Developing a Hiring Strategy From Day One

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As you imagine and plan how to grow your business from an idea into reality, it can be hard to envision the day when you will expand your team, hiring employees who will actually carry out the work and mission of the business. Outline a hiring process.

Hiring Developers Before Product/Market Fit?


Using my StartupRoar as a radar, I came across a great post by Gabriel Weinberg Do you really need a full-time hire for that? Hiring seems to be the preferred use of seed funds (by investors and founders), whereas I'd prefer a focus on customer acquisition.

How To Vet And Hire An Expert iOS Developer

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Hiring an expert iOS app developer is rather a big deal. Not every developer can cut it. Grow Technology app development mobile app development technologyHere are five things to keep in mind.

Hiring App Developers? Avoid These Common Mistakes

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Hiring the right application development team can be the key to turning your app idea into a reality. Plan app development appreneur mobile app mobile app development mobile technology technology

Hiring Developer Evangelists

David Cohen

I define “web infrastructure” companies as those (at least initially) targeted primarily at developers. They typically take the form of APIs and make life easier on the web for developers. Recently, one of our newer portfolio companies was looking for some advice from our network regarding hiring a developer evangelist. If you don’t have one of those, are you sure you need developer marketing yet?”

The What, How & Why of Hiring a Business Development Lead at Your Startup [Traction #35]

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Kristen Craft is VP of business development and marketing at Ovia Health. They talk about what business development roles actually do for their companies, and when and why a founder would hire someone to lead up the function. The post The What, How & Why of Hiring a Business Development Lead at Your Startup [Traction #35] appeared first on NextView Ventures. Hiring & Talent Marketing & Growth Podcast Startup Stories Traction Podcast

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Hiring? You Need To Rewrite Your Descriptions


Hiring is changing, and if you want to identify the best candidates, you need to adopt a competency framework. Developing Descriptions. Traditional job descriptions used in hiring and for performance evaluations tend to be very specific. Competency-Based Hiring And Success.

Hiring – Easy as Pie

Steve Blank

Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten involved in hiring for two startups, a public agency and a non profit. In the last week I had four separate groups through the ranch all wanting to talk either about hiring a senior exec or a senior exec looking for a new job.

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Selecting a Web Development Company


I''ve written before about finding Web Development Firms in Los Angeles. I just got an email asking about exactly this: I''m with a new company that needs some software built, but doesn''t need (or have the resources for) a large staff of software developers.

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Startup CTO or Developer


What worries me a bit is how often I read that startups should hire a developer / hands-on lead developer. I understand the desire for hiring someone who is going to product product. I’ll address the specifics of what this Founder Developer Gap looks like below.

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Hire A Mobile App Developer That Is Both Crazy And Qualified

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Grow Marketing & Sales appreneur mobile mobile app mobile app development technologyWhile most entrepreneurs think their mobile app idea is game-changing, a successful app takes collaboration.

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Hiring Employee #1

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Tweet. --> It’s a big decision to make your first hire, because what you’re really deciding is whether you want to keep a lifestyle business or attempt to “cross the chasm” and maybe even get rich. You have to hire someone comfy with the bedlam of startup life.

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Hiring High Quality Developers on a Bootstrapper’s Budget


Most of the info you’ll find on hiring is meant for large companies or startups with funding. While you’re not going to be competing with Google or Facebook for the same people, you still want developers that can do high quality work to help build your product.

GoInstant is Hiring Web Developers and a Senior QA Engineer

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First and foremost, we’re looking for a Senior Web Developer and Senior QA Engineer. Then, we also want to add another Web Developer (mid-level). (Powered by LaunchBit ) I joined GoInstant a couple months ago. It’s been a great experience so far. We’ve been signing up beta customers (big and small) primarily in the B2B SaaS space (for sales and support) and e-commerce (for assisted sales), and launching new features.

How Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) Can Help Your Business

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UW-Madison Small Business Development Center (SBDC) celebrating SBDC Day. Your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can help. What is a Small Business Development Center (SBDC)? Source.] Starting a new small business?

Hiring App Developers? Don’t Make These Mistakes

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Hiring the right application development team can be the key to turning your app idea into a reality. Plan app development appreneur mobile app mobile app development mobile technology technology

Deciding To Hire Staff For Your Business


The most common one is the need to hire staff. They may also dread the inevitable HR issues that develop as soon as you put somebody else on payroll. A PEO can help you with hiring, tracking, and developing talent so that you can keep a sharp, effective workforce.

5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Development Shop


You’ve decided to hire a development shop to build an MVP , give your product a facelift, or build that mobile app you’ve been wanting to build for years. If this is your first time hiring a dev shop, it can be confusing understanding the difference between competitors.

3 Interview Tips for Hiring Outstanding Developers

3 Interview Tips for Hiring Outstanding Developers. Chad Lilly is the director of recruiting at Lextech Global Services , a mobile design, strategy and development firm that helps companies optimize workflows with suites of custom mobile apps. Mashable. Mashable. Sign in.

Don't Hire Managers Who Don't Know How to Hire.

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Too many managers are hired based on the quality of their individual contributor skills and personality. Managers should be hired on the quality of the people they've hired and developed. How to Hire the Best

The non-developer’s guide to hiring software developers

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If Marc Andreesen is right (and I happen to believe he is) then talented software developers will soon be the most sought after type of employee for just about any company, whether that company’s main business is building software or not. Open source developers aren’t lazy thieves.

Developing a 21st Century Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Steve Blank

The class was designed to teach educators (and the entrepreneurs that support them) the Lean LaunchPad approach (Business Model Design, Customer Development and Agile Engineering) for teaching entrepreneurship. Align and train mentors to embrace customer development.

