3 Simple Steps to Avoiding IP Disputes

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A cease and desist letter arrives in the mailbox, demanding they stop what they''re doing. An entrepreneur shares some tips for securing your brand. It happens all the time. An entrepreneur starts a business, with the perfect name, brand, and domain. They set up a fan page on Facebook.

Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

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Allot is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenuegeneration solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, Allot Service Gateway solutions for mobile broadband are compliant with 3G.4G/LTE and WiMax networks and provide full cell awareness.

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American Censorship Day Is Tomorrow (11/16/11)

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There are two very disturbing bills making their way through Congress: Protect IP Act (PIPA - S.968 ) and Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA – H.R.3261 ). PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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I-Corps @ NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

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Activities cover clinical trials, FDA approvals, Freedom to Operate (IP, Licenses) software development, drug or device design, etc. Resources may be CRO’s, CPT consultants, IP, Financial or Human resources (regardless of whether they’re consultants or employees.).

3 Ways Structure Can Take Your Tech Startup To New Heights


Look no further than Google and Oracle , and you’ll see that no company is immune from IP impasses. Unfortunately, we work with companies that realize the IP actually belongs to a former partner or the organization that the founders worked for during the product’s early stages.

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Retooling Marketing in a B2B Company

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More significantly, I follow the advice of many friends who I would call contemporaries in B2B marketing, like Steve Mann at Lexis-Nexis and Chris Selland at HP-Vertica, who align their marketing demand gen efforts to account-based scoring… opportunities instead of leads.

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7 Lessons They Don’t Teach You In Crowdfunding School

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With a large number of unknown investors demanding details, you are highly exposed to potential competitors. Keep all IP details close to the vest.

Introducing NextView III and Our Focus on the Everyday Economy

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Managed marketplaces , robotics , and on -demand delivery networks are changing how we experience the simple pleasure of eating a meal. What will the future hold? It’s a question every VC asks themselves and the entrepreneurs they invest in.

Notes on the acquisition process

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Clearly it is better to be in high demand and have inbound interest. The most prominent one lately is “IP indemnification.” ” This is a complicated issue, but in short, as a response to patent trolls going after IP escrows, acquirers have been trying to get clawbacks from investors in case of IP claims. Ten years ago, startups financing was an insider’s game.

There’s an Internet Showdown Brewing

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Recently, streaming video demand has been forcing this issue. In the past, this model has worked well: legacy telephone and cable networks have relatively stable demand patterns. Advances in computation and network performance (not to mention billions of people on-line) are driving exponential demand for bandwidth, as well as an expectation that services will be better, faster, and cheaper over time. Your next TV will likely be 4K with IP-delivered video.

Who should learn to program?

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Meanwhile about 40,000 people got law degrees even though demand for lawyers has been shrinking. I’d also argue that if you are a non-technical person working at a web company the the first thing you should learn is internet architecture (DNS, http, html, web servers, database, TCP/UDP, IP, etc). There has recently been a lot of talk in the tech world and beyond about getting more people to learn computer programming.

The one barrier to entry startups should focus on

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In today’s B2B and B2C web markets, barrier to entry boils down to one thing: demand-side benefits of scale. To be successful, every web start-up needs to be thinking about how it can build demand-side economies of scale. Barriers to entry! Photo credit: phill.d)

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Legal Issues Behind Running A Small Business


Usually, business owners send demand letters or discuss with the client and ask what’s causing the delay. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are protecting your IP and not committing IP infringement. by Melissa Page.

What Should You Do with Your Crappy Little Services Business?

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You own the IP you create. You end up needing to add staff and take on more risk without knowing what your future demand will be. My advice wasn’t to shut down all product / IP initiatives but rather to be clear on their purpose and how to monetize them.

Social Change Through Social Media: Kip Solutions

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In the last few years, the use of social media has risen exponentially around the world, creating new communities and outlets for communication—something Patrick Ip, Sonia Chokshi and Kavya Shankar decided was an opportunity to trigger social change. ’” says Ip.

Business Owners Need To Understand Intellectual Property Law


Patent applications represent the hope for defensible protection, as the most a company can truthfully tell investors is that the company owns its IP. What should my IP strategy be? Image credit: Copyright message from Shutterstock.

How to Successfully Scale Your Business

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To me, the big distinction lies in your ability to successfully scale and get free from the daily demands of the business. The first 100 listeners will receive a FREE IP phone for every line (each an $85 value)!

8 Applications You Should Hunt Down On Your Network


For 71% it became more important over the past five years due to an increase in the time spent using applications, coupled with an increase in their workload and more demanding deadlines. By Leon Adato, Head Geek, SolarWinds.

Zayo Group – One of Boulder’s Amazing Startup Stories

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The balance between supply and demand of bandwidth was rapidly improving. Instead, we sought to provide raw fiber, wavelengths, ethernet, IP, and technical space to those entities that needed a whole lot of bandwidth. I’m intensely proud of both the amazing startup community in Boulder as well as the many significant companies that have been – and are being – created in the little town of 100,000 people I call home.

Big Data: Overhyped And Overpaid?


