Introducing Our New Partner – Chris Moody

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We are excited to announce that Chris Moody is joining Foundry Group as a partner. There would be no generational planning, no transitions to younger partners, and no senior partner hold-outs who would hang onto economics well after they had stopped working. Recognizing this, we started to make a list of people we would consider adding as partners, as one of our deeply held beliefs was never to have associates, venture partners, or EIRs as part of our firm.

How to Find a Business Partner

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You don’t have to do everything yourself—a partner can be an asset to your business. For this reason, you might consider working with a business partner. But, how can you find and cultivate a business partner relationship like that? Choose a partner you can trust. “A

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10 Key Traits Of An Ideal Entrepreneur Partner


The feedback was good, but some readers asked me to be a bit more specific on attributes that might indicate an ideal startup partner. In this context, I’m broadening the definition of partner from co-founder to “business partner.”

Realistic Strategies For Funding Product Development

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Yet I still get too many business plans that clearly are looking for money to do research and development (R&D) on a new and unproven technology. Product development at this stage is the process of scaling up for manufacturing and marketing rollout.

How to Pick a Partner Who Will Amplify Your Efforts

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The challenge is to recognize and recruit that ideal partner match early with minimal cost and risk. In fact, I would broaden the definition of partner from co-founder to “business partner.” Some people are too independent to be partner material.

Welcoming the Newest Partner to Upfront Ventures

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Today is amongst the proudest days I’ve had at Upfront Ventures — getting the chance to announce that Kevin Zhang has been promoted to Partner. Watching him develop over the past 4.5 We are sparring partners, not “deciders.”

The 3 Kinds of Partners Every Business Needs

Duct Tape Marketing

The 3 Kinds of Partners Every Business Needs written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. In order to succeed you need to develop an ecosystem of collaboration and support. Strategic Partners. Content Partners.

Startup CTO or Developer


What worries me a bit is how often I read that startups should hire a developer / hands-on lead developer. But often the result of a Founder hiring a developer or lead developer or even a VP engineering is a gap created between the founders and the developers.

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The Power of Being Human in Business Development

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I’ve had some really crummy experiences with business and corporate development people in the past year. Now, while Chet focuses on business development, the same is true for corporate development or sales. This sentiment is meaningful in every walk of life, but in business development this is the difference between failure and success. It’s not Microsoft or Google or Amazon that you’re looking to partner with, it’s Mary or Matt or Lindsay.

Benchmark’s New General Partner Sarah Tavel

The partners at Benchmark are excited to announce that Sarah Tavel has joined the firm as our newest General Partner. About a year ago, we asked our venture partner Scott Belsky who he thought had the greatest potential to become one of the best investors of the next decade. Throughout her career, Sarah has shown a remarkable ability to spot new companies and markets, and to develop deep bonds with extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Future Business Growth Drives A New Partner Paradigm

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The new paradigm, driven by disruptive technologies, cloud-served supercomputing, and the new generation of young adults with global empathy, is partnering and giving something now for a competitive advantage in the future. Find partners who can do what you cannot do alone.

Lead Developer to CTO at a Startup


I've previously addressed the role of a CTO in early-stages in my post Startup CTO or Developer. for a Lead Developer: How much will it cost to build what we need to build? How can I control costs but effectively get stuff developed? How can we phase development to balance cost, features, risk, etc? What existing systems will we leverage, what programming languages, software development methodologies, web application frameworks, revision control systems, etc.?

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How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

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And I also now have to raise money myself, but this time from bigger institutions that our industry calls LPs (limited partners). Partners make investment decisions. Also recognize that WITHIN a VC you have partners who focus on different areas. Raising money is hard.

Investors Do Not Fund Research And Development


I still get business plans, looking for an investor, that say all too clearly that the primary “use of funds” will be to do research and development (R&D) on some promising new technology, like superconductivity or cancer cures. Technology development. Prototype development.

7 Steps to Building a Successful Channel Partner Program


These are actual results a startup Ringadoc got from their partner program. Chris Samila , Partnerships Manager at Optimizely shares: “We saw building and supporting a partner ecosystem as a massive opportunity. So we started building out the partner program.”.

Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting.

Seed Stage Capital

skip to main | skip to sidebar 24 January 2010 Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting Together Stellar Deals Business development is fun. There is a natural bias against working with firms that are unproven, underfunded, and still developing and/or evolving.

Combining big ideas and lean development practices

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Lots of Forward Partners portfolio companies have used lean development practices to great effect (many of them with our assistance) and all of them are pursuing big and ambitious projects (defined as targeting £100m-1bn+ exits).

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Don't Get Customers.Make Partners

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Customers, clients, suppliers and vendors are more than just that - they are your partners. These other businesses with which you do business are your partners. Partner relationships is an OtterBox core value that touches every piece of our business.

Cognitive Scale Gets $15 Million in new Venture Funding and Partners with USAA


CognitiveScale announced Tuesday that is has received an additional $15 million in venture capital for product development of its augmented intelligence products. Norwest Venture Partners, Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures, the Westly Group and USAA provided the investment. “We are excited about the future AI-enabled enterprise, and […] The post Cognitive Scale Gets $15 Million in new Venture Funding and Partners with USAA appeared first on SiliconHills.

