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Startup Revenue Milestones

K9 Ventures

In my discussions with K9 portfolio founders about scaling revenue, I very often end up drawing the same picture: $0/month. >$0/month.

Revenue = Product Market Fit

Agile VC

Arguably revenue is the best signal of product-market fit for B2B startups. But B2B startups need to take a different tack.

How Do You Select A Revenue Model For Your Startup?

Startup Professionals Musings

The revenue model you select is basically the implementation of your business strategy, and the key to attaining your financial objectives.

How Do You Select A Revenue Model For Your Startup?


The revenue model you select is basically the implementation of your business strategy, and the key to attaining your financial objectives.

Small Business Revenue Is On The Rise: Are You?


Not only are you kicking it when it comes to revenue, you’re also savvy marketers with impressive do-it-yourself skills. But what really works?

Revenue Development

K9 Ventures

In the end the revenue simply wasn’t enough to make a sustainable business and so we had to switch gears once more (in today’s parlance that would be a “Pivot”). Over the course of that relationship that lasted several years, we did over $1M in revenue just from HP. In a nutshell, Product Development is about building something.

5 UX Hacks That Can Immediately Increase Revenue


This one small change led to an additional 110 orders, bringing in an additional $43,230 in revenue in a 2 week period. Automate. Hack #1.

Doubling SaaS Revenue By Changing The Pricing Model

Patrick McKenzie (patio11) blogs on software development, marketing, and general business topics. It only tends to weakly proxy revenue.

Software Eats Software Development

Peter Levine

They had a vision for a new way to develop software and created a new kind of company to pursue it. With only a handful of people in sales and marketing, the four grew the company to over 100 people, while growing revenue at nearly 300% annually—and profitably nearly the entire way. We just invested $100M in GitHub. How did they do it?

Developing Your Startup Revenue Model in 7 Steps

Early Growth Financial Services

One of the most important things you can to ensure the financial health of your business is to create your revenue model.

Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting.

Seed Stage Capital

There is a natural bias against working with firms that are unproven, underfunded, and still developing and/or evolving. Get creative.

Expert Robbie Kellman Baxter Reveals How to Generate Recurring Revenue and Grow Your Business (+ GIVEAWAY)

Up and Running

The Membership Economy matters to organizations of all sizes in dozens of industries for at least three major reasons: It creates recurring revenue.

Startups should develop a fundraising capability

The Equity Kicker

The company was performing well, revenues were rising, engagement was on the up, and every month the path to becoming a very big business was getting clearer, but fundraising discussions were slower than planned. The reason was that we thought of fundraising as a necessary evil rather than as a capability that we needed to develop.

Customer Development in Japan: a History Lesson

Steve Blank

I asked Tsutsumi-san to write a guest post for my blog to describe his experience with Customer Development in Japan. I will support you”.

Japan 55

How Investors Think About Valuation of Pre-Revenue Startups


There's a lot out there around Customer Development - read Steve Blank : Entrepreneurship as a Science – The Business Model/Customer Development Stack - Steve Blank , October 25, 2010 Checklists for Chaos, The Path to Success - Steve Blank , October 28, 2010 and reading about Lean, MVPs, etc. What are they really looking for?

Rapid Iteration for Mobile App Development

Startup Lessons Learned

She’s the founder and Creative Director at Xanadu, a mobile strategy and design consultancy helping to guide app developers to success in a rapidly-changing, often chaotic mobile ecosystem. This is a great distinction; so how can a mobile app developer know which of these is their particular problem? Mariya Yao is one such speaker.

Customer Development for Web Startups

Steve Blank

Customer Development is a technique startups use to quickly iterate and test each part of their business model.

Entrepreneurship as a Science – The Business Model/Customer Development Stack

Steve Blank

It’s the combination of Business Model Design and Customer Development. Business Model Design Gets Dynamic, Customer Development Gets Strategic.

How A 17-Year-Old In India Bootstrapped To $7M In Revenue


Today, it has 20,000 customers and 450,000 users in 118 countries, powers more than a billion charts per month and clocks $7M in annual revenues.