Tackling The Talent Gap: Best Practices For Uncovering New Hires


It is harder to diversify if your first few hires are homogenous, so branch out beyond your typical hiring pool to seek out diversity of all types —race, gender, culture, and education. When you think you’ve found the right hire, do your due diligence to ensure it’s a two-way fit.

4 Characteristics You Should Avoid in Every New Hire

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Hiring is no easy feat, but develop a drama-free team and culture by saying no to these traits. How to Hire the Best

How Startups Can Keep Product Development Lean


by Steve Owens, Founder and CTO of Finish Line Product Development Services. In this article we explore the unique challenges of a lean start-up and how Outsourced Product Development (OPD) can be used to overcome them. The cost of developing a product is almost entirely a people cost.

Hiring a Ruby on Rails Developer for a New Startup

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But I can tell you that I’m looking to hire a senior Ruby on Rails Developer. If you have experience with mobile development, especially on the iPhone, that will be helpful. So here’s the scoop — I’m starting a new company. I can’t tell you the name (don’t have one), and can’t tell you what it’s about (not ready). I also can’t tell you who is involved (except for me, of course).

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Timing Matters – A Sneak Peek Into The Mobile App Development Process


Mobile app development is not just about developing an app for either android or IOS. App development is a cumbersome process that involves a lot of micro-managed aspects to be catered to. The mobile app development process begins with the phase of ideation.

4 Proven Employee Performance Development Techniques

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How to Hire the BestOccupational stress is a productivity killer and turnover increaser. To counter, employers are getting smarter about purpose and productivity.

How To Hire A Mobile App Developer: 5 Questions You Should Be Asking

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Enlisting the help of professional mobile app developers who can turn your vision into a reality is a key step that can yield a tremendous reward down the road. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing mobile mobile app design mobile app development mobile apps mobile marketing mobile technology

How to Hire for Emotional Intelligence

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The question then arises: How can a business hire for emotional intelligence? Here are some tips to help single out emotionally intelligent candidates in a hiring pool. See Also: How to Hire Your First Employee. See Also: Hiring for Personality Instead of Experience.

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How to Hire Your First Employee

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Before you get there, however, you have to actually complete the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process. Their responses ranged from practical tips on hiring to what to look for in a first employee. See Also: Is It Time to Hire an Employee? Hire for your weaknesses.

When Is The Best Time To Hire An HR Manager?

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Grow Human Capital hiring employees HR human capital human resources workforce developmentIf you’re not sure whether it’s time to commit to a full time HR person, ask yourself these questions.

Growing our team: V1 is hiring an associate

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From Day 1, he was dedicated to my personal and professional development. We’re hiring an associate for a two- to three-year role where he/she will learn about the business of venture capital and get the opportunity to work with some really interesting startups. Working with existing portfolio companies, including helping out with hiring, financial modeling, and research. The post Growing our team: V1 is hiring an associate appeared first on Version One.

5 Recruiting Hacks to Help Startups Hire Top Talent

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First, take a few minutes to jump on Glassdoor and find out what people who work in the position you’re hiring for complain about. Type in the position you’re hiring for, clear the location. These are the “pain points” for your potential hires, coming from their own mouths.

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The 64,000 Developer Questionnaire

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Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey is probably the most comprehensive overview of the development community. This year over 64,000 developers responded. A majority of developers, 63.9%, reported working remotely at least one day a month, and 11.1%

5 Tips to Boost Your Career Development


Getting our hierarchy and company to understand the value of our work and how we make a difference, is key to our career development. Do not underestimate the impact of your network on your ability to get a promotion, a raise or even get hired.

Startup Founder Developer Gap


I was just interviewed by Frank Peters - Tony Karrer and the Founder-Developer Gap. I received a follow-up question from an early-stage startup about the Founder Developer Gap that I’ve described before and that was part of the interview with Frank. However, many founders are challenged to engage with developers to make it effectively happen. You have to determine in-house vs. outside development and what parts of the problem each person will do.

The Generic VC / PE Reference Questions For An Executive Hire

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Over time, I’ve developed an approach to doing reference checks, and they actively avoid asking any of the following questions. What are Person X’s weaknesses or areas for development? Would you hire Person X again? ” The post The Generic VC / PE Reference Questions For An Executive Hire appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Venture Capital hiring pe personnel VCI’m on the receiving end of a lot of reference calls.

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Don't Hire Managers Who Don't Know How to Hire or Manage

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When hiring managers, evaluate them on their track record of building outstanding teams and developing talent. Too many managers get hired for their individual contributor skills and then we're surprised that they're not good managers. How to Hire the Best

A look inside Google Developer Relations - we are hiring!

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

About a year ago I joined Google as a Developer Advocate in the Google Developer Relations group led by Michael Winton. So, what does Google Developer Relations do? We help developers build great applications. We hope the new Google Developer Advocate site will help.

Eliminate Hiring Mistakes And Create Your Dream Team

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It’s why hiring for sales should be taken seriously. It’s very easy to make a mistake using traditional hiring practices, because so much of a person’s true sales personality comes out over time. Sales Hiring Evaluations.

How to Make Your Company Irresistible to Top Software Developers

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If you build social capital among developers, that will gradually translate into interested applicants. How to Hire the Best

Startup Software Developers


Just saw a great post by Mark Geller - Developers wanted… in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Mark tells us: there is a lot of demand for developers right here in L.A. There’s quite a bit of truth to what Mark is saying about startup software developers, but my guess is that there’s another reason that it seems harder to find developers in this context. So, likely quite a few of the people who were seeking startup developers were looking to find people for very low dollars. “I’ll