As Alice Hill, managing director of Dice.com, asserts, "We’ve heard [Big Data] is a fad, heard it’s hyped and heard it’s fleeting, yet it’s clear that data professionals are in demand and well paid.". Sections. Social. Mobile. Enterprise. Cloud. Small Biz. About. Contact. Advertise. Privacy.

Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

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If you spent the 3 years perfecting some hugely differentiated technology IP that may also be different. They hired a biz dev team to work on deals where their product could be embedded in other people’s products as a way to increase customer demand.

Special: 72 Israeli Companies Exhibit at the 2010 Mobile World Congress

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Allot Communications -a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenue generation solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. These solutions support a cost-effective evolution to a service-assured, all IP/Ethernet network.

How to Manage a Crisis Before It Destroys Your Business

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This included hard assets, as well as the IP that we both created. Being a demanding boss during the day and loving wife at night put me in a ''Dr. Entrepreneurs offer their best advice for staying afloat, even thriving, during a crisis.

Startup Valuation: How Much Is Your Company Worth?

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This analogy carries through to due diligence: fixing a $20 rattling door handle preemptively removes that obstacle to a sale, just as cleaning up your startup’s capitalization table and IP assignment rights in advance will ensure the funding process goes that much smoother.

Focus Bonus Exercise


As my life has gotten busier I have been asked how I am able to continue to keep up with the demands on me and create success. Michael Melfi is an IP attorney, entrepreneur coach, investor, media personality and four-time author. by Michael S.

Investment Thesis @USV


Venture firms operate a bunch of different ways. Some have a geographical focus, others have a sector focus, still others have a stage focus.

Success and Failure — San Diego Startup Community

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His IP strategy is likely irrelevant for his particular product and he admits that he’s mostly doing it to appease local investors. (“What’s your IP strategy?”) Some have been meeting for years others are brand new, which demonstrates a healthy demand.

The Most Interesting Online Video Trend

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Most won’t be of the quality that you want but you now have tons of material and inspiration for your show and you own all of the submitted IP. This article originally appeared on TechCrunch.

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Great Start-ups Succeed on Products, not Patents

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Here's why protecting your IP should stay off your to-do list. The real cost of getting a patent You have to design an IP protection policy around your business, not the other way around. Protecting IP can wait Patents can offer value to companies. Your No.

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20 Ideas to Spur U.S. Manufacturing

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Increase national awareness that IP is the fuel of our innovation and our competitive advantage. Better coordinate the government agencies that protect our IP. Demand a level playing field when nations who subsidize their currencies and raw materials want to do business with us.

VoIP – Why Is It So Lucrative For Small And Medium Businesses?


Most of the small businesses preferred web-based or hosted solutions, denying IP-PBX. Every business surveyed out of the sample of 350, inferred a demand of PBX from their system. Auto attended showed a remarkable demand among buyers, primarily because of its perks.

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IP Location Tools. on demand billing and fraud management. Lodestone Innovation Partners (IP) Ltd are spin-out specialists. “My IP” – produced by the UK Intellectual Property Office. About VC Cafe. Contact. Startup Resources (Updated Mar 2013).

Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

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Much money is spent on all kinds of demands to SEOs, big or small, which results in all kinds of shenanigans to try and get to #1. It turns out that Marketers, especially Digital Marketers, make really silly mistakes when it comes to data. Big data. Small data. Any data.

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Christine: Whats Really Happening Around IPTV


The idea was to discuss whats real about video over IP, and what well continue to wait for. Akimbo delivers video content over IP to the living room, and isprimarily focused on niche programming. Christine (.net) net) technology and society Tweets follow me on Twitter Snaps www.

When Security Can Become Your Business Differentiator, Everybody Wins


If their intellectual IP is stolen or if they are discovered to have been a launching pad for attacks against a larger business partner, it can mean going out of business. by Mark Seward, VP of security solutions at Anomali.

The Legal Side of Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs need to hit a happy medium with backers, not giving away too much but not making overly aggressive demands. “The number-one thing that will kill a company is if the founders haven’t assigned their IP to it,” according to Schmitz.

The Ultimate 2018 Ecommerce Checklist: 31 Experts Prioritize 19 Growth Tactics to Implement Now

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It’s a big-box play where demand is high and visibility is low in supply. Localization is a form of personalization in which the IP address of a customer alters site content to provide for more contextual merchandising and content.

What a 'Big Bang' Disruptor Could Do to You

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Do we need to think differently about IP? Of course, the value of IP can also rapidly deflate once big-bang disruption is underway. Makers want a steady stream of demand. A new innovation theory suggests your product could be wiped out suddenly, and swiftly.

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7Signal Raises $4.1 Million To Make Wi-Fi Work


Some hospitals have emergency buttons operating through Wi-Fi and in others nurses have voice-over-ip devices connected to it. ??So There is clearly a demand for reliable wifi.”. It is fair to say that Wi-Fi has changed the world.

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Luxury Outhouse for Dogs: PetLawn

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” They debuted their start-up, International Pet Solutions (IPS), and their suite of pet care products in September 2010 at SuperZoo, a pet product trade show in Las Vegas. ” Numerous stores expressed interest in selling IPS products, and the growth since then has been explosive.