Always Right: Five Risks You Must Take With Your Customers


And you can always take a cue from my favorite street hot dog vendor, whose most powerful marketing tool is his memory: He remembers each customer’s face along with their name and specific hot dog preferences.

Risk Avoiders Are Opportunity Missers: 10 Excuses Business Owners Make


However, you’re certain it can’t be done without buying and mastering a certain software program that lets you personalize your marketing efforts. Instinctively, you know she’d be perfect for your team and she hinted that she might be in the market for a job change.

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Eight Ways To Get Past The Fear Of “No”  And Start Risking Rejection


Tom Panaggio, author of “ The Risk Advantage: Embracing the Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Edge “, has enjoyed a 30-year entrepreneurial career as cofounder of two successful direct marketing companies.

13 Of The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (That May Not Seem Like Mistakes At All)


You can pour your heart and soul (and life savings) into a venture, do all your due diligence, toil 80- and 90-hour weeks, and just when you’re on the verge of a breakthrough, a dark horse competitor sweeps in and decimates your market share. Not allocating a marketing budget.

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Nine Risks You Must Take (And Keep On Taking) To Build A Sustainable Business


Innovation, an external change, brings a new competitive edge to your business by introducing products or services that increase the value of a customer’s experience with your organization and is announced in the marketplace through branding and marketing. Spend money on marketing.

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