10 Ways to Develop a Mastery Mindset

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Through the years, I have worked with many martial artists, cultural leaders and business mentors who have taught me that trying to finish first in a short race is not only stressful, it works against developing deep expertise. Here are ten ways to develop a mastery mindset: Learn patience.

Business development: the Goldilocks principle

Chris Dixon

Over that time, we pitched over 500 potential partners, trying to get them to use and eventually pay for our recommendation services. During this time, I got a crash course in B2B sales/business development. The potential partner turns you down because they decide to build a similar product themselves. The potential partner says yes because your assets are so defensible they can’t replicate them.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selecting a Venture Partner (And Avoiding Killing Your Business)

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Your VC updates partners every Monday. Do other partners in the firm fit your culture? This is your partner. Hooman Radfar is an entrepreneur, executive and investor with demonstrated experience in product development, strategy, operations, financing, and M&A.

10 Partner Qualities to Test Before Sharing Equity

Startup Professionals Musings

The feedback was good, but some readers asked me to be a bit more specific on attributes that might indicate an ideal startup partner. In this context, I’m broadening the definition of partner from co-founder to “business partner.”

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Many of these founders have talked with several developers or development firms about their plans. Still, if you've not heard these questions from a developer, they are not helping you as much as they should. Partners?

A Post Startup Execs Should Forward to Your Spouse or Partner. 12 Tips for Making it Work

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So I had to learn how to best interact with him to be a supportive partner yet get what I wanted / needed, too. Respect and develop a positive working relationship with his co-workers. And that’s often what your partner is looking for.

Customer Development in Japan: a History Lesson

Steve Blank

I asked Tsutsumi-san to write a guest post for my blog to describe his experience with Customer Development in Japan. After waiting for a week or so for the book to make it to Japan, I was very much shocked how impressed I was by the Customer Development Model detailed in the book.

Forward Partners new website

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We wanted something which showcased our belief in the importance of good design and which explained what makes Forward Partners unique and hopefully this does that in spades. The screen grab above is a picture of our new website.

Software Eats Software Development

Peter Levine

They had a vision for a new way to develop software and created a new kind of company to pursue it. Source Code Management (SCM) is the second most fundamental tool for a programmer after compiler and development tools. It stores, versions and branches source code being developed by teams of programmers. We just invested $100M in GitHub. In addition to the eye-popping number, the investment breaks ground on two fronts: It’s the largest investment we’ve ever made.

Entrepreneurship as a Science – The Business Model/Customer Development Stack

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It’s the combination of Business Model Design and Customer Development. Business Model Design Gets Dynamic, Customer Development Gets Strategic. One of the key tenets of Customer Development is that your business model is nothing more than a set of untested hypotheses.

Finding Startup Developers - First Email Contact


I'm working on a start up idea in the XXX market with my partner and we are currently looking for full stack developer to join us as a technical co-founder. I don't know the individual or his partner.

Make a Mark: EO Partners with UN to Transform the World Through Sustainable Development Goals

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Changing the world is a vast goal, but with the genius of 12,000 entrepreneurs, it's within reach.

Corporate Development 101: What Every Startup Should Know


What the heck is corporate development and why should I care? Back in the first wave of the Internet, I was part of the team at BEA Systems that built up in-house corporate development. Regardless, it helps to have a basic understanding of what the corporate development team does.

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Many of these founders have talked with several developers or development firms about their plans. Still, if you've not heard these questions from a developer, they are not helping you as much as they should. Partners?

Startup Software Development – Do Your Homework Before You Develop Anything


I just had an all-too common conversation with the founder of a startup who had spent more than a year working with a software development company who had produced a mess. The mess really comes from a developer who was willing to get started on a product that was not fully thought out. If I’m being asked to do startup software development, I’m going to push fairly hard on key questions that the startup needs to have answered before they develop anything. Partners?

Raising Money Using Customer Development

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This post describes how companies using the Customer Development model can increase their credibility, valuation and probability of getting a first round of funding by presenting their results in a “Lesson Learned&# venture pitch. Did the partner have a good or bad day, etc.

Best Practices For Developing A Mobile App For Your Startup


With so much time being spent on mobile, it’s a great opportunity for startups to reach out to potential and existing customers, as well as cater to existing partners, clients, investors and other related parties on the small screen. What is your app development strategy?

How To Make Yourself More Attractive to Potential Partners

Duct Tape Marketing

How To Make Yourself More Attractive to Potential Partners This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. In fact, it would be more worrisome if nobody wanted to develop these kinds of connections. So, if you want to be more attractive to potential strategic partners.

5 Tips For Developing A Successful Market Intelligence Campaign


By addressing these questions first, you will be able to develop a more effective solution for your own future marketing initiatives. Developing a successful market intelligence campaign for your business is easier than ever if you take the time to plan out a clear, effective strategy.

Business Development Ecosystem Study - Apptimize

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A/B Testing A/B Testing companies help businesses make smarter product development decisions by helping them create, run and analyze experiments on their user base. If Apptimize was to partner with Telerik , the latter could offer the bank A/B testing features for an added cost.

Developing London tech clusters beyond Shoreditch: Croydon ?

Fred Destin

Perhaps the fast and furious progress London has made is best highlighted by the following data in the recent trade mission led by Mayor Boris Johnson (in collaboration with London &Partners): UK tech firms based in the capital attracted more than $1.4