of An Accelerator: Amsterdam Startupbootcamp Secret Data and Winners For Next Batch


From: Cyprus. Startupbootcamp shared some very sensitive and secret data with us that helps us understand how the selection process and the accelerator in general works, who tends to apply and which industries tend to be the most popular.

Keeping Fun In Your Business Life | Natalie Nagele, Wildbit| BoS USA 2017

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And so I remember the very first time that the concept of team really started to show up and that was on our very first retreat in Cyprus 2007. Natalie Nagele, Co-Founder & CEO, Wildbit. Why are you running a business? That’s the question Natalie poses in this inspiring talk from BoS USA 2017.

Keeping Fun In Your Business Life | Natalie Nagele, Wildbit| BoS USA 2017

Business of Software Blog

And so I remember the very first time that the concept of team really started to show up and that was on our very first retreat in Cyprus 2007. Natalie Nagele, Co-Founder & CEO, Wildbit. Why are you running a business? That’s the question Natalie poses in this inspiring talk from BoS USA 2017.

How To Choose Where To Locate Your Company


the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Estonia, Cyprus) that have quite friendly tax systems as well as Singapore and Hong Kong in Asia. I promised to write some thoughts on how to select a location for your company.