India 56

Boost Your SaaS Business Revenue With These 12 Strategies

Up and Running

If it’s a frustrating experience with a certain part of your service, then that can help guide your product development efforts. Reduce churn.

How We Got Funded: Visual Revenue

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When bootstrapping didn''t cut it, the founders of Visual Revenue went out and raised $2.2 million. Here''s how it happened. million.

Raising Money Using Customer Development

Steve Blank

The Traditional VC Pitch Entrepreneurs who pursue the traditional product development model don’t have customer data to answer these questions.

How Software Developers Can Be Set Up For Failure


Setting unreasonable expectations right from the start of the project is one of the most common reasons a software development project ends up failing.

Drive your recurring revenues.


I have a positive fetish for recurring revenue. With the right recurring revenue model, top line growth can really shoot the lights out.

How to Increase Revenue for Your Clothing Business

Up and Running

It’s not just the overall trend toward online shopping that makes this a solid strategy for increasing revenue, however. billion in the U.S.

YouTube Subscriptions: New Revenue Stream for Your Brand?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The question is, if you''re not a Hollywood entertainment company, do you stand a chance of generating revenue with your content? each).

SayAhh’s Revenue Projections

Feld Thoughts

While Jane was building SayAhh’s revenue projections , Dick focused his attention on building the expense side of the projections. It is simple in that it forecasts how much cash will be coming in the door (revenues + equity financing + debt financing) and then subtracts from that amount how much cash is expected to be going out the door.

Only 25 Developers Generate Half of All Mobile App Revenue

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

All but one of the 25 developers were mobile gaming companies; the lone exception being Internet radio service Pandora. ”

Business Development Ecosystem Study - Apptimize

Launching Tech Ventures

Ora Levit and Sivan Iram What is Apptimize? Apptimize is an A/B testing platform for mobile applications. Unlike many other larger competitors (e.g.

Double The Revenue of Your Cart Abandonment Campaigns (Our Step-by-Step Process)


In this post we’re going to explain our process for how we double the amount of revenue this campaign generates. The cart abandonment campaign.

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Lessons Learned: What is customer development?

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, November 8, 2008 What is customer development? What is customer development? Heres the catch.

Keys To A Successful Business Development Plan


About 60% of the business development plans fail to achieve their goals, and what is worse, many fail to materialize within the first year.

OneSpot Hires Jon Driscoll as its Chief Revenue Officer


OneSpot announced this week it has hired Jon Driscoll as its chief revenue officer. At OneSpot, Driscoll will be responsible for sales strategy and business development. Driscoll previously worked at Spredfast. He reports directly to OneSpot CEO Steve Sachs. Austin

Sales 12

How Digital Startups Will Develop the World

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Other aspiring-country entrepreneurs have developed products that have the potential to reach global markets. Copyright (c) 2013

3 Things to Consider When Staffing a Software Development Project

You can deal directly with full-time or freelance/contracted employees, or you can outsource using local or offshore development firms. Oh yeah!

How To Develop Your Customer Retention Strategy


Phase 2 – Develop The Product, Site or New Offers Based On Feedback From Existing Customers. Opinions don’t get people back. image source.

Equity-Only CTO and Equity-Only Developers


Was it a Startup Founder Developer Gap ? Did they really need a Startup CTO or Developer or both? Did they have a Weak Development Team ? He needed some kind of CTO and as well Developers. These “startups” are almost always mostly-non-technical founders offering 1-2% premoney for a “lead developer” position.

How I Grew My Startup’s Revenue 50% And Saved $60k Through Partnerships

Software By Rob

It’s very likely that another company has developed a product or solution that you don’t have time to, and vice versa. Conclusion.

Would you rather be an alpha developer or an enterprise developer?

The Next Web

Why are the so-called “alpha developers” all the rage right now? My name is Sinclair, and I’m an enterprise developer. PC commercials.

Big Revenues vs. little revenues

Scalable Startup

Big Revenues vs. little revenues – a strategy question that startups often struggle with. Almost every company with long term success has used this dual revenue plan, throughout history. little revenues. Big Revenues. They desperately need the Big Revenue injections before it’s too late.