Open Source Entrepreneurship

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customer development. The Slides/Video tab on the top of this page has all the open source course material for my classes. Some general customer development slides click here. Called “ How to Build a Startup: The Lean LaunchPad ,” it walks you through the Business Model Canvas and an overview of the customer development process. Filed under: Customer Development , Lean LaunchPad , Teaching. Customer Development Lean LaunchPad Teaching

Why You Need More Than Just Open-Source


More IT decision-makers are turning to open source to drive better efficiency and digital innovation, as its flexibility enables organisations to build new customer experiences, services and products more quickly. But open source is much more than easily accessible tech.

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Why There Will Never Be Another Red Hat: The Economics of Open Source

Peter Levine

Open source software powers the world’s technology. In the past decade, there has been an inexorable adoption of open source in most aspects of computing. Without open source, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and nearly every other modern technology company would not exist.

Introducing 411: A new open source framework for handling alerting

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Today, we’re introducing our open source solution to this problem: 411. We hope that you find the examples we’ve provided to be useful and informative for others to develop their own extended functionality for 411.

Controversy Erupts in Open-Source Community After Developer's Sex Life Made Public

Inc Startups

Larry Garfield did not violate any code of conduct, all parties admit. Nevertheless Dries Buytaert felt he was a danger to the community

How Open Sourcing Ideas Can Be Good for Your Business

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I could walk down an aisle and open a random book, and it would willingly offer me any knowledge contained within. Ultimately, open sourcing your ideas: Creates trust. Give them details on how an idea is developed and eventually transformed into a solution.

The Kick-Ass Cloud For Developers

Peter Levine

Applications and services that were developed for on-premise use have all found a new home in the cloud. As with most technology transformations, early adoption often occurs around a hobbyist developer community that then expands into more mainstream adoption and use.

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Vaadin Raises $6 Million For Open Source Development


Finnish Industry Investment and Swedish eEquity have invested $6 million in Vaadin , an open source company building components and tools for web application developers.

Open Sourced Software Differentiates Vaadin from closed source dinosaurs


But it is not, however, how things work in the world of open source. Open source software has been brought to wider public attention by brands like Linux and Firefox, both of which who have thrived to gigantic proportions due to their open nature.

An Operating System for Your Mobile Supercomputer

Peter Levine

Yet-to-be-developed applications are waiting to take advantage of this processing capability, and it’s going to require mobile operating system innovation to expose this awesome power. Like Linux (and unlike Windows), Android is Open Source, which means no one company owns the code. One reason why Android is winning is due to that open source spirit of additive innovation. Portfolio Companies Android Cyanogen Linux Mobile open source

Software eats software development

Chris Dixon

Small teams can have a big impact because software development (and deployment) has improved dramatically over the past decade. Open Source. Open source dominates every level of the software stack, including operating systems (Linux), databases (MySql), web servers (Apache), and programming languages (Python, Ruby). Developers have steadily marched upwards from Assembly to C to Java to, today, scripting languages like Ruby and Python.

WP Engine Launches Development Labs, Dedicated to Open Source and Product Suite Innovation

Austin Startup

The new WP Engine Labs will contribute to the Open Source community and serve as the innovation wing of WP Engine’s product suite. WP Engine, a leading SaaS content management platform for websites and applications built on WordPress, today announced the launch of the new WP Engine Labs and its first innovation, S3 Mirror. Headed [.]. Enterprise Nginx wp engine

10 Tools to Design Your Best Product Yet

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Many of them are also open source , so you can get a first-hand look at how they work and make modifications to the code, all completely free of charge. Open Source Ecology. The Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT) Game Design course from their open courseware series.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: Why are you Still Making.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

Development and Business Lessons By Michael Woloszynowicz By Michael Woloszynowicz Sunday, January 23, 2011 Why are you Still Making Crap? Open Source to the Rescue The more I delve into the bevy of open source tools and frameworks the more Im stunned when I see poorly executed applications.

SearchDaimon Enterprise Search Goes Open-Source


CTO Runar Buvik shows a brazen attitude about the move to open source. He''s built Open Test Search to allow a public comparison of SearchDaimon against eight other enterprise search systems.


Software Eats Software Development

Peter Levine

They had a vision for a new way to develop software and created a new kind of company to pursue it. Source Code Management (SCM) is the second most fundamental tool for a programmer after compiler and development tools. It stores, versions and branches source code being developed by teams of programmers. Because modern programming tends to be about assembling code—in the form of libraries, open source work, etc.—as We just invested $100M in GitHub.

Open Source Business Model


skip to main | skip to sidebar SoCal CTO Monday, March 5, 2007 Open Source Business Model A recent spate of posts on the challenges of running an open source business is interesting ( Tosh , Siemens , Downes , Tosh 2 ) and quite heated as one of the founders of elgg - a social networking platform aimed at the educational space - Dave Tosh laments - Elgg is the most popular white label social networking platform in the world powering over 2000 networks.

Mozilla Gets a Lesson in (Really) Open Source Communication

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My personal commitment to work on new initiatives to reach out to those who feel excluded or who have been marginalized in ways that makes their contributing to Mozilla and to open source difficult. I love @mozilla because we''re big, open, and messy.

Entrepreneurship as a Science – The Business Model/Customer Development Stack

Steve Blank

In the last decade open source software (e.g It’s the combination of Business Model Design and Customer Development. Business Model Design Gets Dynamic, Customer Development Gets Strategic. Business Model Design Meets Customer Development.

Software Development Estimates, Where Do I Start?

Diego Basch

For some reason many people discuss the problem of estimating software development timeframes without properly understanding the issue. Meta-question: does software development look like the first or the second kind? Most software developers would be like monks copying manuscripts.

