Who Invests In Investors: Homebrew LP Shares VC Performance Goals, Importance of Diversity & What They Look For In New Funds

Hunter Walker

As a result, we have to rely on the qualitative metrics previously discussed. Similarly, a GP might be in the middle of great flow, but we need to have conviction that they can identify the right deals, structure creatively, and negotiate effectively.

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The Pre-Seed FAQ

K9 Ventures

They talk about how deal sizes and stages were changing even back then. If the Micro-VCs are looking for Series A-like metrics, what does a company do when it’s just getting started? In order for a company to attract a full Seed round ($2M – $3M), that company needs to show an almost completed product, an advanced prototype, or some kind of traction/demand metrics. That’s squarely in Series A territory and you now need to have Series A metrics for that.

Cracking The Code: The Bessemer 10 laws of SaaS - Fall 2008.

Cracking the Code

Effectively measuring and understanding your CAC and CLTV metrics are key to future success. Bessemer SaaS Law #1: Your key monthly business metrics are: CMRR (Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue), Churn, and Cash flow - “Bookings” is for suckers. Cracking The Code.

Piercing the Corporate Veil of Sweat Equity


Unseen Metrics. The same company, didn’t have a system to accurately identify it’s own key metrics. Would you invest in a company that didn’t know it’s own metrics? Three Card Monty Corporate Structures. GrasshopperHerder.com. • ABOUT.