The 10 Best Real Estate Schools Compared: Meet the Winner!

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New York University New York, New York $46,170 The school takes part in several real estate associations on a regional and national level. Finance and deal structuring, market analysis, site planning, and project management.

A Summary of Current Trends in Canadian Mergers and Acquisitions - 2011

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With keen international interest in Canada's resource sector, the return of financial buyers, strategic investors looking to pursue acquisitions as a means of increasing earnings, and the recent uptick in Canadian "mega-deal" activity, there is no better time to discuss the M&A trends unfolding in 2011. HOSTILE DEALS. Attractive government incentive programs have prompted developers to undertake new renewable energy projects that are now ripe for consolidation.

Should You Co-Found Your Company With a Software Development Shop (2 of 2)?

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incubators, e.g., the many options in New York. intrapreneurs, e.g., the employee of GE who is tasked with launching a new business. An intrapreneur is the extreme; usually an intrapreneur’s employer owns 100% of the new business that she creates.