Lessons Learned: Great open source scalability tools from Danga

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, September 5, 2008 Great open source scalability tools from Danga If you are trying to build a scalable LAMP service, its always best to start with the original and still quite relevant presentation, from Brad Fitzpatrick when he was at LiveJournal. Youll learn how they pioneered the use of a lot of open source tools at new levels of scale, and even created quite a few more, that are essential scaling aids.

Customer Development for Web Startups

Steve Blank

Customer Development is a technique startups use to quickly iterate and test each part of their business model. How you execute Customer Development varies, depending on your type of business. Customer Development In Context.

How Software Developers Really Spend Their Time

It turns out, at least according to a survey conducted by software delivery service Electric Cloud , that developers spend almost 20% of their time. Waiting for that junior developer to get back with the Diet Coke and Funyons. Some open-source software claims to do something similar.

New investment: Upverter, a cloud-based platform for the hardware revolution

Version One Ventures

Over the past few years, numerous innovations ( Arduino , Raspberry Pi ) have made it easier for anyone to develop hardware. In the design phase, we believe that hardware engineering will follow a similar path as the open source software community that built GitHub. News Arduino GitHub hardware Open source hardware Raspberry Pi startup University of Waterloo Upverter Image via CrunchBase.

Hiring Developer Evangelists

David Cohen

I define “web infrastructure” companies as those (at least initially) targeted primarily at developers. They typically take the form of APIs and make life easier on the web for developers. Recently, one of our newer portfolio companies was looking for some advice from our network regarding hiring a developer evangelist. If you don’t have one of those, are you sure you need developer marketing yet?”

The non-developer’s guide to hiring software developers

The Next Web

If Marc Andreesen is right (and I happen to believe he is) then talented software developers will soon be the most sought after type of employee for just about any company, whether that company’s main business is building software or not. Embrace open source.

Business development: the Goldilocks principle

Chris Dixon

During this time, I got a crash course in B2B sales/business development. A common tech business term is “NIH” which stands for “Not Invented Here” It refers to a set of companies that consider anything developed outside of their offices technologically inferior). Most companies I know use externally developed products (commercial or open source) for databases, web servers, web analytics, email delivery, payment processors, etc.

Google Summer of Code 2011

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Since 2005, Google has led a wonderful open source program called Summer of Code. The goal of that program is to promote open source software development. Awesomeness community crowdsourcing Technology google open source software student programming summer of code

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Using Open Source to Bootstrap Your Data Service

Feld Thoughts

They’ve released the Polymaps source code on GitHub so any developer can quickly see how the API is used, play around with real production code, and modify the base examples for their own use. Whenever I got source code for any application at a user group meeting, I stared at it, played with it, and tried to understand what it was doing. I spent a lot of time with Btrieve and there were endless source code examples to build on.


Infographic: What Tools Developers Actually Use

Infographic: What Tools Developers Actually Use. The folks at interviewed 500 developers and compiled this profile of the tools that they actually use. Many of the categories are wide open. Infographic: What Tools Developers Actually Use. open source.

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How the 'Facebook for Developers' Became a $2 Billion Coding Giant

Inc Startups

Open-source coding platform GitHub made it onto this year's list of unicorns, thanks to impressive fundraising. But can it maintain its strong lead

3 Things to Consider When Staffing a Software Development Project

You can deal directly with full-time or freelance/contracted employees, or you can outsource using local or offshore development firms. Convenience First and foremost, you must decided whether to work with individuals or development companies. Apple to Open Retail Store in Amsterd.

Startup Tools: Free Software open Source Directory

VC Cafe

A ttempting to create a comprehensive list of free and open source tools will probably always remain ‘work in progress’ just for the sheer depth and breadth of the Internet. We tried to get started in VC Cafe’s Startup Resources page, sites like SourceForge and the Open Source Software Directory do a good job listing many of them, but this curated list from JISC is definitely a good addition. Open source. Open source.

MIT Announces $900,000 Bitcoin Developer Fund

Inc Startups

The goal is enabling work and thought on cryptocurrencies among students, researchers and open-source developers

Crunching Apple Pay tokens in PHP

Code as Craft

Today we’re open sourcing part of our server-side solution, applepay-php , a PHP extension that verifies and decrypts Apple Pay payment tokens. Integrating with Apple Pay comes down to two main areas of development: device side and payment-processing side. Our search yielded a couple of open source projects, but none that fully complied with Apple’s spec. engineering infrastructure mobile Apple Apple Pay open source PHP


Why Your Startup Should Be Involved in Open Source


Oftentimes, when you hear the arguments for "Why open source?", they are aimed at convincing companies to use open source software. He lists the following "pro open source" reasons: Sponsor. Building Developer Recognition.


When Customers Make You Smarter

Steve Blank

We talk a lot about Customer Development, but there’s nothing like seeing it in action to understand its power. He was also VP of Software at Pixar, developing Pixar’s film-making system, and at Amazon where he ran a cloud services project.

How HTML5 Is Aiding in Cross-Platform Development

Billion View Comments How HTML5 Is Aiding in Cross-Platform Development February 22, 2011 by Christina Warren View Comments email share email share The Mobile App Trends Series is sponsored by Sourcebits , a leading product developer for mobile platforms.


Hiring A Web Developer: 11 Questions You Must Ask Ahead Of Time


If you are a business owner who is not an expert in web development, finding someone (or an agency) you can trust to build your website is critical. To help with your vetting process, here are eleven questions to ask your would-be developers before making a decision: 1.

Soluto and Boxee Get Nominated for Crunchies Award

VC Cafe

Techcrunch published the list of finalists for Crunchies 2011 , revealing two Israeli nominees: Soluto , nominee for best international startups, develops software that helps users speed up their PC computers using advanced driver technology combined with collective user wisdom.